What Happened to Colin Farrell’s Son and Who Are His Other Kids?

Irish Hollywood actor, Colin Farrell has had a fair share of fame in the global filming industry. Initially making it to the limelight through BBC’s 1998 drama, Ballykissangel, Colin later gained widespread popularity with his lead role in the year 2000 war drama, Tigerland. He had a role in one of Disney’s biggest 2019 remake, Dumbo. He has since garnered multiple awards for his outstanding performances, including a Golden Globe. Meanwhile, the talented actor has also earned considerable media attention for being a dad to an exceptional child. Colin Farrell’s son, James Padraig lives with an unusual disorder that has since sparked public curiosity. Read on to learn more about who he is, what actually happened to him, and his other siblings.

What Happened To Colin Farrell’s Son?

James Padraig Farell is Colin Farrell’s first son. Colin had James with the American model, Kim Bordenave. He was born on 12th September 2003 at the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, California, U.S.A. Kim and Colin dated from 2002 to 2003. They were never married.

After James’ parents noticed he had a number of unusual growth and developmental setbacks uncommon in a normal child, they started running several diagnoses on him to find out his actual problem. Unfortunately, doctors eventually diagnosed him with Angelman Syndrome in 2007. The actor revealed the health status of his son to the public in October of the same year.

Angelman Syndrome is a rare and presently incurable neuro-genetic disorder caused by chromosomal mutation or deletion and characterized by developmental delays. Research records so far reveal that the disorder occurs in just one out of 15,000 births. Some of its major symptoms that accompany delayed development are seizures, absence of speech, and balance disorders.

Due to this condition, Colin Farrell’s son, James Padraig was only able to walk just a few weeks before his fourth birthday. He would later say his first words around six or seven years old, and began to feed himself at nine.

On many occasions, doctors mistake Angelman Syndrome for autism or cerebral palsy. Despite the fact that medical researchers have found no cure yet for the disorder, there are high hopes that one may emerge someday soon. Meanwhile, there are about six ongoing studies coming up with means of improving the lives of those living with the disability for a few years.

Despite all odds, Collin Farell remains positive about the condition of his son James, often encouraging other parents of children with special needs to do the same too. The actor has made it clear that he does not set limits for his son but is open to all possibilities. Asked on the Ellen Degeneres Show in a 2019 interview if James will be able to drive, Colin said he does not know yet, pointing out it could be dangerous letting him behind the steering. He however of said it could still be a possibility. To keep himself on track, Farrell never misses the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) summit held annually in Chicago. It is the foundation’s goal to raise $20 million to fund research on the cure of the uncommon syndrome.

Who Are Collin Farrell’s Other Kids?

Colin Farrell's son
Colin Farrell’s son, Henry Tadeusz Farrell image source

Collin Farrell has hooked up with a plethora of women so far in his lifetime, with some of them producing kids for him. Among the women Farrell has been romantically linked with are: singers Amelia Warner and Britney Spears, models Nicole Narain and Josie Maran, medical student Muireann McDonnell, writer Emma Forrest, and actresses Demi Moore, Maeve Quinlan, Lindsay Lohan, and Angelina Jolie.

He, however, has only one other child, a son named Henry Tadeausz Farell. Colin Farrell had Henry with Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, a Polish actress. Colin and Alicja met on the set of Ondine, a 2009 Irish movie.

Henry Tadeausz Farell, Colin Farell’s son with Alicja was born on 7th October 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Barely one year later, around the middle of 2010, the duo severed ties.

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Despite his relationship irregularities, Colin Farrell loves spending quality time with his kids. Whenever he is not at work, he stays put at home or goes sightseeing with them. He usually worked for six to seven months every year, a period he spends away from home. In 2018 however, he was free from work for almost the entire year – eleven months precisely he told Ellen Degeneres, and he was so much around his sons that they eventually sent him packing.


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