What is Tito Ortiz’s Net Worth Since His Career as a Mixed Martial Artist?

Tito Ortiz’s net worth is estimated at $16 million. He is an American mixed martial artist and politician. 

The history of Mixed Martial Arts can never be complete without the mention of Tito Ortiz. The American fighter is one of the fiercest, and most enduring, competitors in the history of the sport. Popularly known as Tito, Ortiz held sway in the 2000s and headlined some of the most lucrative pay-per-view fights of that period.

He also won the UFC lightweight championship and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2012. So, what is Tito Ortiz’s net worth? What has he been able to garner from his illustrious career? All these and more questions are answered below.

How did Tito Ortiz accumulate his net worth?

Tito Ortiz has a net worth running into millions of dollars. This stems from his MMA career, his showbiz career, as well as his business brand known as Punishment.

Showbiz career

Ortiz’s MMA fame has led to roles in several movies and TV series. They include Zombie Strippers, Cradle 2 the Grave, Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, Hell’s Kitchen, CSI :NY, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer. The Crow: Wicked Prayer is a 2005 indie thriller that revolves around Jimmy, a young man who is imprisoned for murdering a rapist. On being paroled, Jimmy is killed by a satanic biker named Luc.

He is however resurrected by a mysterious crow and goes after his detractors. The Crow: Wicked Prayer featured the likes of Edward Furlong and David Boreanaz while Ortiz portrayed one of Luc’s henchmen, Famine. Ortiz has also appeared in several music videos including Got The Life by Kohn and Truth by Seether. The MMA star has also penned a book titled Life This is Gonna Hurt: The of a Mixed Martial Artist. All these artistic pursuits have boosted Tito Ortiz’s net worth.

Business Enterprises

Ortiz is the founder and CEO of Punishment Athletics. The brand includes an MMA gear and clothing line. The line carries men’s and women’s apparel such as hoodies, jackets, tanks, shirts, shorts, jerseys, event shirts, pants. They also sell accessories and collectibles including belt buckles, socks, backpack, posters, and autographed tees.

There is also a kid’s line that caters to infants, toddlers and youth alike. Another lucrative arm of Punishment Athletics is the Punishment Training Center. This is a mixed martial arts training camp which is located in Ortiz’s hometown of Huntington Beach, California. The center not only trains fighters but also organizes fighting championships.

Tito Ortiz net worth
Ortiz facing off against his perennial rival, Chuck Liddell image source

MMA Career

Tito Ortiz owes a large proportion of his net worth to his career winnings. This career has its beginnings in his childhood. Ortiz was born on the 23rd of January 1975 in Huntington Beach. He hailed from a dysfunctional home and dabbled into drugs as a teen. The only thing that gave the young boy joy was wrestling and he pursued it with all his heart. He emerged as a champion in high school and was named an All-American in college. Ortiz made his professional MMA debut in 1997, defeating Wes Albrittonin in his very first match. He lost his second bout but quickly bounced back with a TKO victory in the third match.

Thus far, Tito Ortiz has featured in a total of 33 matches out of which he has won 20, lost 12, and drawn one. The California native held the UFC lightweight championship belt between 2002 and 2003. He also headlined some of the biggest pay-per-view fights of 2006. These bouts came against Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, and Ken Shamrock. Ortiz’s career has however not been all smooth-sailing. He has suffered several injuries which have caused some lengthy layoffs. He, however, remains undaunted and made his most recent comeback on the stables of Combate Americas in 2019.

Tito Ortiz’s Income Sources

  • Showbiz career
  • Business Enterprises
  • MMA Career

What is Tito Ortiz’s net worth since his MMA career

Tito Ortiz has so far accumulated a net worth of $16 million. This makes him one of the wealthiest fighters in the world. Other fighters that make it to this list are Frank Mir – $11 million, Ronda Rousey – $12 million, Quinton Rampage Jackson – $12 million, Chuck Liddell – $14 million, Randy Couture – $17 million, Wanderlei Silva – $18 million, Fedor Emelianeko – $18 million, Anderson Silva – $18 million, B.J. Penn – $22 million, Brock Lesnar – $28 million, Georges St Pierre – $30 million, and Rorion Gracie – $50 million. The wealthiest MMA fighter in the world is none other than Conor McGregor. The Irish showman has a total net worth of $120 million. McGregor earned $85 million from his 2017 bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. despite losing. He also owns a clothing line and whiskey brand.

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