An Interesting Lineup of the Women Floyd Mayweather has Dated, His Children and the Controversies He’s Courted

Floyd Mayweather is one of those individuals in the sporting world that are as good as it gets on one hand, and as controversial as it gets, on the other. His boxing style, braggadocio, and winning streaks have painted a man who’s not afraid to get into the ring against any opponent. His unbeaten record proves that he is worthy of the recognition he has garnered.

As he continued to light the fire on his professional career skipping in and out of retirement, he has also continued to dabble from one relationship to another. The legendary boxer has dated some of the most classy women in the world of entertainment and has had kids with some.

Floyd Mayweather was once Engaged to Josie Harris

The woman that once came closest to becoming the wife of the boxer is his ex-fiancee, Josie Harris. The two were high school sweethearts before they split in 2010 after a rocky on-and-off relationship. They started dating again in 1993 and sustained many ups and downs before deciding to get engaged in 2005.

One would think the engagement was enough to stabilize the relationship for the long-term lovers, but it did not help as they continued with their unending battles. By the time they decided to call things off, they had already had three beautiful kids.

Tragedy struck on 10 March 2020 when Harris lost her life in her California home to what was later identified as an accidental drug overdose. 

There have been many Other Women in His Life

Melissa Brim 

Mayweather dated businesswoman and television star, Melissa Brim for some time between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. The relationship also produced a child, Iyanna, but it did not escape the kind of controversies courted by his other relationships.

The first time the two met, Melissa was a young girl of only 16 and the boxer was still at the early stages of his career. After the two introduced themselves, he gave her a call a week later and that was how their relationship began. Melissa had already dropped out of school at the time because she had a son. She soon got pregnant for him, but because of his relationship with Josie, they stopped communicating and for five years after the birth of their daughter, they did not speak.

Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson (Image Source)

Jackson is now known as the long term girlfriend of American singer, Nelly. Before they started their relationship, she dated Mayweather for 8 years before they parted ways.

The boxer and Shantel met in 2006 and almost instantly, he fell for her. He invited her to move over to Las Vegas to live with him, and she did. For the years that followed, they would be on and off, something that became common in all the relationships of Floyd. They were later engaged to get married but things derailed rapidly and the relationship ended.

The boxer accused his ex-lover of aborting a pregnancy she had for him, thereby ending the lives of what would have been his twins. He also wanted her to pay him for the money he had given her for her alleged plastic surgeries. Once the relationship ended, Shantel moved on to Nelly.

Rozonda Thomas

Floyd Mayweather also dated singer, Rozonda Thomas who became famous as Chilli from 2008 to 2010. This was one of the least eventful relationships of the boxer as not so much is known about them as a couple.

Doralie Medina

Famous as Bad Medina on social media, Doralie is a glamour model. She was Floyd’s girlfriend for a while between 2014 and 2015. After dating for a while, Floyd asked the model to join him in his Las Vegas mansion, which she did. She supported him during his fight with Manny Pacquiao and he lavished her with gifts. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last a long time before it followed the paths of all others before it.

Mayweather has also had some Flings

The legendary boxer has had flings with some women including Erica Dixon who was linked to him in 2013. Shortly before then, the TV personality had ended her relationship with Lil Scrappy while Floyd was still going out with Shantel Jackson. The two were still engaged.

He also had a thing with reality TTV star, Abigail Clarke as well as Keisha Cole and Lil’ Kim. The boxer was at other times linked to Instagram star, Lauren Mood and Nikki Mudarris.

Other Women Floyd Mayweather was Rumored to have Dated

Lindsay Lohan 

Apart from his full-blown relationships and the numerous flings, the undefeated champ has also been rumored to have had a thing with a number of other women including Lindsay Lohan who was linked to him in 2013. The controversial duo first got tongues wagging in October of the same year when they were billed to host the Foxwoods Halloween party. All through the festivities, they were said to be inseparable as they were sighted sharing jokes, embracing, and cozying up in the private VIP section.

Jessica Burciaga

Back before then, in 2011, the boxer was rumored to be dating American model, Jessica Burciaga. The former Playboy playmate was a close friend to another woman that Mayweather dated, Shantel Jackson, and it is believed that she had a hand in their breakup.

Floyd was not the only athlete that was rumored to have had a thing with the beauty. She was said to have dated the late legendary basketball star, Kobe Bryant but she denied this vehemently. She was also linked to NBA star Paul George as well as NFL players, Shawne Merriman and Lance Moore.

Brit Raemarni 

Brit Raemarni was a teenager of 19 when she was first linked to the boxer. While she may not be a celebrity like many others, she is also a beauty to behold and deserving of celebrity status. The two met at a meet and greet in Cannock, and they suddenly became an item even with the 20 years age difference between them. Nonetheless, there were those that believed they were just friends and nothing more.

Floyd Mayweather has four Children From His Relationships

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd and kids (image source)

As already noted, Floyd Mayweather has never been married, but currently has four children; two boys and two girls. Josie Harris, his ex-girlfriend is the mother of Koraun and Zion—his two sons, and Jirah, one of his daughters. The other, Iyanna Mayweather, was born to him by Melissa Brim. The legendary boxer also has an “adopted son”, Devion Cromwell who was birthed by Melissa from a previous relationship.

None of his two sons has taken after him to preserve the  boxing legacy of the family as his oldest son, Koraun Mayweather does not have the best of relationships with the boxer because of his abusive nature towards his mum, and the second son, Zion Shamaree Mayweather is a social media star. Jirah Mayweather who is still a young teenager once took a swipe at her father and siblings for not supporting and appreciating her.

Iyanna Mayweather has managed to keep getting herself in trouble of late. She was involved in a double stabbing case after she stabbed a female fan of her boyfriend, Youngboy twice in 2020. Iyanna was arrested and could face up to 99 years behind bars if convicted. In September 2020, it was reported that she was pregnant with NBA YoungBoy’s baby.

His Many Controversies

Domestic abuse cases

The boxer has got his name embroiled on issues of domestic violence more than a couple of times. His ex, Josie Harris accused him of violence against her. He would go on to plead guilty to the charges in 2011. This would not be the only time that he would have such charges; previously in 2002, he pleaded guilty to the same offense but the victim was Melissa Brim.

Feud with Music Stars

Floyd Mayweather had beef with different rappers at various times. He slugged it out with Nelly after he began a relationship with his ex-fiancee. Floyd was not happy with it and so they began a war of words.

He has also had beef with T.I. after a verbal issue went violent between them. They solved the fight but soon started again after a video showing T.I’s wife was seen getting too comfortable with Floyd went online. T.I. made fun of Floyd, thereby restarting the beef.

With Rick Ross, his beef started when the rapper made fun of his money on the “Mafia Music” track where he said the rapper’s music looked funny in the light. Mayweather shot back by claiming the rapper was not “as hood” as he claims in his music.

He got sued more than once

A jewelry company in Las Vegas, The Jewelers Inc., sued him for failure to pay up the remaining  $1.4 million from a $3 million jewelry he bought in 2015. Also, he was sued by his ex, Josie Harries who accused him of defamation.

He lost His WBO Welterweight Championship title

Having won the WBO welterweight champion title against Manny in 2015, Floyd lost it for failure to comply with WBO regulations of world championship contests. At the time, he held titles in more than one weight class, something that was against the regulation. He was ordered to vacate some of the titles and pay a specified fine, but he ignored it all, thereby leading to the sanction against him.

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