Zenith Bank Internet Banking Sign Up and USSD Codes For Self Service

The nationwide (worldwide) lockdown in 2020, due to the covid19 pandemic, affected and is still affecting physical banking activities in Nigeria, with many people having to queue for hours before being attended to. However, with internet banking, there’s hardly any waiting time; all you’ve to do is log in and carry out your transactions, at your convenience. Furthermore, the services are user-friendly and operate 24 hours a day and you receive a notification by SMS or mail of all transactions done. So, the benefits of Zenith Bank internet banking are glaringly obvious.

Zenith Bank is one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria. The bank boasts of having a leading edge in information technology, which increases the quality of the e-banking services they offer. Internet banking at Zenith Bank includes both personal and corporate provisions. Without a doubt, there are ample benefits in using these services and many ways to use them as you deem convenient. The good thing about Zenith Bank internet banking is that it is simple, easy, and uncomplicated to use. Through it, one can carry out various kinds of transactions from the comfort of their homes without visiting the bank.

Step By Step Procedure to Signing up for Internet Banking and a List of the Requirements

To enjoy internet banking services, you must first sign up. The process is easy and simple. All you have to do is to follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the Zenith Bank website
  • Download the Zenith Bank internet banking application form, then print and fill the form appropriately.
  • Download the Zenith Bank internet banking service agreement.
  • Send both documents by email to [email protected] or proceed to the nearest branch for submission.
  • In the space of 1-2 days, your internet banking transaction details (access code, username, and password) will be ready. It can be sent to you through your relationship manager or you may pick it up from the branch you earlier submitted to.

A Detailed List of Zenith Bank’s Internet Banking Channels

Zenith Bank has provided several channels through which you can conduct internet banking transactions. These are the Zenith Bank App, Scan to Pay, *966# Eazy Banking, Corporate internet banking (Corporate IBank), and Zenith trade portal.

1. Zenith Mobile Bank App

This is a software application used on a mobile phone to cater to your banking needs. It is available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

After downloading the app, open it and enter your account number. You are then given three options to choose from to continue registration: OTP, Hardware Token, and Credit Card; you may select one and proceed as follows:


If you choose the OTP option, a one-time password will be sent to the phone number registered to your account. You will need to:

  • Create and confirm a six-digit password
  • Create and confirm a four-digit pin for transactions
  • Enter the OTP
  • Submit

Hardware Token

You may choose this option if you already have a Hardware Token from Zenith Bank.

  • Type in the pin and token digits displayed on the Token screen
  • Create and confirm a six-digit password
  • Create and confirm a four-digit pin for transactions
  • Submit

Credit Card

This option links your ATM card to your mobile App.

  • Type in the last six digits of your card and enter your 4 digit card pin
  • Create and confirm a six-digit password
  • Create and confirm a four-digit pin for transactions
  • Submit

Irrespective of the option you choose to complete your mobile App registration, you are to log on to the app using your account number and the six-digit password you created.

Then you gain access to the following features on the Zenith Bank Mobile App:

  • Access all accounts e.g. Savings, Current, Fixed deposit, Domiciliary, in one place
  • Cash transfer and payment of bills and service charges
  • Validation of account number with the account name, to prevent incorrect transactions
  • View transaction history, and save and share transaction receipts
  • Live chat with ZenithDirect, Zenith Bank’s contact center, 24/7
  • Report complaints on ATM, Web, or POS dispense errors
  • View mini-statement and request monthly statement to be sent to your email address

Note that the App is safe as it is protected by two-factor authentication, and is locked on your device.

2. Scan to Pay

This is another unique way Zenith bank meets the needs of its clients. The App is available for download for free on Google Play and App Store. It can be used by both merchants and customers. After downloading the app, you are to register on it as a customer or merchant and choose your unique four-digit pin and a password.

How It Works for Customers

When you go shopping, you may not have to bother about cash, card, POS, etc., if you have the Zenith Scan to Pay App on your phone.

The App allows you to make payment by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code at a merchant’s shop. This service is available for use at shops bearing the Visa, NIBSS, or MasterCard logos.

To pay a merchant using the App:

  • Scan the merchant’s QR code
  • Type in your pin and pay
  • Receive an instant notification of transaction done

How It Works for Merchants

Zenith’s Scan to Pay is also used by merchants to receive payments from customers. This removes the stress of having customers wait till you get their alert. You may also walk into any Zenith Bank branch to register as a merchant and receive your merchant welcome pack.

To generate a QR code to receive payment(s) from a customer:

  • Log in to the App
  • Click on Request Payment
  • Choose preferred options and tap the Generate Code icon
  • Share to your customer

Zenith Bank assures that the Scan to Pay channel is Eazy, Secure and Efficient.

3. The *966# Eazy Banking

This shortcode channel is Zenith Bank’s effort at making sure anyone can access their banking services at any time. You don’t even need to have a smartphone or access to the internet, but you must have a Zenith Bank ATM card (MasterCard or Visa).

Some of the features one can access using the Eazy Banking channel include:

  • Opening a Zenith Bank Account

You can open an account without the hassle of going to a bank to obtain and fill an account opening form. Just dial *966*0# and follow the prompts on-screen to create a pin and complete registration. You’ll then receive your ten-digit Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) on the registered phone number.

  • Update BVN

Add your BVN to your Zenith Bank account by dialing *966*BVN#.

  • Transfer Money

Transfer money from your account using *966*Amount*Account Number# then follow the prompts.

  • Pay Billers

Dial *966*7*Amount*Customer ID# for your DSTV, GOTV, and electricity bills and *966*6*Biller code*Amount# for other Zenith bills, and then follow the prompts to complete payment.

  • Buy Airtime

Dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# for your airtime and data needs.

  • Check Account Balance

Dial *966*00#

  • Reset Your USSD Password/Pin

Dial *966*60#

  • To Retrieve Card PIN

Dial *966*60# and choose option 4.

  • Deactivate Your Mobile Banking

Dial *966*20*0# then follow the prompt.

To prevent any debit transaction on your account, dial *966*911# using any phone number.

  • To Block Your ATM Card

Dial *966*60# and choose option 6

  • For Cardless Withdrawal

Dial *966*60# and choose option 7 to initiate and terminate cardless withdrawals.

  • To Perform USSD on POS

Dial *966*000# then enter your POS Reference code.

For other options, you can simply dial *966# and follow the on-screen prompts.

How to Create a PIN for Zenith Bank USSD Transaction

You would need a PIN to use the Zenith Bank *966# Eazy Banking channel.

  • Dial *966*00# using your registered (AlertZ) number
  • Follow the prompt and enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card number (MasterCard or Visa)
  • Confirm your Account Name as displayed
  • Follow the prompt to create and confirm a four-digit PIN
  • Once successful, you will receive the message ‘Retrieving Your Balance’
  • An SMS containing your account balance(s) will also be sent to you.

How Can I Get My Zenith Bank Transfer Pin Without an ATM Card?

You need to have an ATM card to initiate transactions on the *966# EazyBanking channel. You may also contact ZenithDirect via Email or call 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK. You can also walk into any Zenith Bank branch closest to you, for a better guide on this.

The Limits to Transactions on *966# and How Safe It Is

You can only recharge a total of 3,000 using this EazyBanking channel. The maximum amount for transfer is NGN 100,000 per day.

To perform transactions above N100,000 dial *966*60# then select the option to sign an indemnity.

The EazyBanking channel is safe as registration requires your personal and card details and also uses PIN authentication.

Is My Account Eligible to Use EazyBanking?

All individual account types can be used to operate the *966# EazyBanking. Exceptions include Gold and Platinum Premium, ZECA, and domiciliary accounts.

Corporate IBank

Corporate Internet Banking is a secure and easy channel for businesses to carry out their banking transactions. A business owner with a Zenith Bank corporate account can use this service for the following:

  • Transfer funds to any individual or business around the world, from one’s corporate account
  • Make payments intra- and inter-bank
  • Add and edit beneficiary details, and approve payments to beneficiaries
  • Pay staff salaries
  • Monitor all activities on the business’ account(s) e.g. daily activities and transaction history
  • Confirm cheques online
  • Make payment for import duty and obtain a receipt
  • Monitor trade finance transactions like payments, Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection, Form M and Confirmation and Establishments
  • Receive notifications via SMS and emails
  • Management of advanced business documents so they can be viewed anytime
  • Total monitoring/trailing of all activities on the platform
  • Management of advanced business documents
  • Issue draft requests from the office
  • Real-time viewing of account transactions
  • Direct and total integration with accounting systems
  • Manage users

The client/business owner is required to put the following in place to efficiently use the Zenith Corporate IBank.

  • Computer System(s)
  • Access to the Internet
  • Internet Explorer (IE 6 and above)
  • Microsoft Excel

How to Sign Up for the Zenith Corporate IBank

  • Visit the Zenith Bank website and select internet banking
  • Select Corporate internet banking and download the application form
  • Fill the form and submit it to your account officer or walk into any branch close to you
  • Your account officer will deliver your Hardware Token to you or you may pick it up from the same you submitted to
  • Your login details will be sent by email
  • Log in to the CIB portal
  • Select New User, input your username and token code and choose a unique four-digit pin
  • Click on the Create Pin
  • Then click on the Click Here To Continue Tab
  • You’re done!

This video can also guide you in completing these steps.

Note: For maximum safety, always access your corporate internet banking portal through the Zenith Bank website, and not through a link.

Zenith Trade Portal

This Zenith Bank internet banking channel helps businesses carry out international trading and transactions on the go.

The benefits of using the Zenith Trade Portal include:

  • 24 Hours Trade Platform
  • Direct Trade Data Between Corporates and Bank
  • Transaction initiation by self
  • Access to Transaction Telexes
  • Record Keeping and Accessibility
  • Notifications
  • General Enquiry
  • News Feeds
  • Tracking of Shipping Documents
  • Correspondence
  • Customized Reports
  • Form M Rate

To sign up for Zenith Trade Portal, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Zenith Internet Banking website
  • Download the Trade Portal application form
  • Fill the form and submit it to your account officer or any branch close to you
  • Receive your login details
  • Log in to the portal and voila!

What Can One Do On The Zenith Bank Trade Portal?

Services available on the Zenith Trade Portal include the following:

Import Letter of Credit

  • Letter of Credit Initiation
  • Letter of Credit Amendment
  • Message to Bank
  • Pending Letter of Credits
  • Letter of Credit Inquiry
  • Letter of Credit Maintenance

Export Letter of Credit

  • Transfer & Assignment of Export Letter of Credit
  • Message to Bank
  • Pending Export Letter of Credits
  • Export Letter of Credit Maintenance

License (Forms A, NXP, NCX)

  • Initiation of License
  • Amendment of License
  • Message to bank
  • License Inquiry
  • License Maintenance

Import Collection

  • Product Enquiry
  • Pending Letter of Credit
  • Import Collection Inquiry
  • Import Collection Maintenance

Export Collection

  • Export Collection initiation
  • Export Collection Amendment
  • Product inquiry
  • Pending Export Collections
  • Export Collection Inquiry
  • Export Collection Maintenance

Funds Transfer

  • Funds Transfer Initiation
  • Pending Funds Transfers
  • Funds Transfer Inquiry
  • Maintenance of Funds Transfer
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