Look At 10 Of Africa’s Beautiful Islands

Not all the beautiful islands of the world are located in the Caribbeans, a lot can be found in Africa. Some of Africa’s beautiful islands look like dots on the world map, making them less popular. Albeit this does not make them less beautiful or destination-worthy.

See 10 Of Africa’s beautiful islands below:

1. Mauritius Island

mauritius beautiful islands

Mauritius is an African Island on the Indian Ocean,

2. Zanzibar Island

zanzibar island

This is an island located off the coast of Tanzania. It is a tourist hub and also one of Africa’s most beautiful islands offering a wide range of Indian, Arabian-influenced dishes.

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3. Reunion Island

reunion beautiful islands

Reunion island is a French territory although located close to Seychelles and Mauritius.

4. Nosy Be Island

nosy be island

Nosy Be is located in Africa’s largest island, Madagascar. It is one of the fore places visited when in Madagascar

5. Sao Tome


This Sao Tome and Principe’s largest island.

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