This Is Why The Republic Of Uganda Is One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Places [photos]

Of all nations Uganda makes it as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Despite all the socio-political challenges, it has become identified at present as one of the relatively stable and a prosperous African nation. The Republic of Uganda has undergone visible and astonishing transformation from a bad to good. With the highest time rate in Africa, Uganda has experienced a 20-year insurgency.

According to Buzzfeed, Uganda is not just beautiful but ranks 13th on the most beautiful places in the world. So what makes a place beautiful? Quite a range of things can make a country beautiful. It could be economic, the people (which by the way is the greatest asset of a nation), technology, culture, scenery and so on.

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From all indications, the Republic of Uganda has its beauty hinged on natural endowment. The Republic of Uganda might not have all other socio-economic advantages of the developed world but for sure, the east African nation has undiluted and rich natural beauty. It has such eco-friendly asset that even technology and money cannot buy.

From the mountains of the moon(Rwenzori), to the starting points of River Nile and Lake Victoria, such are the intricate beauty of the tropical region. Adding to that, Uganda is the go-to place for the best Wildlife experience. A trip to the Murchison Falls and National Parks will convince you.

Africa surely has beautiful places. Last year the UN proclaimed Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, the most beautiful African city. The award was based on the natural decor, aesthetics and cleanliness of the city. Now, on a larger scale the Republic of Uganda steals the limelight. Perhaps why it is called the ‘pearl of Africa’. As natural as natural can be Uganda is beautiful for her natural and wildlife resources.

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Though small, the pearl of Africa is home to about 35.6 million people. The multi-lingual nation have citizens who fluently speak English , Swahili, Luganda, various Bantu and Nilotic languages. With the attributed economic growth under Yoweri Museveni’s tenure, there is definitely more Uganda-beautiful facts to be unfolded.

Concurring with the development, CNN in 2014 says that the African nation has bounced back to become a “2-time tourist destination” in Africa and the world at large.

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