A Look at Cubana Chief Priest’s Net Worth and Car Collection

Cubana Chief Priest is a Nigerian celebrity show promoter, renowned nightclub owner, and businessman who has amassed a net worth estimated to be around 1.2 billion Naira.

The life of Cubana Chief Priest, whose given name is Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, is best described with two words; fame and fortune. In addition to his money-making ventures, he enjoys endorsement deals from a good number of big companies like Hennessy and Moet. Through all of his hard work, the Nigerian entertainer has amassed a huge net worth, a fortune that is believed to be still growing with his unrelenting go-getter nature.

Cubana Chief Priest has as a result of his wealth, been rather overt in his lifestyle, spending millions of naira on very expensive automobiles. His fleet of cars is made up of some of the best brands you can get in the automobile industry. The celebrity show promoter has been seen around town in a Range Rover Sport, Rolls Royce, and many more.

Cubana Chief Priest Made His Fortune From Doing A Number of Things

Cubana Chief Priest is one celebrity whose source of wealth has sparked a lot of questions from the authorities and the general public. On the 19th of June 2020, his flamboyant lifestyle attracted the attention of the Nigerian police who arrested and interrogated him about the source of his wealth. He was, however, later released from custody, meaning that no wrongdoing was found to charge him to court.

Since then, the source of Pascal’s fortune has become clearer to the public. The Naira billionaire is a big show promoter, a veteran businessman, and his fame has attracted several lucrative endorsements.

He Started Life as a Shoe Maker

The source of wealth of Cubana Chief Priest can not be talked about without paying homage to the first job he ever did in life. Pascal was still a student at Nekede Polytechnic in Owerri when he was disowned by his father. This led to his decision to join some family members in Aba, Abia State to learn shoemaking. The young man took his apprenticeship seriously and was able to make his first million from the trade.

He Rose To Fame as a Show Promoter

When Cubana Chief Priest was still in his formative years, he had an intense passion for the performing arts and desired to end up as a musician. His passion led him to become a raving fan of Nigerian artists like Sound Sultan and Lagbaja, however, his mother tongue and voice put an end to that dream.

When it began to look like his ambition to become a musician had become an impossible dream, he went ahead to create a niche for himself in the entertainment industry by leveraging an opportunity given to him by the CEO of Cubana Group, Obi Cubana. Today, he is a celebrity show promoter and has worked with artists like Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid, BBNaija Mercy Eke, and many more.

According to Cubana Chief Priest, it was thanks to Davido that his life turned around. It all started on the 19th of August 2018 when the Assurance crooner performed at the Cubana Grand Hotel Owerri. His presence attracted a mammoth crowd which boosted Cubana’s popularity. The clout he gathered on that day has remained with him and he has since maintained a friendship with Davido.

Breakdown of All His Business Interests

Cubana Chief Priest was still doing his petty trading in Aba when he came into contact with Cubana Prime Minister, whose real name is Lucky Bruno Ndukwe. Bruno works with the Cubana Group as the company’s executive director and was responsible for connecting Pascal to Obi Cubana, the chief executive officer of the company.

According to reports, Obi Cubana already considered himself unsuitable to become the perfect public figure for the group because of his reserved and enigmatic disposition. Thus, he was happy to get somebody as outgoing, charismatic, and loyal as Cubana Chief Priest to be the face of the Company.

Pascal worked with the company for a few years as the General Manager and Executive Director before resigning to float his own nightclub known as Club Xhrine located in Owerri, Imo State. The club was opened in December 2020 with a show hosted by Davido.

Was Cubana Chief Priest Ever the CEO of The Cubana Group?

As stated above, Cubana Chief Priest was never the chief executive officer of Cubana Group. That title goes to Obi Cubana aka Obinna Iyiegbu who brought Paschal on board and made him the company’s public face. Obi Cubana’s reason for choosing Paschal was that he believed the Cubana Group (the Cubana night clubs, Grand Cubana hotels, Rolex hotels, Opium Cubana, Pablo Cubana, and Crave Cubana) demanded a charismatic personality like that of Cubana Chief Priest.

Paschal only ever served as the Group’s general manager and executive director. People saw him as the owner of the brand because of the important role he played as the face of the brand.


As his fame grew, the charismatic show promoter began to attract a lot of endorsements from top-notch brands, and from what is obvious, more brands are interested in signing him up. Below is a comprehensive list of the brands he has ever endorsed.

  • Moet – Brand ambassador
  • Hennessy – Brand ambassador
  • Bullet energy drink – Brand influencer
  • Mikano Motors – Brand ambassador

A Look At Cubana Chief Priest’s Exotic Cars

Cubana Chief Priest is one celebrity show promoter and club owner who is known to splurge around town in only the best rides. Below is a look at all of the vehicles in his garage, including a Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover, Toyota Prado, and much more.

1. 2021 Toyota Prado

Cubana Chief Priest
Prado Jeep image source

Cubana Chief Priest owns a Toyota Prado, an exotic SUV designed in the mold of the classy Toyota Land Cruiser. The four-wheel-drive vehicle is full-sized and really comfortable. Based on the platform of Toyota J150, Chief Priest’s Prado has special features like rear beam axles, two-speed transfer boxes, and ladder frame chassis. It retails anywhere from $59,840 to $87,030.

2. Range Rover Sports

Cubana Chief Priest
Range Rover Sports image source

There is no end to the number of plush cars in the celebrity club owner’s fleet as the Range Rover Sports also has a place in his garage. The newest model of this vehicle is priced from N84 million to N90 million.

3. Range Rover Autobiography

Cubana Chief Priest
Range Rover Autobiography image source

The Range Rover Sports is not the only car by Land Rover in the celebrity show promoter’s garage as he has also been seen around town in a Range Rover Autobiography. The 2016 to 2019 model of the vehicle costs anywhere from N92 million to N137 million.

4. Lexus LX

Cubana Chief Priest
Lexus-LX image source

The very reliable Lexus LX is a full-size luxury SUV that shares many components with the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is another vehicle in the collection of Cubana Chief Priest that costs anywhere from N48 million to N90 million.

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

image source

The Rolls Royce Phantom is one expensive car that many can only dream of. It is, however, part of the car collection of Cubana Chief Priest. The Phantom costs upwards of 150 million Naira.

6. Geely X7 SUV

Cubana Chief Priest
Geely X7 SUV image source

Pascal’s most recent acquisition is a Geely X7 SUV. The car is the last word in luxury as it has multiple special features. The nightclub owner took to his Instagram page to show off his latest vehicle, taking his followers on a virtual tour of the new car while expressing his excitement.

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