AB De Villiers’ Interesting Love Story With Wife Danielle and Their Children

Known as either Superman or Mr. 360 due to his acrobatic fielding and ability to play shots all around the wicket, South African superstar cricketer AB De Villiers made a name for himself playing for his country as well as teams like the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. The now-retired athlete is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. While his professional career is widely revered, De Villiers has also gained plaudits for his personal life.

The Limpopo native AB De Villiers is married to Danielle Swart, a singer, entrepreneur, and a known face within the WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) community. The duo got married in 2013, and their love has continued to endure. Together they are parents to three children — two sons, and a daughter

AB De Villiers and Danielle Swart Met At Their Worship Center

AB De Villiers was still a youngster in 2007 when his path crossed with Danielle Swart. He just happened to attend a luncheon with his mum at a Limpopo hotel owned by Danielle’s parents. The duo met during the course of the lunch and Danielle made a far-reaching impression on the cricketer as he was completely smitten by her eyes. That was equally when the parents on both sides forged a lasting bond. However, they didn’t do anything about the attraction between them then since they were both very young. Eventually, Danielle went in pursuit of her academic qualifications while De Villiers continued his rise to fame in cricket.

Providence probably had their future already planned out as their path crossed for a second time. This time around, the occasion was ABD’s brother’s wedding ceremony where Danielle sang as the batsman watched in awe. When they eventually became an item, their bond was straightened by the lady’s decision to relocate to Cape Town. After five long years of dating, AB De Villiers decided the time was ripe to pop the big question.

The SA Cricketer Put On The Full Works With His Marriage Proposal

AB De Villiers proposed to his girlfriend in 2012. The famous batsman had been planning for a while and had everything ready to surprise his love. He told Danielle that they had to travel to India with security guards who were in actual fact photographers and videographers.

ABD chose to propose at the front of the Taj Mahal where he went down on one knee to pop the big question. A greatly surprised Danielle who was previously under the impression that the day was going to be like every other normal day, gave an answer in the affirmative. But then, the most interesting part of the proposal was that the videographers and photographers got it all on camera. What’s more, the video when shared made the duo an internet sensation.

Their Wedding Took Place At The Hotel Where They Met

After he secured his love interest’s promise to marry him, AB De Villiers didn’t waste too much time before taking Danielle Swart on the proverbial walk down the aisle. The couple decided to make their big day special by cementing their love at the very same hotel where their paths first crossed.

It all went down at the hotel located in Bele-Bela in South Africa which is owned and managed by the parents of the bride. The couple exchanged the forever commitment at the venue on the 30th of March 2013, barely one year after their official engagement. Details of their nuptials like the guest list and type of wedding is not in the public arena but we know for sure that the couple went to settle down in a new house in Cape Town after their nuptials.

AB De Villiers’
The couple’s wedding image source

AB De Villiers and Danielle Enjoy Singing Together

AB De Villiers’ wife, Danielle, is her parent’s only child. Growing up in SA, she always displayed a great passion for music and had plans of singing at a professional level. She describes herself on her Instagram page as a musician.

Music is one talent that Danielle and her husband ABD have in common. At one point in his life, ABD invested quality time in music but obviously, sports had the upper hand. However, from what is obvious, they still indulge in music in their leisure time. The internet has evidence of the power couple showcasing their shared musical talent as they performed the number – When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating. Even ABD has attested to the fact that his wife is a gifted vocalist; he let this on in an interview session.

Apart from singing and being a known face within the community of cricketers as a member of Wives and Girlfriends (WAG), AB De Villiers’s spouse is also an entrepreneur. Danielle is credited with being a co-creator and co-owner of @thefunroompretoria – an indoor cafe and playground where kids can play freely, safely, and creatively. This gives their parents a moment to rest, with the knowledge that their children are happy and well looked after.

Danielle also doubles as a social worker who is neck-deep into philanthropy. She performed at the 2016 IPL alongside ABD’s teammate, Shane Watson. The duo sang Titanium by David Guetta at RCB; their performance was targeted at raising funds for underprivileged kids.

AB De Villiers and His Wife Have Three Children

Following the nuptials in 2013, the couple started welcoming children two years later. Their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Abraham de Villiers, was born in July 2015. A couple of years down the line, precisely in August 2017, little Abraham became a brother to John Richard de Villiers who was born in a hospital in Pretoria. The last addition to the family is the couple’s only daughter, Yente de Villiers, born on the 11th of November 2020.

AB De Villiers who was obviously overjoyed by the arrival of his baby girl took to Instagram to announce the good news to fans and the general public. His post elicited a stream of congratulatory messages as fans came down in their numbers to welcome the new baby into the world.

From what is obvious, the Royal Challengers Bangalore’s batsman is a hands-on dad; he keeps playdates with his kids. Little Abraham was barely one year old when he tagged along with his parents to the 2016 IPL and ever since he has forged a great attachment to the IPL matches as a regular spectator. When John Richard arrived, he started accompanying his dad, mommy, and big brother to training sessions, and no doubt, Yente will soon tag along. Since the De Villiers kids are still very young, their parents try to shield them from the limelight in a bid to protect their privacy.

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