Is Andile Mpisane Married? Dissecting Shauwn Mkhize’s Son’s Love Life

Andile Mpisane is a married man. The 22 year-old South African footballer, actor, and singer, better known as the son of Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu Mpisane, is married to Tamia Louw.

Andile is undoubtedly one of the youngest South African superstars to be married at such a young age. The young successful champ views marriage as a choice to be made once a man sees someone who shares mutual goals with him. He has found that special someone in Tamia and has begun a forever journey with her.

Are Andile Mpisane and Tamia Louw Married?

Yes, Andile Mpisane and Tamia Louw are married. For all the people asking if he is single, sorry to burst your bubble but he isn’t. Andile married his heartthrob Tamia Louw and she now goes by the name Tamia Mpisane.


Many people believe there must be something special about Tamia that made him choose to commit to her even after his baby mama scandals. Not minding that Tamia is 25 years old (which makes her 4 years older than Andile), he still believed in their relationship enough to take the bold step.

When asked about their love story, Tamia said that while she had maintained a close relationship with Andile Mpisane over the years, she got Andile’s marriage proposal as a surprise text message before they finally had a public proposal with all the romantic moments in it.

Andile is not a shy person but it seems making a marriage decision was a hard one for him to do. Maybe he feared rejection or needed an urgent response, if not he wouldn’t go through a text message first.

Currently, they both have a baby together. The young couple welcomed their first baby together on the 15th of May 2022 and the queen-mother Shauwn Mkhize took to her Instagram to make the big announcement.

Before the birth of the baby, Tamia reminisced on her motherhood journey, sharing a lovely picture of her pregnancy on social media and attached a heartwarming note to her unborn baby.

Andile’s Baby Mama Scandals

Andile Mpisane’s love life has been complicated and he has a family background that paints the picture of a broken home. His parents are divorced and as a young boy who grew up seeing his dad cheating on his mom with over 4 children outside wedlock, many people wonder if that history has contributed to his complicated love

Call it the scar that makes stars, but Andile’s love life has been influenced by many factors than what is displayed publicly. He had two children as a single man. As a very successful businessman, footballer, actor, and singer, it’s not surprising that many women want him for themselves.

On his part, he has a strong taste for older women. Most of his girlfriends were a lot older than him. He might be married to Tami, but his baby mama scandals live after him.

Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi is renowned as Andile’s baby mama. She had two children for him, heightening the pitch of his baby mama’s scandal.

A lot of criticism has gone ahead of his choice to have children outside wedlock. Many people blame it on his dad’s model and on his mom’s inability to instill the right morals. Others blamed Sithelo for manipulating him into a sexual scandal.

However, his mom reaffirmed that she allows her son Andile to make his own choices based on the kind of life he dreams for himself. As a feminist, she also went ahead and accepted Sithelo as a member of her family. She ensures that the welfare of her two grandchildren is well taken care of.

Even with all her display of strong motherhood affections, many people still doubt Andile Mpisane’s ability to stick to one woman. He might be married but his baby mama Sithelo Shozi doesn’t seem to be done with him.

A few days before he proposed to Tamia, Sithelo Shozi released a lovely picture of a beautiful time they spent together. Then, he proposed to marry Tamia later on. The lines aren’t clear but his fans think Tamia made a wrong choice by agreeing to marry him.

What Happened Between Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela?

First, it all looked like a rumor until the Popcorn room revealed a video that showed that Andile Mpisane was secretly dating the Amapiano artist, Kamo Mphela. Their relationship started in the heat of Andile’s sexual scandal with Sithelo.

Many people criticized Sithelo for dating a 17-year-old teenager and luring him to get her pregnant when he was just 19 years old. However, Andile’s relationship with Kamo Mphela after the incident proved that his heart was not with her. She was after the money and she got it.

After rejecting her at first, Shauwn Mkhize finally accepted her pregnancy and paid welfare dues as a member of their family. Yet, she secretly supported her son’s decision to date the South African dancer, Kamo, who was just a year older than Andile.

It’s still shocking why Andile didn’t go ahead to marry Kamo. She secretly visited the family home in Durban even when she didn’t have a show. But, he went ahead and married Tamia a few months after his dating affair with Kamo was publicized.

Regardless of Andile Mpisane’s past scandals, he seems to be having a happier life in his marriage. Tampa has been so supportive and they look like they will last as a pair.

Andile Mpisane is the Son of Sbu Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize

Andile is renowned to be the son of Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu Mpisane. He grew up in North Durban, South Africa with his parents. However, his superstar mom stands out as a major figure in his life than his dad, Sbu Mpisane.

Compared to his dad whom he didn’t share many strong memories with, he was raised by his mom and she influenced his speed to popularity and excellence Her genes run in him. His mom is known to be a high-class businesswoman in Durban. She combines her business with a successful entrepreneurial and television career.

Andile is the chairman of a DSTV Premiership studio, ROYAL AM. He runs the business with his mom too. His dad, Sbu Mpisane is also a successful businessman running his business independent of his wife.

As it seems, Andile Mpisane grew up in a home of busy parents. Rumors had it that his mom’s busy lifestyle influenced his dad’s promiscuity. His mother is also a feminist. Since hardcore feminists do not tolerate the victimization of women, it was not surprising when her marriage with Sbu Mpisane ended. She confessed she has been happier since then watching her son and grandchildren grow.

Andile Mpisane also shares good memories with his only sister Sbahle Mpisane. Sbahle is a fitness bunny on Instagram and she supports her family so loudly.

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