Airports in Kenya: A Comprehensive List

Kenya, the ancestral home of Former US President, Barack Obama, as well as an award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’O, has a lot of world-class airports built to soothe the travel needs of both foreigners and locals.

Whenever it gets closer to that time of the year when people travel within or outside the country for various reasons ranging from, tourism, business or holidays, the Aviation Industry thrives well, recording a substantial increase in the number of registered airlines as well as an increase in the number of flights recorded at the main airports in Kenya. Irrespective of 2008 slow down in the economy globally, of which the Kenyan economy was affected, the Kenyan aviation industry has continued to wax stronger and stronger by the day.

No matter the budget you are working with, as long as it is reasonable for air travel; whatever class you intend traveling with be it economy, business or first class, you can rest assured that you will find an airport that has the right amount of airplane brands to meet your travel needs.

These numerous domestic and international Airports in Kenya today are equipped with different Kenyan air carriers as well as several other international carriers. Kenyan Airports are well up to standard with their counterparts world over. They come with extensive facilities including; banks, Airport hotels, airport car rental facilities, airport transfer services, convention facilities, foreign exchange bureaus, duty-free stores, post offices, healthcare facilities, and bistros, just to name a few.

We have, therefore, decided to bring you a comprehensive list of Local and International Airports in Kenya. This list also includes both civil and military airports in Kenya from which you can locate the nearest and most convenient airports for your travel plans. Hopefully, you’ll find it informative enough to guide you during your next travel.

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List of Civil and Military Airports in Kenya

List of Domestic and International Airports in Kenya

Civil Airports
Amboseli HKAM ASV Amboseli Airport
Bamburi BMQ Bamburi Airport
Bungoma HKBU Bungoma Airport
Bura (Tana River) HKBR Bura East Airport
Busia HKBA Busia Airport
Eldoret HKEL EDL Eldoret International Airport
Eliye Springs HKES EYS Eliye Springs Airport
Embu HKEM Embu Airport
Garba Tula HKGT Garba Tula Airport
Garissa HKGA GAS Garissa Airport
Hola HKHO HOA Hola Airport
Homa Bay HKHB Homa Bay Airport
Isiolo HKIS Isiolo Airport
Kakamega HKKG Kakamega Airport
Kalokol HKFG KLK Kalokol Airport
Kericho HKKR KEY Kericho Airport
Kilaguni HKKL ILU Kilaguni Airport
Kimwarer n/a KRV Kimwarer Airport
Kisii HKKS Kisii Airport
Kisumu HKKI KIS Kisumu Airport
Kitale HKKT KTL Kitale Airport
Kiwayu KWY Kiwayu Airport
Lamu HKLU LAU Manda Airport
Lewa Downs Lewa Airport
Lodwar HKLO LOK Lodwar Airport
Loitokitok HKLT Loitokitok Airport
Lokichogio HKLK LKG Lokichogio Airport
Lokitaung HKLG Lokitaung Airport
Loiyangalani HKLY LOY Loiyangalani Airport
Mackinnon Road HKMR Mackinnon Road Airport
Magadi HKMG Magadi Airport
Makindu HKMU Makindu Airport
Malindi HKML MYD Malindi Airport
Mandera HKMA NDE Mandera Airport
Maralal HKMI Kisima Airport
Marsabit HKMB RBT Marsabit Airport
Masai Mara HKKE Keekorok Airport
Masai Mara MRE Mara Serena Airport
Meru National Park HKMK Mulika Lodge Airport
Mombasa HKMO MBA Moi International Airport
Moyale HKMY OYL Moyale Airport
Mtito Andei HKMT Mtito Andei Airport
Nairobi HKJK NBO Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Nairobi HKNW WIL Wilson Airport
Naivasha HKNV Naivasha Airport
Nakuru HKNK NUU Nakuru Airport
Nanyuki HKNY NYK Nanyuki Airport
Narok HKNO Narok Airport
Nyeri HKNI NYE Nyeri Airport
Samburu HKSB UAS Samburu Airport
Voi HKVO Voi Airport
Wajir HKWJ WJR Wajir Airport
Military Airports
Nairobi HKRE Moi Air Base

Nairobi International Airport (NBO) also known as the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIAi) located in the capital city of Nairobi, happens to be the largest airport in Kenya. It is also one of the busiest airports of Africa.

Following the Nairobi International Airport in size and capacity, is the Kisumu Airport, located in Kisumu, the capital city of Kisumu County.

Note: If you are planning a visit to Kenya or any city in the East African country, it is important you are equipped with adequate knowledge about the airports and other travel facilities which will be really useful.

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