How To Get a UK Visa From Kenya

When traveling to the United Kingdom – even for a short visit – citizens of Kenya must apply for a UK visa. As in most countries, the UK offers a number of visas for a number of purposes, and different visas require different items and documents. The UK government provides a list of general requirements for Kenyan citizens applying for the UK visa in Kenya. Visa applications are reviewed by the UK Border agency staff, this article is about ways or how you can get a UK visa in Kenya without the hassle and we hope you’ll find it informative.

Getting a UK Visa From Kenya – Completed Visa application Form

The completed visa application form can be downloaded online at the website of the United Kingdom Border agency’s website. You will want to ensure that you download the correct form for your situation; if you’re a student, choose the “student visitor” form

  • ViSiT:
  • Two Passport Photos: You must submit two passport photos–sized 45mm by 35mm–that are clear and in color. The photos must be headshots taken against a grey or tan background. Nothing must obstruct your face, no one else may be in your photo, you must have a neutral expression and your eyes must be visible. Photos cannot be altered, airbrushed or have a red-eye effect.
  • Valid National Passport and Copy: Your valid passport must have at least one blank page left in it, so your visa can be inserted into it. Your passport must have six months of validity left.
  • Visa Fees: A small processing fee is required with visa applications. You can choose to have your application expedited, but this costs a good deal more. Payment can be made online at the UK government’s immigration website.
  • Letter from Health insurance Company: You’ll need to submit a letter from your health-insurance company proving that you have health insurance. You will need to bring two copies of this letter.
  • Current Bank Statement: You will be asked to submit this document plus a copy of Reference Letter from employer or University.
  • If you are applying for a work or student visa, you will need a letter from your employer or university. A copy of this document is required.
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The United Kingdom ancestry visa makes it possible for descendants of UK citizens to return to the nation and work for a maximum of five years. Visa applicants must meet specific requirements before qualifying. Most of them depend largely on where the applicant’s grandparents were born.

Commonwealth Citizen
To qualify for a UK ancestral visa, you must be a citizen of a country that is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which includes fifty-four countries. It doesn’t matter if you were born in a commonwealth nation or if you immigrated; it only matters that you are a citizen.

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Descendant of a UK National
One of your grandparents must have been a citizen of the United Kingdom, the Channel island or the Isle of Man. You can either be a biological descendant or a descendant through adoption; adoption paperwork is required. Additionally, if your grandparent was born in the current Republic of Ireland before March 31, 1922, you may qualify.

Working in the UK
You must be able to work while you are in the UK and intend to do so. Ideal visa candidates will be able to support themselves without relying on public funding. Your application may be aided if you have a job lined up. You do not need a work permit.

You will need your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable) and the birth certificates of the parents and grandparents you intend to use on your application. You will need the marriage certificates of your parents and grandparents if they were married. A passport, passport photos, and visa fees also will be required.

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Additional Details
You need to be at least 17 years old to apply. The visa is good for five years, after which you can apply for permanent residence if you have spent most of the five years in the UK. You must apply for the ancestry visa from the country where you are a citizen. It is possible for your family to join you in the UK if you are able to support them and if they obtain the appropriate visas.

If you know which UK visa you want to apply for, the Applying for a UK visa section on UKBA website explains how to apply. As part of your application, you will need to visit our visa application center in Nairobi, Kenya. This is managed by our commercial partner, VFS Global. VFS Global is not involved in the decision-making process and cannot influence the decision on your visa application.

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