55 Countries Moroccans Can Travel To Without Visa

A good number of Moroccans are unaware that there are a whole lot of countries that you can travel to without Visa. Usually, there are entry restrictions  placed by the authorities of various countries that require that anyone coming into the country, who is not a citizen would be needed to obtain a visa or entry clearance before he or she is allowed in to the country.

However, Moroccan citizens currently have access to these over 50 countries and territories visa-free or visa on arrival. This ranks the Moroccan passport 73rd in the world on the list of passports that allows unrestricted access to other countries across the globe. So what does this mean for you? This simply means that with only your Moroccan international passport you can visit these countries without any hassles, no formalities and the usual time-consuming visa application process is boycotted. Here are some of the countries you can visit from Morocco with only your passport and no visa:

Countries where visa is not required for Moroccan citizens:

Indonesia – 30 days

Niger – 3 months

Philippines – 30 days

Haiti – 3 months

Hong Kong – 1 month


Micronesia – 30 days

Nigeria – 90 days

Malaysia – 90 days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 1 month


Tunisia – 90 days

South Korea – 90 days

Grenada – 3 months


Turkey – 90 days

Vanuatu – 30 days

Algeria – 90 days

Brazil – 90 days

Republic of the Congo

Côte d’Ivoire – 3 months

Dominica – 21 days

Ecuador – 90 days

Gambia – 90 days

*Egypt – Visa not required provided the visitor is aged 14 years and below

There are more listed countries you can travel to with only Moroccan passport and no visa on the next page