Kenya’s 2017 presidential election date has been announced by a committee consisting of fourteen members from both Jubilee and CORD.

The committee agreed to have the election conducted on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

That notwithstanding, CORD division at the meeting demanded for a new registration of voters, insisting that the voting register have been ruined with various issues.

The ruling party on other hand, argued that a handful of issues are to be looked  into but they don’t warrant for a fresh registration.

Also, during the meeting the opposition party asked to make the results that would be declared at the polling centers the final results to reduce the chances of rigging.

The coalition also raised concerns about using the existing electoral body in the coming election, accusing them of corruption.

There are speculations that the current IEBC body will be reconstituted 

On the contrary, Moses Kuria who is in the committee lashed out on the opposition party’s claim, challenging them to bring forward  to support their allegation. He added that the protest only targets to blacken the commission unless they toss forward something substantial to back it up.

The ruling coalition blasted CORD’s recommendation demanding the engagement of parties in the reconstitution of IEBC.

The 14-member committee was set up following the anti-IEBC protest that saw a good number of deaths and violence in he country.

CORD led by Raila Odinga alleged that the electoral body could not oversee a free and fair election in 2017.

Raila said it was after the commission declined its initiative that the came to a conclusion that IEBC is deeply corrupt and has the potential of tampering with the actual result of the general election of 2017.

The commission in defence to their reputation, said that they conduct election genuinely and expertly

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