How Old Is Regina Daniels and What Is The Age Difference Between Her and Husband Ned Nwoko?

Regina Daniels (Born: October 10, 1998, Age: 25 years old) is only in her 20s but has become one of the most popular figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She got married to her husband Ned Nwoko despite their 40-Year age difference

With the help of her mother, Rita Daniels, a famed actress, she began her career at an early age. The journey that began as a child has led to various milestones, most prominently her marriage to former House of Representative member and billionaire businessman Ned Nwoko. Their marriage, which ignored their massive age difference, has sparked excitement, controversy and produced a child, all before her 21st birthday.

Regina Daniels is 25 Years Old

On October 10, 1998, the Nollywood film actress and model Regina Daniels was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born to Rita Daniels, an actress/film producer, and Jude Ojegwu, a Lagos-based lawyer. At the time of her birth, she was the fifth child born to her parents. Her parents later welcomed another child, giving the actress five siblings – three brothers (Samuel, Lawrence, Emmanuel) and two sisters (Ifeoma, Destiny).

With a mother firmly rooted in the entertainment industry, it is hard to say exactly when the Royal Dreams actress fell in love with acting. However, we know that growing up, the American film superstar, Angelina Jolie, was one of her role models. She also attended Hollywood International School, Asaba. This early exposure to acting and entertainment eventually led to her acting debut.

Most seven-year-olds have no idea what they want to do with their life yet and still spent their time enjoying the ignorance of childhood. Not Regina Daniels, though. She started making movies at the age of seven, with her mother as her guide. She debuted in the film, Marriage of Sorrow, which reportedly earned her a meager N10,000.

The film was a modest success and it launched her path to stardom. She continued to feature in other movies, acquiring experience and sharing her talent in films and TV shows. Some of her works include Naked Sacrifice, Tears of Ojiugo, Wipe your Sorrows, and Royal Covenant.

Regina Daniels age
Regina Daniels and her mother, Rita – image source

Since she came into the limelight, her work has received both commercial and critical success. In particular, it has seen her receive nominations for Most Promising Actress, Supporting Actress of the Year, and Best Upcoming Actress of the Year.

While expanding her footprints as an actress, Regina Daniels completed secondary school and enrolled at Igbinedion University to study Mass Communication in 2018. However, her rising profile and a significant life decision stalled her education, notably missing out on the first month of lectures.

An Instagram Post Revealed Regina’s Real Age

Today, the world knows the Pains of Royalty actress’s actual age, but this wasn’t always the case. For years, fans believed she was born in 2000. This was backed up by her proclamations and Wikipedia information, leading many to believe it was true.

However, as part of her efforts during her role as the Youth Campaign Coordinator for Atiku Abubakar in 2019, she posted a photo of her voter’s ID. Although her fingers covered some essential information, part of her date of birth was open. The opened part revealed that her birth year started with ‘19’, contrary to the year 2000 on record.

Using the card’s details, a Nairaland fan went on the INEC website to query the information. The result showed that contrary to her claims, the actress was actually born in 1998. The discovery led to a minor controversy, but it ultimately died off amid more significant controversies surrounding the Nollywood star, like her marriage to a Nigerian billionaire.

She Got Married to Ned Nwoko in 2019 Despite Their 40-Year Age Difference

Regina’s fame went up a notch after a bombshell news report in April 2019. A publication by the news website, e-Nigeria! claimed that Ned Nwoko, a politician and businessman, was behind the lavish lifestyle of the actress. The report also claimed that his benevolence was a result of their romantic relationship.

The news sparked negative reactions, specifically about their age difference. Ned Nwoko, born on December 21, 1960, is 40 years older than Regina Daniel. It was not just their generational gap between them, fans also criticized the fact she was a teenager, and he was married to five wives with several children.

Further information revealed that Regina and Ned got married later in the year. Unknown if they had a church wedding, the couple had their traditional ceremony on May 26, 2019, in Aniocha Local Government, Delta State.

They Met and Got Married Within Three Weeks

Unlike most couples, Ned Nwoko and Regina wasted no time in marrying each other after they met. The two met for the first time at his Mount Ned Nwoko Resort in Asaba while she was visiting with her family during a vacation.

The former lawmaker claimed he had no idea who she was as he doesn’t watch movies, but he was drawn to her regardless. Despite zero prior knowledge of each other, the couple somehow found a strong connection between them and became husband and wife after three weeks. When Nwoko was asked about the hastened courtship, he said he doesn’t believe in dating anyone for a long time before marriage. For him, falling in love will happen naturally within the marriage.

Fans and Her Father Vehemently Opposed their Marriage

Although people acknowledged the financial motive behind the decision, the age difference between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko proved too large for fans to ignore. Fans accused Ned of greed and sexual pervasion, chastising him for ignoring older women.

However, amidst the widespread disapproval, Daniels and Nwoko found some supporters. Among them was Etinosa Idemudia, a Nollywood actress. She suggested it was acceptable as marriage was a better option for Regina than being a “side chick.”

It was not just fans who criticized the union. Although he has mostly remained out of the picture, Regina’s father, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu, also made his disapproval public. He cited his daughter’s age, emphasizing she is a teenager who has no business marrying a man of his age.

His opposition to the marriage possibly resulted in his exclusion from the process. According to him, the new couple held the marriage ceremony in Rita Daniels’ family compound, and he was not invited.

Despite the unpopular reaction, Regina and Ned remained together. In an interview, she waved the criticism away, claiming it was what she wanted as marriage to someone of her age would not have worked. Although her explanation was unconvincing for many, it quelled the controversy, and their marriage has since produced a child.

Regina Daniels Gave Birth to Her First Child at the Age of 21

Regina Daniels age
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On June 29, 2020, news broke that the actress had given birth to her first child, Munir Neji Ned-Nwoko, with her husband. The world learned about the development after one of her brothers posted the news on Instagram. The couple had shared that they were expecting a child earlier in May.

Regina’s internet fame has only grown since the marriage and the birth of Munir. She and Ned have been the subject of a documentary, and their family remains regular fixtures of entertainment news. It is a part of delicate stability that has defined their union, with both parties expressing satisfaction with each other. And even though her husband has expressed his intention to marry a seventh wife, it appears all is well in the Daniels-Nwoko family.



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