How to Contact FCMB Customer Care Through Call, WhatsApp Number and Others

In the evolving world of e-banking, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), one of Nigeria’s developing financial service giants, has grown to become a dependable alternative for many people – providing market-proven solutions that drive digital transformation in banking. With the speed of digitalization which has created a system where everyone wakes up to more bills and responsibilities, people have started seeking easier ways of avoiding long bank queues while still completing their different financial tasks.

This is exactly what has led to many questions surrounding the FCMB customer care service and their online opportunities. So, if you are reading this, then you have probably asked questions surrounding the new online customer service options. First City Monument Bank has also responded by providing upgraded digital products and services to serve more customers around the world.

How Effective Is The Customer Care Service Of FCMB?

FCMB’s customer care service is one that has been automated to serve a larger market of customers due to increased demand spanning borderless banking hours. Its effectiveness is measured by the continuous ability to respond to people’s requests on a timely basis while still maintaining simplicity in function and minimising complaints. Their services are renowned for their excellence in customer satisfaction and user-friendly interactions.

Another close connection to their effectiveness is their ability to bring detailed access to their upgraded banking solutions for users’ appreciation and seamless banking. This has been tested through the customer feedback options they provide to analyze complaints and improve more on the going concern.

Is FCMB Customer Service Available 24 Hours?

The answer is yes. The services rendered by the FCMB online multi-lingual calls and internet banking alternatives goes on for 24 hours beyond banking hours every day, week, month, and year. This is strategical because the problem it seeks to solve is to attend to customers beyond borders – just like the ATMs. Hence, late time urgencies are also covered by the nature of this service.

FCMB Transfer and USSD Code
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How Can I Talk to FCMB Customer Care?

To talk to FCMB customer care, you can choose to reach out via their different customer service channels available. The use of each channel depends on the level of urgency and kind of transaction required. Knowing this will help each customer achieve more satisfaction using the FCMB customer service. The different channels include:

1. Telephone/Voice Call 

This is most effective when you have a service issue and need clarification on how to complete a transaction. It promises a quick response at a toll-free rate. The numbers to call are 01-2798800 and 07003290000.

2. Interactive Voice Response

FCMB’s interactive voice response is a new initiative for self-service where users are simply expected to call the expected FCMB voice care lines above and follow the instructions promptly. This service is also active for 24 hours for customers anywhere around the world. With FCMB interactive voice response, a customer can perform the following transactions seamlessly:

  • Block debit cards (MasterCard and Verve)
  • Reset Internet Banking password
  • Reset FCMBMobile Plus login password
  • Increase Limit on FCMBMobile Plus
  • Enable transfer on Internet Banking
  • Adjust limits on our Internet Banking (Personal)
  • Switch easily between own account numbers without having to terminate the call
  • Transfer funds within FCMB
  • Airtime recharge to all major networks for self and 3rd party
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Account history inquiry (last five transactions)
  • Telephone Banking PIN setup and change
  • Account balance request – Available via self-service on all Alternate channels.
  • ATM Card blocking
  • Cheque book request
  • Stop Cheque order
  • Information on branch / ATM locations
  • Information on Products and Services
  • Customer feedback management (complaints, commendations and suggestions)
  • Internet Banking Transaction password reset
  • Account statement request via e-mail – also available on 329 and other Internet banking platforms

3. Whatsapp Chats

The financial service giant has also spread its wings across many different social media platforms and WhatsApp is not in any way excluded. To reach FCMB customer care on WhatsApp, you can reach out to these numbers :(+234) 09099999814 or (+234) 09099999815.

4. Other Social Media Options

FCMB currently does not have the live chat feature on their websites but you can still easily contact them through other social media platforms. The bank is present on the following platforms:

For the Facebook option, you can contact @FCMBTemi to help you with any banking transaction. Temi is a digital assistant that helps more customers pay their bills. It all starts by messaging her on Facebook and following the terms and conditions.

All these platforms are open for 24 hours every day but contacting them during banking hours (8 am – 5 pm) on Monday to Friday may be more effective. For Saturday, 8 am – 12 noon is okay while on Sundays, they are majorly closed

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Can FCMB Be Reached Via Email Address?

FCMB ‘s official customer service email address is [email protected]. Hence, customers can direct questions via mail and receive timely responses. This is best when customers need a bank statement, report, or document to confirm their financial transactions. In cases of fraud or other emergencies, email @[email protected] to get a more timely and active response.

Does FCMB Have A Self-Service Option?

For more easy delivery and excellence, FCMB also has self-service channels. Users can easily perform transactions here at their own convenience and it has been simplified for easy understanding and use.

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The self-service platforms include:

1. FCMB Mobile App

The mobile application is efficient for documented transactions like:

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Self-service limit increase
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Single/multiple customer onboarding
  • SME and personal account opening
  • Education investment plan
  • Chequebook and draft request
  • Target savings
  • Loans
  • Dispute transaction via the App
  • Card management
  • Account officer support
  • Birthday notification
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • Pay bills and utilities
  • Diversify your investment with FCMB Asset Management
  • Enrol with FCMB Pensions easily
  • Get a credit card or manage your existing credit card

2. The USSD Option

This is most renowned for ease because even without internet or data, dialing *329# on your phone gives you access to a lot of banking options.

3. FCMB Credit/Debit Card

These cards are used for easy payments irrespective of location. The virtual cards can also be gotten on the FCMB platform for more easy online payment.

As a progressive bank that believes so much in digital transformation and is renowned for excellent operations, First City Monument Bank will keep updating its products and services to suit the evolving customer demands and need for efficiency.

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