Inside Nandi Madida’s Enviable Love with Husband Zakes Bantwini and Why Fans Thought They Got Divorced

Nandi Madida is a South African heartthrob. She is a versatile woman whose ability to excel in multiple industries has won her the adoration of numerous fans. She is a singer, actress, model, and television presenter. Additionally, Nandi Madida is a mother and her marriage to Zakes Bantwini is usually a hot topic of discussion in South Africa, seeing as the couple is considered one of the country’s ‘power couples.’

The couple has gained a lot of following, and the spotlight is more often than not on them. This was particularly pronounced after fans were sent into shock upon hearing news of the marriage’s impending annulment. What happened? Was it real? How even did the love affair begin, and how did it lead to a marital union?

Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantswini Met Each Other at the SAMA Nominations Party

Before any couple walks down the aisle, it is reasonable to expect that they dated for a while. Before dating, it is also customary that the two lovers had met somewhere as they were previously strangers. This was the case with Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantswini, going from strangers to their first meeting to being in a relationship and, finally, a married couple.

The South African Music Awards (SAMAs) nominations party was the setting for the first meeting between both of them. She had expressed to him that she was a big fan of his music and considered him amazing.

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Zakes made the first move by expressing his love for her and his subsequent interest. Having just gotten out of a long relationship, Nandi was hesitant and did not think she was in the mood for a new relationship yet. Despite the hesitation, it was love at first sight for Zakes.

Zakes Bantwini Helped Nandi Madida with Her Career before They Began Dating

Shortly after Zakes and Nandi met and she expressed her disinterest in a possible romantic relationship, a more professional one ensued. He provided her with professional guidance and was willing to invest in her. He offered the teams that could help her, and she felt grateful for the support.

She had previously tried to work with him but found him too expensive and hard to get. She insists his professional help was not the reason for eventually dating him, and he insists she did not have to date him. But after developing their professional relationship, she felt happy there was someone who cared so much for her. Eventually, a romantic relationship blossomed between both, leading to a marriage announcement much to the surprise of fans.

The Couple’s Marriage Announcement came as a Shock

When Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantswini began dating in 2013, they decided they would keep their private lives to themselves. According to them, they did not want to make a career out of the relationship. As a result, fans were in the dark as to what was going on with the couple. The couple eventually got married in 2016 in an intimate ceremony. Still, the initial announcement of the wedding caused a stir and excitement amongst numerous fans.

According to Nandi, she predicted their relationship would end in marriage after finding him to be the perfect partner due to his intense support for her. The couple attended pre-marriage counselling for a year to prepare themselves before tying the knot.

The event was a very private affair attended only by friends and family. There was no media presence at the ceremony. The decision to keep their marital journey out of the spotlight is working and has produced two children.

The Couple Are Parents To A Boy and a Girl after Four Years of Marriage

While announcing their impending marriage in 2016, the couple also announced that they were expecting their first child together. The baby boy arrived in November 2016 and was promptly named Shaka. They never shied away from revealing their plans to add to the family.

It took a while though, as almost three years passed before Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida announced that they were expecting once again. They shared a short video clip from a shoot they did for Glamour in January 2019, and Nandi was spotting a baby bump. Nandi eventually took to social media to confirm the news.

Their baby girl arrived in March 2019, and she was named Nefertiti. She became their second child, and the family continues to grow. The couple is very private, and it is rare to find pictures of their children.

However, there have been occasional glimpses on Instagram. With children comes added responsibilities, and balancing this with a career can be a draining proposition. It is interesting to find out how Nandi juggles all these demands in her life.

She Balances Her Career and Family Life by Not Placing One over the Other

Being a career woman means a lot to Nandi. She is a versatile woman who is a singer, actress, model, and TV presenter. In addition to her career, she is also a mother to two young children and wife to a fellow celebrity. All these mean things can get overly hectic and busy for her. A balance needs to be struck, but how exactly does Nandi find this balance?

According to her, while she enjoys her career and loves what she does, she always reminds herself that her family life is just as important. She must not neglect one for the other, and she continues to ensure that her family remains proud of the woman she is.

She confesses that it is not easy, as life can be overwhelming, and one might get caught up. She said that it is important to do the work of guarding yourself and your family for balance to exist. It is how she continues to strike out the balance that has worked well so well for her. This is also why she was able to work so well with her husband and son to release a track.

The Couple Finally Worked Together to Release a Song Titled Organic

For two people who have been at the top of the music game for years and are a couple, it took a long time for Nandi Madida Zakes Bantwini to work together. Fans clamoured for this dream to be a reality, and they eventually got their wish on the 1st of September 2020.

Nandi and Zakes announced they were releasing their first musical project together in the form of the single titled, Organic. The couple announced this on social media. Zakes and Nandi wrote the song, but there was a surprise. Their three-year-old son, Shaka, was also given writing credits, which means he worked on the project as well.

It was the first time the couple worked together on a music project, and Nandi described the experience as natural. Having been in lockdown and gone through so much together, the song process was organic, and this influenced the title of the music. They released the song officially on the 18th of September 2020.

They teased the song during a period where rumours circulated that the couple was heading for a divorce, having agreed to dissolve their marriage. The divorce rumours proved to be false as the dissolution was all about something else.

Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida Entered into the Wrong Marriage Contract

When the news that Zakes and Nandi had agreed to dissolve their marriage contract, social media was agog with numerous expressions of shock, disappointment, and heartbreak. According to many people, the dream couple was breaking up, and it was yet another blow from 2020.

Eventually, clarity came, and we learned that the much-loved couple was not breaking up anytime soon. The dissolution of their marriage contract was simply a legal procedure.

Four years into their marriage, Zakes and Nandi discovered that they had entered into the wrong marriage contract due to a misunderstanding with the marriage officer. Bantwini sought for the marriage to be converted from ‘in community of property’ to ‘out of community of property.’

He was filing for his wife to be removed from their R5 million joint estates. Nandi agreed to this and signed an affidavit that signifies her agreement to dissolve their current marriage contract. According to sources, the couple parted with R14,059 to effect this change and ensure the rectification of the marriage contract.

The controversy has since cleared up. The couple remains together, much to the delight of their teeming fans.

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