Inside Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema’s Enviable Life Together

Life can be very tricky when Simphiwe Ngema lost her newly wedded husband in 2017; it seemed like all hope was lost for the South African actress. However, three years down the line, God packaged a consolation for the widow in the form of Tino Chinyani. Now, there is no better way to describe the life that Tino and Simphiwe are presently living than to say it is envious. The duo recently welcomed a baby boy to cement their love as they enjoy their beautiful relationship and life as first-time parents.

Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema Nurtured their Love On Social Media

Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema were reportedly at a function together, following which they established a social media connection. Tino was obviously besotted with the actress and just had to give in to the temptation of sliding into her DM to vent his feelings. Before long, the duo became an item. We only got the gist about how the two met after Tino uploaded four-frame screenshots of the chats he had with Simphiwe while both took part in the social media challenge titled “How It Started Vs. How It Is Going.”

Tino’s approach got tongues wagging, but the Zimbabwean model seemed completely unfazed; his family being straight is the only thing that matters, he said. Since Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema found each other, the couple has remained inseparable and have proved to the world that their’s is a case of true love.

Why Did Tino Keep His Dalliance with Simphiwe Ngema A Secret?

People who know Tino personally are aware that the supermodel pays no heed to frivolities, especially those that won’t add any value to his life and career. The Zimbabwean model has severally emphasized his dislike for haters who come with negative vibes. He believes that popularity can strain existing relationships, especially within the circle of the A-listers.

These reasons apparently seem personal but are they what informed the super model’s decision to keep his relationship with Simz secrete for a long time? Even with all his sentiments, Tino was not spared when he finally went public with their union. Fans received the news with mixed reactions as he went under heavy criticism for dating Dumi’s widow barely three years after his demise. Knowing Tino, he was completely unfazed by their criticism, asserting that both Simz and Tiyani are God’s special gift and he will go ahead and enjoy God’s blessings as they can’t stop him from doing so.

Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema Are Not Married

Though Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema appear to be completely besotted with each other, the couple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to embrace matrimony. Even their baby boy’s birth has not changed the status quo, as the duo look all set to remain partners for a very long time.

Besides, the duo is yet to make comments on their marital plans; thus, we cannot categorically say whether they may likely wed in time. Just for the records, there are absolutely no known reasons the two cannot get married and continue enjoying their lives as a legally married couple. However, they are just taking their time to get to know each other from what is perceivable. Or, perhaps, they want it to come as a big surprise, like when it became public knowledge that they’ve been dating for months.

The Couple’s Son Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani Was Born In Mid-2020

Tino Chinyani and Simphiwe Ngema
The couple and their bundle of joy: image source

Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani received their cute son, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, on the 23rd of June 2020. Still, the proud mom and dad only shared the good news with fans on social media in September. The announcement was made a month after Simz’s pregnancy photoshoot was shared on social media. On why they delayed the announcement, the couple said they were working on a project and wanted to unveil both at the same time. When the said project finally came to light, it turned out to be their baby’s clothing line known as Tiyani Afrika.

Baby Tiyani is surely enjoying the love and attention from his proud parents. Simz and Tino can’t help but be proud of their baby boy, who has been described as all shades of cuteness. On his own part, Tino has expressed his gratitude to Timz for giving him Tiyani and has always promised to love and care for both of them. Similarly, Simz also took to Instagram to say thank you to Tino for helping her to love again and for their bundle of joy.

The Father Of One Seems To Be Coping With Being A Dad At A Young Age

The celebrated Zimbabwean television presenter cum model seems to know what he is doing around a new-born baby. Since his cute baby boy’s arrival on the 23rd of June 2020, Tino has been awesome with his new status. The father of one admits that some people in his situation may find it nerve-wracking, but he is comfortably coping.

He has been applauded for doing an excellent job as a family man, throwing his weight behind Simz and their cute son. From time to time, we get to see photos of Tino cuddling the boy, which has been described as sweet. Fans have continued to shower praises on the breakfast show host, admiring him for his parenting style. While he is not officially married, Tino can give some married men a run for their money in parenting. When the model is off work, the next place to find him is at home, doing daddy things. The Zimbabwean has also been severally spotted taking his young family out for one adventure or the other.

He recently took his woman on a trip to what can be described as “paradise,” where he was pictured getting all loved up and cozy with Simz in a Jacuzzi.

Interesting Things You Should Know About Tino Chinyani

Tino Chinyani is a Zimbabwean national born in Harare on the 9th of September 1994. Tino is an alum of St. John’s college where he had memorable days as the school’s assistant head boy, captain of their basketball team, and represented his country in under 19 rugby games. He later proceeded to Monash University, where he graduated from the department of marketing and management.

Tino is a professional model and has had some steamy shots that set the internet on fire; a good example is his photoshoot with Blue Mombo.

Following his gig on MTV VJ search, the Zimbabwean native joined Channel O’s top 5 drive as a co-presenter. He is also part of ETV, working on their Morning Show as a host.

An Insight on Simphiwe Ngema

Simphiwe Ngema is a South African actress who goes by the stage name Simz Ngema. Tino Chinyani’s baby mama was born in Klipspruit, Soweto, Gauteng, on the 29th of August 1989. Though her mom is not known, the SA entertainer’s dad is a pastor who goes by the name Given Ngema. She grew up alongside two sisters; there is an older one named Baxolile (she is Khumo’s mum; Simz shares a powerful bond with Khumo). Tino is not the first man in Simz’s life; she was previously married to Dumi Masilela, who died in a botched kidnapping attempt in August 2017. The man died at the crime scene from complications arising from a gunshot wound; this happened shortly after they exchanged marriage vows.

Tino Chinyani And Simphiwe Ngema are alike in several ways; just like Tino is multi-talented, Simz is many things more. The South African actress does not just grace the screen in acting roles; she is also competent as a singer, presenter, choreographer, MC, and a remarkable photographer. You might think that her list of endeavors is quite long, but that is not all; Simphiwe Ngema is equally an internet sensation with almost two million followers to her pages.


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