Lesly Brown – Key Facts About Pat Sajak’s Wife

Lesly Brown is the wife of Pat Sajak, an American TV personality, game show host, and occasional actor known for hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1981. Lesly married Pat in 1989, about three years after his first marriage ended. They went on to have two children – Patrick Michael James Sajak and Maggie Marie Sajak.

Who Is Lesly Brown?

Lesly Brown (a.k.a Lesly Sajak) is a photographer and actress best known as the wife of American TV personality, talk show host and co-host of America’s #1 game show, Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak. Lesly Brown was born on February 18, 1965, in Maryland. She and her Sisters, Wendy, and Kelly, were raised by their parents in Maryland. She graduated from the University of Maryland where she earned a degree in television production.

During her early life, Lesley Brown began to model; this led to her emergence as Miss Georgetown. However, she has since given up modeling to pursue a career in professional photography. In 1988, she made her first media appearance on one of the editions of Playboy illustrative titled Women of Washington.

Brown has also made guest appearances in three episodes of the game show, Wheel of Fortune; in 1997, 2008, and 2010. On 14th February 2012, she appeared in Sandals Emerald Bay. Since then, she has kept a low profile from the spotlight.

Key Facts To Know About Pat Sajak’s Wife

1. She Operates a Website

She currently runs Leslie Brown Visible Style located in Pensacola, Florida. Her website www.lesliebrown.com features her styled photography, where she captures stunning pictures of the raw beauty of nature. If you’re keen about capturing nature in a most excellent way, that web address would do you so much good.

2. Lesly Brown’s Net Worth

Although her exact net worth is not known, sources, however, reveal that a photographer in Pensacola, Florida, earns an average of $62,000 per annum. Meanwhile, Brown enjoys so much security from her husband’s net worth of over $45 million. As of early 2019, he earns $12 million per annum. The couple moved into a $1.28 million mansion after their wedding in 1989. She and her husband also own a house in Severna Park, Maryland.

3. :es;y Brown’s Life as Pat Sajak’s Wife

Although Pat Sajak is the only man she’s been married to, she won’t be the first wife of the TV star. Sajak had been married to Sherrill Sajak. They became life partners in 1979, however, their union hit a brick wall seven years later.

Very limited detail is known about his first marriage. Following the crash of his first marriage, Sajak began a relationship with then 23-year-old Lesly Brown. He was 42 at the time. The two met in 1988 in a California sports bar through a mutual friend. However, Lesly soon returned to her home in Maryland but their long-distant relationship continued to flourish. Although it wasn’t “love at first sight,” Brown admits, they both grew in love with time. And in early 1989, they began a romantic relationship for real.

In late December 1989, the couple walked down the aisle in a private ceremony. Sajak’s on-screen partner on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White was also in attendance. White is currently dating her long-term boyfriend John Donaldson.

4. Lesly Brown is the Mother of Maggie Sajak, the Country Singer

Lesley Brown
Lesly (extreme right) with Pat Sajak (extreme left) and their two children

Their union has produced two lovely children. Their son Patrick Michael James Sajak, born in September 1990 and a daughter, Maggie Sajak, born in January 1995. Patrick is a stand-up comedian while Maggie Sajak is an upcoming country singer who has released three singles. She’s had a flair for music from the start and has been playing the guitar since she was just 12. Maggie also plays the piano, mandolin, and ukulele. Her first single, First Kiss was once featured in a CMT show.

5. Lesly Brown’s Height and Body Measurements

Although she’s well over 50, Lesly hasn’t lost that youthful spark that attracted Pat to her some 30 years ago. She stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). The woman has deep brown eyes and wears dark-brown hair.


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