Meet Kobus Wiese’s Wife Belinda Wiese and all About His Family

Belinda Wiese is mostly known for being the wife of the famous South African Rugby player, Kobus Wiese.

She is not been the type of person to stay in the headlines but her marriage to Kobus Wiese was the inevitable condition that opened her up to the media. Even after her exposure to the limelight, Belinda had very few details about her life that are open to the public.

Summary of Belinda Wiese’s Bio

  • Full name: Belinda Wiese
  • Gender: Female
  • Belinda Wiese’s Age: 47 years old
  • Ethnicity: Afrikaans
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Belinda Wiese’s Husband: Kobus Wiese
  • Belinda Wiese’s Children: Two kids (names unknown)
  • Famous for: CEO Belinda Brokers
  • Facebook: Belinda Wiese 
  • LinkedIn: Belinda Wiese

Belinda Wiese Was Born Possibly in 1977

There are little or no details about Belinda Wiese’s early life and that means that there is no information about her parents, siblings, or even where she acquired her education. Her age was a guess from a sneak peek of her profile on LinkedIn.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that she was not known until her marriage to Kobus. There are even fewer details about Belinda’s life, though it is believed she once had a career in the sports industry.

She Started a Career as a Jumper and Now Owns a Real Estate Company

Belinda Wiese is said to be an athlete who featured as a no 2 specialist lineout jumper. She’s also very proficient in tight loose and loose and made a name for herself. This detail is according to the information that was provided by the 1994 edition of Sports Deck Trading Card (1998 Edition). Belinda was a common feature amongst South African athletes.

Reports from investigations so far filled in revealed that she is possibly a businesswoman who is into real estate. Belinda Wiese is reported to be the owner of Belinda Wiese Brokers and she has been in charge of the company for more than a decade piloting it to greater heights. From all indications, the company seems to be doing well. The company is said to be located in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape South Africa.

Belinda’s Marriage to Kobe Wiese Was What Made Her Famous

Belinda Wiese and Lost Kobus Wiese
Belinda Wiese and Lost Kobus Wiese

Belinda is married to Kobus Wiese who is a former Rugby player for the Springboks. The details concerning how they met have never been made public but it has been reported that they have been married for a good number of years.

The marriage is blessed with two children, two sons whose names are unknown to date. The children’s birth year has never been revealed but reports have estimated that they are between the ages of 10 and 15 years. The Wiese family is a very reserved one and hence has stayed out of the limelight and this applies to the children in the family. There have been no reports to indicate that Belinda and her husband Wiese have suffered any controversies in their marriage.

Belinda Wiese Nearly Lost Kobus Wiese in 2021 to Heart Failure

The Wiese family suffered an incident that threatened to disrupt their family. In April 2021, Kobus suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the Panorama Clinic in Cape Town where he underwent a procedure to have an intravascular stent inserted into a narrow vein in his heart. The operation was successful and Kobus has since made a full recovery.

The incident was a big scare for Kobus, his family, and his former teammates who have seen the deaths of some of their Springbok 1995 teammates, including Frank Ruben Kruger, Joost Westhuizen, Chester Williams, and James Small.

The current heart condition of Kobus Wiese is unknown but reports have indicated that he has recovered and continues to be under strict surveillance since the heart attack happened. Also, there have not been any reported cases of him having another heart failure so it is safe to assume that he is in good health albeit managing it closely.

In the same vein, credit also needs to be given to his wife Belinda Wiese who has been with him throughout the entire period looking after him, as well as their kids and ensuring that their family matters don’t get dragged into the media as they have always avoided such ever since they became a couple that caught the media eye.

Insight Into Kobus Wiese’s Life and Career Aside From Being Belinda Wiese’s Husband

Kobus Wiese is a 59-year-old former rugby player born on the 16th of May 1964 in Paarl, South Africa. He went to college and obtained a teaching diploma from Paarl’s Goudstad Onderwys College. Despite that, Kobus lived most of his career as a Rugby player where he played for several rugby teams such as Transvaal/ Golden lions, and the Springboks of South Africa.

In all, Kobus Wiese played a total of 128 matches, being known as a beast who was very athletic and sprinted really fast. His antics and achievements on the field earned him the prestigious title of the hero of the South African National Rugby Union. Kobus won the super 10 in 1993 and the Currie Cup in 1993 and 1994.

Kobus was a member of the national rugby team, the Springboks between 1993 and 1996. He then became a popular television host upon his retirement from active playing. Kobus is also the CEO of a Johannesburg-based coffee roasting company which he started courtesy of having such an illustrious career as a rugby player. He owns a chain of cafes in Johannesburg as well and has done well as a business consultant.

Is Kobus Wiese Related to Cobus Wiese?

Cobus Wiese introduced himself as a 19-year old to the rugby scene in 2016 during an under-20 game playing for the Stormers. This started speculations that he may be related to the rugby great, Kobus Wiese. Unfortunately, fans’ curiosity has never been satisfied as the duo has never really come out to confirm whether they’re related or not. This made it clear that their names may have been just a coincidence and nothing more. However, Kobus has a younger brother named Jasper Wiese and he is a first-class player for SARU.


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