7 Things To Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Life

Among several other lessons Nelson Mandela left us, Humility, Honorable, Heroic, Inspiring, Iconic, Influential are a few words among several others that could be used to describe the man we know as Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years by the South African apartheid government.

What offence or crime did he commit? Mandela stood up against the South African apartheid government that was committing egregious human rights abuses against black South Africans.

Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and went on to lead the way for the abolition of apartheid in 1994.

He was elected as South Africa’s first black president that same year.

Nelson Mandela has departed on December 5th, 2013 having walked among us as a man for 95 years, this African hero will always be remembered in history.

In the honour and memory of this great icon, We’ve decided to post this short video on some key life lessons that could be learned from Nelson Mandela.

Please share this and honour his memory.

Nelson Mandela’s Life and Death: 7 Things You Can Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Life

Have Faith In Justice

Nelson Mandela has lived a life of believing and having faith in the power of justice. He believes in his struggles that justice will come to him and after he got the victory, the man still remembered to give others justice as well.

At the end of his life and even before, Nelson Madiba Mandela hadn’t just become the symbol of freedom but also that of justice. Because of his search for justice in a peaceful way and many other important values that he lived for, Madiba received over 250 awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

Courage is the Triumph over Fear

Having suffered brutal actions against his person as well as his family, Mandela emerged top of the Apartheid movement in South Africa thanks to his courage. He was courageous enough for himself, and at the same time, encourage others in the struggle to be likewise courageous.

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The man went on to spend as much as 27 years in prison because of his courage over fear. One if his most popular quotes on courage is this:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

With Hard Work Comes Progress

Another thing we can easily learn from Mandela is that hard work is very important, and although one fails as he tries, man must always get up and work harder. The major part of his life has been spent in the struggle for the freedom of the country.

After the freedom of the country, Mandela rallied his fellow countrymen and championed the cause of rebuilding the country through hard work.

Take Pride in Your Convictions

Probably the most important thing about the life of the Noble Laureate is that he has never failed to take pride in his convictions.  Mandela also lived and worked for his convictions. He believed in justice, freedom, equality, hard work, and faith in man, and it was for all these that he lived.

Show Compassion to Everyone

After being sworn in as the president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela ensured that there was fairness and justice to everyone including those that oppressed him and the country. While taking the Oath of Office, he swore that no group in the country will oppress the other.

He showed compassion on everyone by being fair as a leader and loving towards everyone. Therefore his stay in power was not with any form of grudge against anyone or any group of people.

Be Humble

One of the dominant characteristics of Nelson Mandela is that of humility. Something completely from what is ordinarily gotten in most African Countries, Mandela was humble enough to leave power just after his first tenure. This is even when others continue to manipulate the process to ensure they stay in power for as long as life can sustain.

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He was said to be humble enough to make his bed, help others, and give ears to what everyone has to say, among many other very simple things he did.

Continue to Laugh

Through everything he has suffered, Mandela still believes in the miracle that comes with laughter and being happy. Many pictures of Mandela have always shown two sides of him; a man of strength and resistance and a man who is happy and always ready to laugh.

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