Sihle Ndaba Is Living The Dream With Husband Mathew Stone – A Look Into Their Love Story

Uzalo is one of the most popular soap opera in South Africa. The television show which has been on air since 2015 is admired for not only its compelling narrative that revolves around two families but also for the several entertainers it has brought to the limelight, Sihle Ndaba happens to be one of them. A former cast member of the show, Sihle played Smangele Maphumulo and won the Best Actress Award of Simon “Mabunu” Sabela in 2015 and 2016 for her role on the series. Apart from Uzalo, you will find Sihle in other popular productions; she played Sbahle Xulu in The Herd and Cebisile Mkhize in Isibaya.

Regarded as one of the most influential young South Africans, Ndaba contested in the eighth season of M-Net’s Idols South Africa. All of these earned her more fame which has rubbed off on her partner, Matthew Stone. Being akj popular and influential figure, it is only natural that a lot of people have followed the actress’ private life, as much as they keep up with her career. Among other things, her fans are interested in knowing how her love story with Matthew began, who the man is, what he does for a living, and what have you. But then, Sihle doesn’t take much delight in discussing her love life publicly and this has resulted in several speculations about the couple.

Sihle Ndaba and Matthew Stone Have Been an Item Since 2018

For reasons that are not far-fetched, some popular figures prefer to keep their private life away from the scrutiny of the public. True, Sihle Ndaba isn’t someone to regard as an overtly secretive person, she has publicly dated Stone, sharing pictures of the time they spend together on her social media platforms. While at that, she has refrained from discussing the relationship in itself. Because of this, it is hard to tell when the two met, how they fell in love, and what has inspired them to remain together.

As far as the public knows, Sihle and Matthew have been a couple since 2018. This is not necessarily when they began dating, but rather when people began noticing them together in public and when they started sharing pictures they took together on social sites. In fact, the couple has never publicly proclaimed they are lovers, people only figured it out judging by what they saw on the actress’ Instagram page.

For instance, between August and September 2019, Sihle shared several pictures of her vacation in Egypt with Matthew Stone. They had a swell time in the African country, visiting exotic places like the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut and Banana Island.

Is Mathew Really Sihle Ndaba’s Husband?

Taking into account how Sihle and Matthew have been all over each other, one can see why people might be tempted to conclude that they are married. To the best of our knowledge, this is not so. The actress has never been married and from the look of things, she is focusing on taking her career to the next level and running her charity organization, the Sihle Ndaba Foundation. She launched the foundation at her hometown, in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, sometime in October 2018.

According to the actress, the fact that she was raised by a single parent inspired her to launch the foundation. Sihle was raised by her mother who, based on what she related, worked hard to ensure she was well-fed and attended the best schools. Understanding how hard her mother struggled to provide and care for her, the actress hopes to touch many lives through her foundation which supports child-headed and single-parent households.

While the lovers are not married, there are reasons to suspect they might be doing so in the nearest future. Sihle is very much in love with Matthew Stone as much as he adores her. In one of their pictures together on Instagram, the actress expressed that being with Stone has made her realize why dating never worked for her with anyone else. Stone is also very passionate about Sihle, he regards her as his destiny and everyday crush.

Who Is Matthew Stone and What Does He Do For a Living?

More than being the romantic partner of Sihle Ndaba, Matthew Stone is a fitness coach and businessman born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Although he is famed for his remarkable training sessions and fitness motivations, Stone does not regard himself as a personal trainer but a training partner. This sentiment has set him apart among the rest of his kind as his training sessions are tailored to help his clients build confidence and become bold in the workout plan that’s best for them.

Stone’s TrainingwithMatt program has also gained him a lot of attention. The program focuses on boot camps, small classes, and group sessions. In addition to that, he has a program that runs online. Through it, he coaches his clients spread across the globe, from Singapore to Abu Dhabi and what have you.

What We Know About Sihle Ndaba’s Love Life Before She Met Stone

Sihle Ndaba has always been someone who would rather talk about her career and the things she hopes to accomplish instead of her love life. This was why people quickly upheld that Stone is really a special person to her as he is the first romantic partner she showed her fans who have always been curious about this aspect of her life.

Apart from Stone, the actress has not been in any public relationship. Nonetheless, it was assumed in some quarters that she was having something special with Sicelo Buthelezi. Sicelo is an actor and musician known for playing Teddy in Gomora, a television drama series that first aired on the 30th of March 2020. In the series, Ndaba plays a business studies teacher who is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Teddy. Because of the chemistry they displayed onscreen, people began wondering if they are lovers in real life.

As far as we can tell, the actress did not date Sicelo Buthelezi in real life. They were only colleagues who are passionate about their craft and who did a great job executing their given roles on the series.


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