Technology is growing at a very fast pace across the globe with the Americas at the fore front, Europe and Asia right within the circle and Africa comparatively lagging behind and a lot dependent on acquisition of already invented technology from the aforementioned regions. However, Africa is not willing to remain stagnant forever and some of the continent’s countries are at the fore front of technological advancement. In coming up with this final list of most technologically advanced African countries, Answers Africa examined each of the 54 African countries and matched them up using several ranking factors including: Intensity of R&D, productivity and variability of technological products, high-tech density such as proportion of high-tech public companies in the field of advanced engineering, energy, defence, chemical, hardware and software, Internet, computer and mobile phone software & services. Also, researcher concentration compared to the rest of the population, manufacturing capability of each country, education levels and of course raw talent were also considered.

Below is the list of African countries with the most advanced technology


Zimbabwe Flag - 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

A country in the southern Africa, Zimbabwe has experienced a slurred GNP annual growth rate in 2013/ 2014. Technologically, the country is not experiencing a revolution in tech but it is strong enough to be regarded among the top ten technologically advancing countries in Africa. With stability in the government of Zimbabwe, there is much room for improvement. The country has a lot of human skills that can easily be harnessed for greater good in technology.


Flag of Uganda

Uganda, a country that is mostly remembered with the mention of Idi Amin should perhaps also be remembered among the top countries in Africa with an advancing technology. According to a study conducted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US, Uganda is one of the three African countries that has been ranked among the countries with advanced technological and innovation capabilities in Africa. In the report, Uganda is second to South Africa and followed by Madagascar. Across the globe, Uganda is among the 82 countries of the world that has advanced technological and innovation capabilities.


Flag of Angola

The science and technology industry in Angola remains limited but there is increasing awareness hence the country is getting on the right track when it comes to information and technology development. There may not have been a lot of ground breaking and jaw chattering inventions coming from the Angola but it is expected that with sustained growth and development, the country would come up to be a tech giant in Africa.


Flag of Botswana

Botswana is one of the most stable and successful economies in the whole of Africa. Technology is fast becoming a measure of international development and Botswana is not willing to be left behind. The Botswana’s Innovation Hub backed by the government is designed to throw start-ups, global corporations, research and health organizations under one massive green roof to facilitate the growth of technology in the country.


Flag of Rwanda

Rwanda is a country ravaged by civil war and genocide in the past and right now, it is aiming to become a regional hub for African information technology. In this regard, the country has launched the proposed 4G LTE broadband network which would provide new opportunities to deliver better services across the country. The country is engaging rapidly with all kinds of technology at once and perhaps we’d soon be able to see mind-blowing inventions.

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