Truths About TY Bello’s Marriage to Husband and their Long Road To Having Children

Anyone who is a big fan of gospel music shouldn’t go blank when the name Toyin Sokefun-Bello pops up. Popularly known as TY Bello, she is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and celebrity photographer whose success in the entertainment industry has been due to her hard work and discipline. Being a woman blessed with many talents, she has become a role model to various upcoming artists and as a public figure, it has become important for the media to know about TY Bello’s marriage. There is no doubt that she is doing great works in her various fields as she is recognized both locally and internationally but what is the homefront like for Bello?.

Unlike the popular celebrity lifestyle, much is not known about her husband as she has concealed his details from the public. Apparently, this has caused her fans to dig deeper for answers. In as much as many ponder on how she and her husband Kashetu Bello met, and how their marriage has been moving without publicity, the celebrity photographer doesn’t seem ready to let her guard down. Amongst all these, the undeniable truth is that she has built an idle home with her husband.

TY Bello Married Kashetu Bello In 2009

Though she is certainly married to a man identified as Kashetu Bello, details of TY Bello’s marriage to her husband have been kept under wraps from when they met to their marriage. Information about his background, and what he does for a living has been concealed and she seems to have teamed up with him to keep their marriage out of the prying eyes of the media. Her husband’s name only became famous through TY Bello and she is bent on keeping his other details a secret.

Her wedding to Mr. Bello in 2009 was also concealed from the public to avoid unwanted attention. In the long run, she has succeeded in keeping the devouring eyes of the media and fans away from her marriage.

Inside The Celebrity Photographer’s Marriage

It has become a norm that the marriages of celebrities do not last due to the intense influence of social media which tends to cause problems in such unions. TY Bello’s marriage is a total exception to this as she has been in her matrimonial home for 12 years and counting and she seems fulfilled as a married woman. She has not been seen sharing pictures of her husband on social media which has been an edge for them against social media dramas.

She has been happily married to Kashetu Bello for more than a decade and they have been serving each other the best couple purposes since 2009. Her husband is not in the spotlight like his wife as much about him is not known in the media space. They have teamed up and succeeded in keeping their family out of social media which makes it impossible to see their pictures posted on social media. Howbeit, he has not failed to encourage her to continue with her career.

The Singer Had Her Children After Five Years Of Marriage

After TY Bello’s marriage to her husband Kashetu Bello in 2009, she had challenges in conceiving due to health issues. She revealed that she had to struggle with Endometriosis that made it impossible for her to conceive and this led to much pressure from family and friends. The artist also revealed that it was of much concern to her just like every other married woman without a child. Despite the pressure and concern, she never gave up and continued pushing on.

The singer had to consort to IVF which was a very hard decision for her because of the nature of her job but she could not wait anymore without a child. The IVF was successful, however, she didn’t feel pregnant but confirmed it in a pregnancy test. The news came as a shock to her and her husband which eventually ended their 5 years of waiting. Her success story on childbirth served as encouragement to most women passing through the same problem.

She Is A Proud Mother Of Two Boys

TY Bello's Marriage

After a successful IVF procedure, TY Bello gave birth to twin boys on the 10th of October 2014. She named them Christian and Christopher, whose birth was released together with Morning Songbook. Being a celebrity is a task on its own as rumors had it that she had her twins through a surrogate mother which the singer denied with proof of her baby bump pictures on her social media pages.

TY Bello has been seen lavishing all her love on her boys. The joy of becoming a mother couldn’t be hidden as she can’t stop flaunting her two little soldiers on her social media handles.

How She Juggles Family Life With Her Career and the Secrets to TY Bello’s Happy Marriage

Motherhood is a task which not carried out properly becomes a disaster to a family, as well as society. TY Bello is not just doing great as a singer, songwriter, photographer, and philanthropist, she is also fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother who doesn’t joke around with work. She is mostly seen doing her job and serving motherly goals at the same time. Most celebrities would lose it when it comes to juggling motherly duties and careers but TY has been keeping it up with both daunting tasks.

In every happy family, there is always a supportive father and husband likewise a wife who carries out her duties with love. Most celebrities tend to break up or jump from one scandal to another after their marriage but TY Bello’s marriage has proved otherwise as she has continued living her life without any recorded scandal. Its no doubt that she has a supportive husband as she has been building her career without any restriction as a married woman. Besides, her Christian faith and the fact that she is disciplined have apparently played a big role in the happy marriage Bello and her husband enjoys.

Keeping her family out of social media is another secret that has kept her family going. Social media has been doing more harm than good in the personal lives of many celebrities, but it seems that the photographer has captured the picture and kept her personal life out of the media.


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