What Really Transpired Between Mbali Nkosi and Her Boyfriend Kaizer Motaung Junior?

Former Mzansi celebrity couple Mbali Nkosi and Kaizer Motaung Jr. formed a beautiful pair who thrilled fans with loads of loved-up pictures on their social media platforms. Their endless vacations left many envious of their relationship and though we thought their rekindled romance in 2019 would stand the test of time, that was not to be. The pair have officially gone their separate ways as of now, dashing the hopes of many who wanted to always see them among the power couples in the SA entertainment industry. We trace the genesis of their love affair and how it went terribly bad to the point of no return.

Mbali Nkosi and Kaizer Motaung Junior Started Dating In 2016

Although there have not been many details about how or when Mbali Nkosi’s romance with Motaung Jr started, it is known that their relationship was revealed to the public in July 2016 when the pair were seen kissing on the rooftop of Hyde’s Park in London. According to speculations, the pair must have gone to London on a vacation and decided to flaunt their relationship for all to see. Subsequently, they began sharing their love journey together as they constantly uploaded pictures of the times they spent together on their various social media platforms.

However, their fairy tale romance came to an abrupt end in 2017. The news of their separation came as a huge blow to Mzansi fans, especially when it was made known that Motaung Jr. left the Big Brother Mzansi Season 2 finalist to return to his now-estranged wife, Kathrine Motaung. Well, this attempt to save his marriage was also futile as the pair headed straight for divorce not too long after they had allegedly patched things up on the marital front.

Why Did Kaizer Motaung and Mbali Nkosi Finally Call It Quits?

With his marriage coming to its final end, Kaizer Motaung went back into the arms of Mbali Nkosi. Although there were talks of Nkosi starting a relationship with an unknown person after Kaizer left her, the pair obviously still had some form of chemistry going on as they quickly rekindled their love. By early 2020, news of their romance began to make the rounds on the internet and the reunited couple used their social media platforms to set couple goals for their fans. Mbali was also very supportive of her beau during this period and often took to her Instagram page to praise his philanthropic works via his foundation.

Unfortunately, all their social media show of love was not enough to sustain their relationship as the pair went their separate ways towards the end of the year. Mbali made it known that things had ended between her and the former Kaizer striker during a celebrity game in January 2021, where she answered that she was ‘single’ when asked about her relationship status.

More so, the TV personality went ahead to delete all her pictures with Kaizer on her social media pages and unfollowed him. This sent a strong signal that whatever transpired between the pair was not pleasant. However, the former lovebirds have refused to shed light on the reason for their ultimate separation to date.

Was Mbali Nkosi The Reason Kaizer Junior’s Marriage Crashed?

To the best of our knowledge, Mbali Nkosi has not been linked to Kaizer Moutang Jr’s failed marriage. This is because when Motaung and Mbali revealed they were an item in 2016, there was already news of the former Kaizer Chiefs striker entangled in a scandal in which his wife, Kathrine Motaung, reported that he had physically abused her. However, it was Kaizer who eventually obtained a restraining order to protect himself against his wife as he revealed to the South Gauteng High Court that it was his wife who really assaulted him.

The alleged incident was reported to have happened in front of the couple’s domestic worker who witnessed Kathrine poking her husband violently. She resorted to lying about the whole incident to cover her acts but that was not the first time the German beauty has been violent towards people. Motaung’s mother was also a victim of Kathrine’s violent outbursts. More so, the former Kaizer Chiefs striker has claimed that his ex-wife constantly provoked him in their home as she would intentionally change the TV channel whenever he is watching a soccer match and this had a negative impact on his administrative work for the family business.

However, after their brief separation in 2016, the duo tried to restore their marriage in 2017 and began to live as husband and wife again. This effort was also futile as they ended up going down a very messy divorce path shortly afterward. According to reports, the couple fought over their assets in Germany and had quite a hard time reaching an amicable agreement.

Mbali Nkosi Has Dated Other Men Besides Kaizer Moutang Jr.

Even though Mbali Nkosi is quite a notable media personality, she has managed to keep her personal life away from the prying eyes of the public. So far, she has only been linked to 2 publicly known relationships which are the recently-ended romance with Kaizer Moutang Jr and the other was with the South African actor Pallance Dladla.

Just like her relationship with Kaizer, there are no details about how her romance with the actor started. However, the pair were quite inseparable back in 2014 and when Pallance Dladla turned 22, Mbali reportedly organized a surprise star-studded party for him. The young actor was thrilled by the kind gesture as revealed by Mbali who took to social media to inform her fans that the look on Dladla’s face was priceless.

There were also talks of the reality star being involved with a mystery man shortly after her initial separation from Kaizer but she has not revealed anything about that relationship. As of now, there is also no serious relationship or hook-up she has been linked to. Notwithstanding, Mbali seems to be doing pretty well and she made this known via a social media message in which she replied to her fan who had wished Kaizer married her. According to the TV personality, marriage was not considered an achievement for her rather she strives to achieve peace, happiness, and fulfillment in her pursuits.

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