15 Coolest World Maps You’ve Never Seen Before

World Maps have come a long way, it can be seen as the whole world compressed and virtually represented, it is a visual representation of the earth highlighting relationships between elements of that space such as regions, objects and themes. Today a lot has changed in the way the map works, today’s map can help you locate less significant things in the world as well as very important places, some maps are also interactive, talking to you and showing you things as you explore it. With a map you can navigate the world with ease. In this article, we’ve decided to present to you a selection of some of the coolest world maps that could change the way you think about the world.

1. It will probably shock you to realize that more people dwell inside this circle than on the outside

world maps

2. Here the countries with red signifies the countries that drives on the right side of the road

world maps

3. These 22 countries in white are the ones that has never experienced the invasion of England

world maps

4. Internet access is seriously restricted in all these countries

world maps

5. Google street view is available in these places

world maps

6. All these nations are landlocked

world map6

7. The countries in red and orange inhabits the highest skyscrapers you have ever seen in the world

world map7

8. The largest proportion of world foreign aids come from these countries

world map8

9. Beware!!! these are the areas that you are prone to be devoured by the great white shark

world map9

10.  Are you a fan of McDonalds? surprisingly you can’t get it everywhere. The countries in red are the only places you can get McDonalds.

world map10

11. These countries practiced communism at some point in their history

world map11

12. When all the countries with coastlines sink, this is what the world would look like.

world map12

13. These are the countries that has at one time or the other operated an aircraft carrier

world map13

14. This is a map of the shipping lines of the 19th century that shaped the continents

world map14

15. Divide the world into seven sections, with each section containing 1 billion people, this is what the map looks like.

world map15

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