Active Telkom Kenya Data Bundles, Their Codes and How to Check My Telkom Account

In Kenya, Telkom is one of the telecommunication companies with the best-priced data offers. With just Ksh. 60, 700-megabyte daytime data and 700-megabyte night time data will be yours. What’s more, the terms were revised a few months back to 10:00 pm to 6:00 am active period. Telkom Kenya also covers those that would prefer the use of voice calls as opposed to data with another option of accessing 700-megabyte data plus free calls, albeit, Telkom to Telkom for Ksh. 50.

With the current social distancing rules orchestrated by the novel Corona Virus Pandemic, most company employees have no other option than to work from home. This category of employees has a cause to smile as Telkom is on top of their game in Kenya, providing users with affordable and reliable data. While the likes of Safaricom can boast of a massive customer base, their rates are relatively expensive, making it difficult for the ordinary man on the street to afford. However, the good news is that Telkom Kenya is available to fill that gap with mouth-watering and pocket-friendly packages.

Telkom Kenya Data Bundles Available To All Users


Daily 70 MB

1 day validity KSh 10
Daily 200MB 1 days validity KSh 20
Daily 700MB 1 day validity KSh 50
Daily 700MB plus 700MB Night Bundle 1 day validity Kshs 60
Daily 2GB + 2GB night Bundle 1 day validity KSh 100
#Staywoke 5GB Bundles (12AM – 6AM) KSh 50
Weekly 350 MB 7 days validity KSh 49
Weekly 750 MB 7 days validity KSh 99
Weekly 2.5 GB 7 days validity KSh 249
Monthly 2GB 30 days validity KSh 249
Monthly 5GB 30 days validity KSh 499
Monthly 12GB 30 days validity KSh 999
Monthly 30GB 30 days validity KSh 1999
Monthly 50GB 30 days validity KSh 2999

USSD Short Codes For Different Services

Service provision in Kenya entails reaching everybody across the board, irrespective of the type of phones they may be using. This is exactly where USSD codes become functional. Telcos have always leveraged USSD codes in giving users easy and unhindered access to the network’s various services. This makes it easy for users of a different ilk to enjoy using a Telkom Kenya line, All the current USSD codes that users may need are listed herewith:

SERVICE                  CODE

1. Holla                                   *10#
2. To check your balance           *131#
3. SMS bundles                        *188#
4. Mashariki Roaming bundles   #123# select 3 then 5
5. International Bundles           *123# select 3 then 3
6. Data bundles                       *544#
7. Home Plan bundles              *222#
8. Pewa                                  *133#
9. Facebook Bila Net                *32#
10. Telkom Entertainment        *150#
11. Beat Yangu                        *811#
12. Ziada Points                      *126#
13. Pasha/Credit transfer         *140#
14. To check mobile number    *130#

What To Know About Available Telkom Kenya Data, Call & SMS Bundles

Holla Bundles

Subscribers who go for Holla Bundles stand to enjoy daily bundle, offering attractive benefits such as free calls (Telkom-to-Telkom), free SMS (to all network), a per-minute charge of Ksh.1.8 applies to calls to other networks, and the 50MB data is accessible at Ksh.19 per day.

Mashariki Roaming Bundles

Are you always on the move and need to use data while traveling, Mashariki Roaming bundles is the right deal for you as it offers Telkom Kenya users traveling to African countries like Rwanda, Uganda, or South Sudan attractive roaming bundles. This keeps you constantly connected and at pocket-friendly rates too.

International Bundles

With international bundles, Telkom subscribers are allowed to call USA, UK Fixed, China, India, and Canada for an unmatchable rate that goes as low as Ksh.1.99 for a minute.

Home Plan bundles

Home plan bundles are the type of special bundles particularly tailored for use with the network’s range of routers like the Telkom 4G CPE router.


This package can be accessed by Telkom pre-pay subscribers and functions as a sort of advanced airtime service, providing users with airtime whenever they run out.

Facebook Bila Net

With Facebook as one of the most visited platforms on the internet, this bundle is sure going to appeal to all as it gives Telkom Kenya subscribers access to Facebook without the use of the internet. Needless to say that this is ideal for customers who use feature phones or always make trips to low data coverage locations. With the service you will be able to:

  • • Check your notifications, including the newest status updates.
    • Update the status on several social media networks.
    • Reply to your updates.
    • Like or dislike a status.
    • Send an instant message.
    • View/post/reply.
    • Multi-chat.
    • Post to several online communities at the same time.

Telkom Entertainment

Telkom entertainment is the network’s premium SMS-based content subscription service that allows users to get alerted on a variety of preferred categories like jokes and sports news at the rate of Ksh. 10 per SMS alert.

Beat Yangu

With Beat Yangu subscribers are allowed access to Telkom’s ringback tone service, giving you a free hand to keep your callers entertained with any song of your choice.

Ziada points

This functions as the network’s loyalty reward service, where users can earn redeemable points just for making use of their Telkom Kenya line. Subscribers stand the chance of earning one point for every Ksh.1 they spend on calls, data, and SMS. Currently, it is possible for the user to redeem their Ziada points for; Holla, airtime, data bundles, and handsets.


Just like other networks have services that allow users to transfer, as well as share airtime with family and friends, Telkom Kenya has created a similar service through Pasha. Now, subscribers are free to enjoy their airtime with loved ones.

How Do I Go About Checking My Telkom Kenya Account?

If what you are looking for is your account at a glance via a mini statement, then it is nice and easy. Access your current balance, what you have received, and sent out by following these simple steps:

1. Activate your T-kash menu and when it pops up, select ‘My Account’.
2. Go to ‘Mini Statement’.
3. Enter your T-kash PIN.
4. Press the send button.
5. Your mini statement is ready and will come via an SMS from T-Kash.

On the other hand, if all you are interested in is to check your remaining balance on Telkom Kenya, follow the under-listed steps.

  • 1. On your T-Kash menu select ‘My Account’.
  • Go to ‘Check Balance’.
  • Enter your T-Kash PIN.
  • Press the send button.
  • Your current balance is ready and will appear via an SMS from T-Kash.

Now, What Do We Mean By T-Kash?

Telkom Kenya
Telkom makes paying bills easy mage source

T-Kash is an invention of Telkom Kenya LTD that functions as a Mobile Financial Service, offering subscribers a variety of cross-functional solutions which is viable for both enterprise markets and consumers.

Through their services, consumers will be allowed to:

  • Deposit funds into a customer wallet via any authorized T-Kash Agent.
    • Send out funds conveniently from your mobile number to other numbers; this is possible across all networks.
    • Withdraw cash from ATM or authorized T-Kash agents nationwide.
    • Get airtime top-up either for your Telkom Kenya mobile number or that of a third party.
    • Payment of utility, goods, and services at any registered T-Kash merchant.
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