How DJ Fresh Acquired His Net Worth and What He Spends His Money on Besides His Fast Cars

DJ Fresh has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. He is a South African radio personality, music producer, and television personality. 

Thato Sikwane who goes by the stage name DJ Fresh once advised his friends and fans to make a career out of what they love doing, just like he did. Apparently, that advice is on point as building his career around a craft he holds close to his heart has helped him garner an impressive net worth of about $2 million over the years. The popular DJ has explored many other parts of the entertainment industry.

He is known to be an automobile aficionado and has spent quite a fortune buying super fast premium cars and living the life of a celebrity, but as he got older and wiser, his investment acumen came to the fore and he now spends more on acquiring assets than liabilities. The very popular DJ and groove maker who now works as a presenter on 94.7 has definitely come a long way in the industry.

Different Ways DJ Fresh Makes his $2 Million Net Worth

Still making the list of richest DJs in South Africa, Fresh is a versatile player with a finger in many pies. DJ Fresh is first and foremost a Disc Jockey, a record producer, and an on-air personality with the first 2 endeavors being the most lucrative of his career choices. Over the years also, he has added a few other sources of income to the list that have increased his net worth, some of them include:

His Wealth Comes Mainly From His DJ and Record Production Works

For DJ Fresh, the love for being a DJ began at 13 while he was still a boarding school student in his birth country of Botswana. As of the time of writing this piece, DJ Fresh has churned out about 25 albums (though some say it is 32) and most of them have enjoyed huge commercial success. He has also proven his worth as a DJ of repute and it is believed that the bulk of his net worth came from these 2 ventures. As a legend in the music sphere, fans are always looking out for what he is dropping next and they are often not disappointed. He has also had very successful collaborations with other successful artists and DJs from South Africa and beyond. This has solidified his position as one of the best, hence the steady inflow of cash from the sale of his records.

Fame as a DJ Soon Had Him Land Gigs as a Radio Presenter

At the young age of 18, Fresh got his first paid gig for a radio show and has not stopped since. He soon moved to South Africa where he got to host bigger paying shows. Having achieved some level of fame as a record producer, DJ Fresh soon became even more popular when he took up work as a presenter for South African Broadcasting Corporation’s radio stations- 5FM and Metro FM. He has worked with the stations for over 10 years and is best known for the weekday show The Drive Time between 4 pm to 7 pm. He also wows fans on the Wednesday show The Power Night and through these shows and his time on-air, he’s gained a massive fan base under the stations’ employ. During this time, the love for his brand of music soared and he successfully became a household name.

DJ Fresh Is An Invaluable Asset on South Africa’s Got Talent

As one of the popular DJs in the country, Fresh has also played a part in discovering new talents to enrich the music scene. He became a judge on the fifth season of South Africa’s Got talent in 2014 and has basically made himself at home on the show to date with his spot-on criticisms and witty remarks. Although his earnings on the show were not disclosed, it is believed that he earns a very decent amount which has only increased with each new season seeing how invaluable his work on the show has become.

He Is Part Owner of Big Dawg Productions

To further make his mark on the music scene in South Africa, DJ Fresh along with some partners set up the Big Dawg production company which scouts and produces new talents. Through this company and his work with a good number of upcoming artists, as well as the theater also rakes in a lot of money.

DJ Fresh Is Known For His Saving Culture

DJ Fresh has always been of the opinion that everybody should be able to save at least 25% of their total earnings on a regular basis, and he has practiced what he preached for several years now. Besides, his business acumen and the zeal to make the most of his time and money, his saving culture is the major reason he is on top of his game.

A Quick Recap of DJ Fresh’s Sources of Income: 

  • Dee-Jaying and Record Production with well over 25 Albums to his name
  • Radio Presenter with 5FM and Metro FM
  • A Judge on A’s Got Talent
  • Co-owner of Big Dawg Productions
  • A Saving Culture that helps him stay on top of his game

What Does DJ Fresh Spend His Money On?

Initially, he stated that he was very reckless with money at the beginning of his career, spending lavishly on cars, motorcycles, fancy clothes, and those things a privileged young man buys to impress his peers and women in general. However, his very good friend and mentor, DJ Oskido advised him to rather invest his money in durable assets that will not increase improve his worth but will ensure he stays relevant no matter what the future holds, and he has done that for quite a while now.

Family Needs

As true a family man, he takes good care of his family with his wealth ensuring that they lack nothing – clothing, feeding, and putting a roof over their heads. He is married to a woman named Thabiso Sikwane who is also well invested in the radio presenting business. The DJ also takes care of his parents as well; he built them a home of their own a few years ago.

Real Estate

Besides the homes he invested in for his family and his parents, the Dj has also invested in other real estate ventures following the advice of his friends and mentor and has a few properties to his name. Although he has made no certain revelations about the locations and worth of the properties he owns, it is obvious he has embraced this investment concept wholeheartedly and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Charity Work

DJ Fresh is also well-known for spending on good and charitable causes. He was among some of South Africa’s noted celebrities who volunteered time and money to help others out during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. He collaborated with willing NGOs to provide meals to families adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period. He has continued to support the cause in every way he can. Fans who follow him on social media will often see him post goodwill messages to keep spirits up, current info to help others know what is going on, and info about what help is going where.

How Many Cars Does DJ Fresh Have?

DJ Fresh has never hidden the fact that he loves cars, and not just any wheels but very fast and premium automobiles. He has come a long way from the early days when he bought his first car, a Green Volkswagen Golf TDi – which he interestingly still has in his possession to date with the intention of pimping it and giving it to his son when he comes of age.

It is not clear exactly how many cars he has in his garage presently as he revealed in an interview he granted a few years ago that he used to buy at least one car every year until his mentor in the business DJ Oskido advised him against doing that and rather suggested he invest his money in more durable assets such as real estate and other profitable business investments.

The latest car he added to his garage collection was a Mercedes Benz AMG C63 S couple which he bought in 2016 for a whopping R1.4 million – he has shared photos of this magnificent car several times on his social media handles. In the past, he has bought cars such as the Jeep Wrangler – which he reworked to suit his tastes by raising it a few inches from its original height to set it apart from others of its kind. He owns a Saab station wagon with a turbocharged engine which he came out with after going to a dealer to initially purchase a 5 series BMW.

Fresh has also bought other premium cars in the past like the Chevrolet Tahoe and another Jeep Wrangler – both of which he pimped out with television screens, Hi-Def Surround speakers, Playstation controllers, etc, an Audi RS 6 Avant and a Grand Cherokee SRT V8 amongst others.

His passion is not only limited to cars though as he also has some premium motorcycles in his garage such as a Harley Davidson Hotrod, Yamaha R1, and a Saxon Warlord.


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