Illuminati – Revealing Truths About Its Meaning, Conspiracy & Members

The meaning of the word Illuminati comes from the Latin coined term meaning Illuminatus. The word Illuminatus then translates into “enlightened” which was what the group first started out as. They hoped to enlighten mankind about the truths behind everyday items. There have been many rumours and questions going around about the Illuminati and hopefully, some of the below information will be able to help anyone realize what the Illuminati group is all about, who they are including their history, facts and conspiracies. People who are members of the Illuminati can be found on many different walks of life and although some try to keep themselves as hidden as possible there are a few who flaunt their membership of this group.

Illuminati: The History, Members and Conspiracy

Illuminati History

The prehistoric origin of Illuminati traces back thousands of years following a genetic cross-breeding between the human race and reptilian extraterrestrial beings however the modern Illuminati group was founded on the first of May, 1776 which was the same year that America became independent. It was formed by a man named Adam Weishaupt who was a German citizen of the city of Bavaria. After it was founded, their number grew substantially from the original five that were the first elite foundation members and increased to over two thousand Illuminati members that joined over a period of 10 years, spreading out all across the world, but mostly concentrated in Europe. These early Illuminati members included prominent and literary men such as Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder who were well-known novelist and philosophers respectively, in those times. Also part of the group were the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar. Their acclaimed main purpose of existence was to stand against religious influence and dominaion over people’s lives, oppose superstition, prejudice and incessant abuses of state power.

Illuminati symbols and signs

Also part of their original agenda was to support and booster women’s education, influence and encourage gender equality all for which it was initially planned to bear “Perfectibilists” as the name of the group. However, in many peoples’ opinion including scholars, this may have been the original plan but is recently very far from their current agenda and conspiracy.

The Illuminati faced massive opposition and challenges when the Bavarian government was changed in 1777 which saw Karl Theodor became the ruler. He banned all secret societies including the Illuminati, forcing their founder to flee while the home of the second in command (Von Zwack) was searched and much of the group’s articles retrieved.

Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

Between 1797 and 1820, there were several publications citing that Illuminati had survived the dismantling initiated by the Bavarian government and had spread and became more established and was deeply involved in a dangerous international conspiracy to subject the entire world to a one world government referred to as the new world order while in the process, subjugating all religions and governments. They wanted to do this by having people in their organization into positions that held power and influence which could help them to reach their final goals. As part of Weishaupt’s master-plan, 1st of May 1776 which is still celebrated today as May Day in some communist countries was meant to be a day of actualizing the plan of establishing a one world government but since this failed, the plan had continued. Part of notable events attributed to the Illuminati in the pursuit of their goals was the initiation of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars to destroy the French Empire and the Revolutionary war which was ignited to weaken the British Empire as these 2 were more like the world powers at those times.

It is also widely believed that the Illuminati sought various ways and adopted highly sophisticated strategies to use such wars and high levels of animosity, mostly between various European countries to propose the Congress of Vienna which was meant to be as an avenue to “resolve to pursue peaceful international relationship” with a hidden agenda to project the new world order to become an acceptable means of “peaceful co-habitation”. This was proposed in the form of “League of Nations”. However, Russia wasn’t supportive putting them right on top of Illuminati’s black book.

Also as part of Illuminati’s conspiracy theory, the group have achieved a tight control of the World’s economy through International bankers and hopes to use this to subject and steer the world’s economy and power to whichever direction they want. They are acclaimed to have steered and use Karl Marx’s manifesto and Karl Ritter’s anti-thesis towards brainwashing and initiating an opposing division of the human race with the aim of facilitating the destruction of each other through oppositions and wars.

Illuminati conspiracy theories also include the fact that there was a blueprint for 3 successive world wars that would last through the 20th century while the group was under the leadership of Albert Pike. This plan is meant to lead to the new world order (one world government) by the end of the 20th century. According to the plan, the First World War was initiated and fought with the aim to destroy Czarism in Russia: reason being that since Russia wasn’t supportive of the formerly proposed League of Nation that would have seen the Illuminati’s plans for a one world government stand, they are better divided, weakened and established as a stronghold of Communism. Likewise, the Illuminati also takes credit for the Second World War which was orchestrated to stand Fascists against the “political Zionists” with the purpose of building up Communism on an international scale to match that of the United Christendom. The final plan has always been to initiate the Third World War, which would be fought between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Muslim community. This according to them will be like no other war that has ever been fought and finally resulting in the international community seeking peace in a one world government which would be the new world order.

Illuminati all seeing eye

Illuminati Members

Usually the rich and powerful are said to be members of this elite group. In fact, some of the more popular brands, companies, and individuals are said to be associated with the Illuminati group. Aside from the political and “formal elite” ambitions, Illuminati is associated with being a secret cult and although there can be lots of information found online or in libraries about this cult, it should be known that most of Illuminati’s secrets are kept quietly within the group. Many people believe that the Illuminati will not stop at anything to achieve their goals. Some of the things that they are believed to be doing include blackmailing, using terror tactics, witchcraft, and other more menacing strategies to propagate their plan. Many famous people including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, George W Bush Jr, Kanye West and Lil Wayne are considered to be Illuminati members. In essence, there are a number of powerful and important people who are in the Illuminati that have an everyday influence over people’s lives.

Illuminati Symbols and Signs

There are several devilish symbols and attributions associated with the group and members are said to be ordered to revere the devil and his associates so that by following those terms, the members must then mock anything God or Jesus related. Illuminati signs and symbols have been closely associated with the devil including the 666, Baphomet, the Udjat, and the zodiac symbols. The Udjat symbol is also known as the eye of Horus and has links with Freemasonry. There is also the symbol of an all-seeing eye; this symbol is often featured in a triangle and can be found on every single dollar bill that is currently in circulation. The Illuminati is said to often use the zodiac symbols, which can be considered satanic, and commonly disguises them as simple horoscopes. The inverted cross of Nero, which is a symbol identical to the peace sign, is said to be an Illuminati sign mocking the fact that Jesus died on the cross. The symbol is an upside down cross. It became popular after Nero crucified Apostle Peter on the cross upside down and signifies the death of a man. Another commonly seen symbol used is the sun wheel symbol or the swastika, which are the same symbol.

We live in a very much sophisticated world where it is not advisable to believe every superficial story as they are told. Take note of all the different myths, stories, and other sub-cultural information going around because you never know what might actually be true and what information may not be accurate. In the meantime, stay true to yourself, always ask questions and safeguard your conscience. Don’t sell out!

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