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Singing, acting, creating illusions and performing magic; these are just a few of the talents that Jonathan Scott possesses. This Canadian hottie is, however, most popular for his expertise in home improvement and remodeling. Together with his brother, Drew, Scott has set up a thriving real estate company. The brothers have also been able to parlay their real estate expertise into a popular reality TV series known as Property Brothers. Jonathan Scott and his brother rank amongst the most popular stars on HGTV and are now Hollywood celebrities.

Jonathan Scott Bio (Age)

Jonathan Silver Scott (birth name – John Ian Scott) was born on the 28th of April 1978 in Vancouver. His father’s name is James while his mother’s name is Joanne. Scott also has an elder brother simply named JD, as well an identical twin brother named Drew who is his junior by just four minutes and has been his trusted partner on the road to success. Jonathan Scott spent his formative years in various parts of Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary. While growing up, his parents instilled in him and his brother, a strong work ethic. The boys thus started their first business, selling nylon covered clothe hangars, when they were just seven. The business was quite successful and they ended up selling thousands to a lady who sold American paraphernalia in Japan. The two brothers continued with this go-getter attitude all throughout high school, as well as in college.


Jonathan Scott first became involved in home improvement when he was a child. His dad often paid him and his twin to carry out minor repairs around the house and they became quite good at it. On graduating from secondary school, Scott initially pursued a business management degree at the University of Calgary. While in college, he teamed up with his brother and bought a rundown home which they renovated and subsequently rented out at a profit. The brothers continued this lucrative business and Scott eventually decided to study construction and design.

He transferred to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and subsequently obtained a contractor’s license while his brother obtained a real estate license. Armed with the necessary qualifications for the trade, the two brothers set up their own real estate company, Scott Real Estate Inc., in 2004. The company was quite successful and after four years, the brothers opened another branch in Las Vegas. Scott and his brother continued their amazing feat in America and it wasn’t long before the networks came calling.

Net Worth

Jonathan Scott and his twin brother debuted on their first reality TV series, Property Brothers, in 2011. The series follows the duo as they scout, negotiate, purchase and renovate rundown houses on behalf of clients. Since its debut, Property Brothers have consistently ranked amongst the best home improvement shows in the world. It has also received several awards and is one of the highest rated shows on HGTV.

The success of the show has led to other spin-offs and specials such as Buying and Selling, Brother v Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, Brothers Take New Orleans, A Very Brady Renovation and Property Brothers: Forever Home. Thanks to their real estate company, TV shows and numerous other ventures, Scott and his brother have a combined net worth of $20 million.

Is Jonathan Scott Married? (Wife)

Way before the fame and the fortune came, Jonathan Scott was married to a lady named Kelsey Ully. He met her when he was working as a flight attendant and they started dating in 2002. They were together for five years before tying the knot in Canada in July 2007. The couple subsequently moved to Las Vegas where Kelsey got a job in a club. Scott, on the other hand, concentrated on building his company and his TV shows. Work demands later put a strain on the couple’s relationship and they called it quits in 2010. Scott has since revealed that the divorce left him depressed.

Jonathan Scott
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The reality TV star found love again in 2015, this time with the beautiful Jacinta Kuznetsov. He first saw Kuznetsov at a charity event and subsequently chatted her up on Instagram. She agreed to go a date with him and they soon commenced a relationship. Scott and Kuznetsov enjoyed a blissful and enviable relationship for three years. They moved in together and Kuznetsov regularly appeared on her man’s reality TV series. There were even talks of weddings and babies but the couple sadly broke up in March 2018. Scott has since revealed that he is very much open to finding love again as that is the most important thing in life. He has also disclosed that he would love to have kids before the age of 45 and that he is willing to go the adoption route to make it happen.

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Jonathan Scott is 6 feet 5 inches (1.96m) tall and weighs 92kg or 203lb. His hair colour is dark brown while his eye colour is hazel. Scott is easily one of the sexiest TV personalities in the world. He has been included in People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue thrice; in 2013, 2014 and 2017. He has also been scouted for The Bachelor TV series but he turned it down. Scott’s drool-worthy physique is most likely as a result of his physically demanding job rather than any strict workout regimen.

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