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You may not be very familiar with the name Mariya Putina but when it is linked to one of the most powerful men in the world, Vladimir Putin, it sure would give you a better guess. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia and although he is well known, he has done a good job at keeping his family details away from the media. To this effect, his daughter Mariya Putina has barely has made appearances in both local and international news. Although information about her and the other members of her family is not sufficiently available to the public, here, we have a detailed account of who the eldest daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world really is.

Mariya Putina’s Biography (Age)

Maria Vladimirovna Faassen is the eldest daughter to Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Mariya Vladiminovina Putina, who was also nicknamed Masha Putin was born on April 28, 1985, in Leningrad, the Soviet Union. She grew up with her sister, Katerina Tichonovina.

In 1996, Mariya’s family moved to Moscow where she bagged an education degree from a German school in Troparyovo-Nikulino, Moscow, Russia. According to sources, she was taken out of school after Putin became the president. She began to take her classes at home. Afterward, Mariya proceeded to the fundamental medicine department of the Moscow State University and studied there from 2006 to 2011. Mariya Putina was allowed to enroll at the university under the Pseudonym “Vorontsov” in order to keep her high profile identity a secret. Putina graduated from Moscow state university in 2011 and moved over to Saint Petersburg University where she earned a degree in international economics.

It is also reported that she graduated from the state linguistic university. Also, Putina joined a medical Ph.D. program at a health ministry research center which is headed by Academic Ivan Dedov. Mariya Putina conducted her research at the health Ministry research center and according to various sources, it was implied that Dedov got development funds that are being channeled by the health ministry to the institute. Dedov Ivan later became the president of the Russian Academy of medical services. Although the media couldn’t get hold of details of her work, Putina is reportedly said to hold a Ph.D. in medicine. Her father, Vladimir Putin is a disciplinarian and he is very watchful of his daughter’s privacy.

Family Life

Mariya Putina’s younger sister, Katerina, who was born on the 31st August 1986 is her only known sibling. The girls attended college in Russia under assumed names with their classmates not knowing their true identities. Katerina developed a strong passion for dance. Apart from been an acrobatic dancer, she also serves as director of the National Intellectual development foundation at Moscow state university. Katerina’s surname, Tikhonova is derived from her grandmother’s name, Yekaterina Tikhonova Shkrebineva.

Despite being a secretive person, sources revealed that Mariya Putina is married to her Dutch boyfriend Jorrit Faassen. According to reports, the couple is now proud parents of a child. Mariya’s husband, Faassen opened a Russian state gas company, Gazprom which he later left to assume the duty of the vice chairman of MEF Audit board of directors. The couple currently lives together in a penthouse in Voorschoten, located in South Holland.

Facts About Vladimir Putin’s Daughter

Mariya Putina


Talking about her career, we don’t have detailed information about Mariya Putina’s career. However, sources revealed to us that Masha currently works as a medical researcher. Additionally, she has kept herself away from the media.

Salary And Net worth

As at 2019, Mariya’s net worth is said to be about $3.5million. She owns a penthouse in the Crimean district in Voorschoten (a village in the Netherlands) which was sold for around $3million in 2017.

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Mariya Putina’s Body Measurement

Mariya Putina is a beautiful lady. A blonde who is often mistaken to be a brunette, she wears long flowing blond hair and is brown eyed. She is an average height lady who stands at 5 feet, 4 inches, and carries an unrevealed weight. Other details of her body measurements are not yet unavailable.

Social Media

Despite the fact that Mariya Putin has lived an enforced low profile life, Mariya Putina is still very much active on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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