10 Most Interesting Facts About Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa, with a population of 900,000, is no sleepy seaside village. It is an island connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries overlooking a wide harbour, where commercial shipping intersects with traditional sailing dhows. Its Arab, Indian and colonial European heritage makes for a wide variety of sights to see while its beachfront hotels appeal to travellers in search of sun, sand and surf. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Mombasa in Kenya

1. Strong Historical Significance

Mombasa, Kenya a place of strong historical significance to the historical thesis of the country, Kenya. It is well-known for its tumultuous historical background. The coastal town was the battleground of many inter-dynastical wars in the past. Mostly reviewed for its major economic importance in the early times, it was home to the most vigorous of ocean trades. Mainly supplying the early settlers and ruling families of the town with items from the outer world.

2. The Diani Beach

Mombasa is most interestingly, well-known over the world for its famous white sand beaches. It also houses the most exotic hotels in the island. The Diani beach has also the most spectacular sunset views around the island as tourists can view the sun going down the oceanic horizon which to many is a nostalgic experience. The kite surfing sports is another sure reason for visiting Diani beach. It is a sport that is bound to make your adrenalin boil over as you surf over the beautiful clear-blue waters. The palm trees around the beach provide an interesting panoramic view of the wild vegetation.

3. The Mombasa Marine Park

It is considered to be a spectacular ocean site in the region. Ranging from its crystal clear waters, white coral leafs, rich sea-vegetation all which can be viewed from the boats which have glass bottoms which serve the island beach waters. Also notable, is the wide range of sports activities in this park. Diving is very common in these parks due to its waters. This in turn, attracts a huge number of local and international tourists who are moved by these kinds of activities.

4. The Haller Park

It is another spectacular and interesting part of the coastal town. Most admirably, it is the number one tourist attraction on the island. Its well conserved wildlife, natural parks and gardens provide a serene luxuriant environment which can be a perfect getaway from the city life in other areas. Very interestingly, it has some activities to tag along to like the very memorable tortoise riding places and the well-known horse rides.

5. The Old Town

It is a feature of high historical interest. Boasting of the Arabic architecture, the town is a place of assured marvel to anyone who has not visited it. Not forgetting the Portuguese building designs around. Its narrow streets which are known for their rich-spice filled air are a major attraction to tourists visiting the island.

6. The Mandhry Mosque

Also in the Old town of Mombasa, the mosque is of high historical consideration. It is an interesting place of visitation for people who have keen eye on religious historical pasts and events.

7. The Kilindini Harbor

It is well-known since historical times for having a naturally deep harbour. This provides a good ground for all international cruise arrivals and cargo ship arrivals. It is a spectacular place to visit and witness the intense economic wealth and importance of the harbour not only to Kenya, but to also other countries in East and Central Africa which use the harbour for their imports and exports.

8. The Fort Jesus

This monumental place in the eyes of everyone who visits is undoubtedly a very interesting place. In fact, it should be in everyone’s bucket list for it has sites to behold. The historical Portuguese canons facing into ocean were said to be effective for defending the coastal town. For anyone who has a thing in history, this is the place to be. It gives a totally new meaning to a museum. A living and well preserved sanctuary it is considered to be by the many who have visited it.

9. Jumba la Mtwana

It is well-known for its naturally reserved historical links. The views in the ruins of an old historical are spectacular to begin with. Famously known for sea turtle hatchering ground, this is a place you can’t afford to miss anytime you visit the island. For many who have visited the region, it is described as an epic adventure into historical times.

10. The Jain Temple

It is a historical place and more so of religious importance. I would compare the place with the great Greek Temples. The sculptures in the temple are breathtaking. The artistic design of the temple is nothing short of magnificent and out of this world.

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