The Real Reason Nathan Fillion’s Work on The Castle Was Cut Short, His Worth and Dating History

Nathan Fillion was still very much a rising actor when he began starring in Castle. Although he appeared on Desperate Housewives and had a successful stint on the sci-fi series, Firefly, the ABC show turned out to be his calling card to national fame.

However, despite spending eight seasons on the air, the show ended abruptly and left more questions than answers for its fans. We finally know why the popular police procedural show got canceled, and here it is, along with details about the show’s impact on Nathan’s career.

Castle Ended Over Ratings and Budgetary Reasons

When Nathan Fillion signed on to Castle, he was a modestly popular actor, at best. As a result, his salary at the beginning of the show was significantly small. But as seasons passed and the show’s popularity grew, his salary increased, as did the rest of the show’s lead actors and crew.

For a long time, the ballooning budget of making the show had little impact on its financial viability as it maintained its rating success for ABC. It was popular in its Monday night slot and thus, attracted a lot of ad money. However, by season eight, the show’s ratings had reached significant lows.

At the same time, the budget kept expanding, as Nathan Fillion signed a one-year contract worth $100,000 per episode at the start of the season. To balance the books, the network decided to fire the show’s co-lead, Stana Katic, and prominent supporting character, Tamala Jones. Despite their reported clashes off-screen, Nathan and Stana as a couple was major draws for viewers.

News of her exit received backlash, and for a show whose ratings were in a freefall, it turned out to be the beginning of the end. A few weeks after her exit, ABC canceled the show altogether, after concluding that it was impossible to continue the story without expanding its budget.

Nathan Fillion Found Stardom on Castle

The show may not have ended in the most wholesome of ways, but the Canadian actor can look back on it as the turning point of his career. Despite making his onscreen debut in 1993, he struggled to find his footing in the industry for years. Although he starred in shows like Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, Firefly, and Desperate Housewives, his name remained on the precipice of widespread fame.

That changed with Castle, where he played the lead and titular character, Richard Castle, a best-selling mystery writer who teamed up with the NYPD to solve mysterious crimes. The police procedural drama turned out to be a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. Over its first seven seasons, it averaged more than ten million viewers per season. It also ranked consistently among the top 50 most followed TV shows in the country.

Nathan Fillion
His on-screen relationship with Stana Katic brought him millions of fans: image source

His character’s relationship with Katherine Beckett, played by Stana Katic, was particularly a high point. Along with the show, it developed a considerable fan base with its name, Caskett. But it was not just the show’s story or the ship that drew national recognition for Nathan Fillion, either.

The Castle actor also received critic recognition with award nominations from People’s Choice Awards, Satellite Awards, TV Guide Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. Nathan appeared in all 173 episodes of the show, and the resulting fame has made him a beloved leading man, particularly on television.

During his Castle run between 2009 and 2016, he was a prominent guest star on several television shows. He also featured in films, such as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Since the show ended, he has found a leading role in The Rookie and appeared in recurring roles on Modern Family, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Santa Clarita Diet.

His Career Has Earned Him an $18 Million Net Worth

Nathan Fillion began his career in theatre, but it is his work onscreen, like most, that has earned him the most money. Since he made his first on-screen appearance in 1993, his filmography has grown to more than 88 credits. His onscreen work spans across television and film, live-action and animated.

He Has Over 34 Voice Roles

The Canadian actor has found a lot of success playing endearing characters onscreen. But his voice is one trait that has been a significant source of side income. Since making his first voice appearance in the 2005 video game, Jade Empire, the voice acting industry has latched onto his talent.

Across video games, animated TV shows, and films, Nathan Fillion has brought many characters to life. His work in comic book animations is particularly notable with voice credits in Justice League Unlimited, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Justice League: Doom, and others.

In other projects, his voice has graced the Halo video game series, Gravity Falls, The Venture Bros., Big Mouth, among others. With such versatility, it is no wonder he has amassed his $18 million net worth.

Nathan Fillion’s Live-Action Works Have Been a Major Source of Money

In his last year on Castle, Nathan Fillion joined the ranks of actors who made six figures per episode. And while he might not earn that amount in subsequent works, he has continued to be one of the best earners on television, where his presence is most visible. Combined with his modest work on Film, with roles in The Suicide Squad, Night Hunter, Yamasong: March of the Hollows, Nathan has been raking in cash as a live-action star.

Other than his work as an actor, his other sources of income remain unknown. We do know that he is a frequent collaborator with the artist, Martin Firrell. Nathan has been a regular muse of the artist, and presumably, he earns out of the artist’s art sales.

As for how he spends his $18 million war chest, Nathan keeps a tight lid on his expenses. We do know he is a philanthropist who co-founded Kids Need to Read, a nonprofit organization that encourages children to read more by funding underfunded libraries. He has also worked with Charity: Water, an organization that provides drinking water to people in developing nations to raise over $60,000 in donations.

Nathan Fillion Has Had Many Girlfriends But is Still Single

One other element of Nathan’s fame and the resulting net worth is his desirability. The charming actor is the toast of several men and women who have expressed romantic interest in him. The result is a slew of relationships that have made the news, only to pass as they ended, and he moved on to the next.

His first known relationship was with fellow geeky actress Felicia Day. The extent of the relationship remains unknown to date. Nathan Fillion and Perrey Reeves reportedly dated in the late 2000s between 2005 and 2009.

Nathan Fillion
Nathan and Perrey Reeves were an item in the 2000s: image source

Other reported relationships involving the actor Nathan Fillion include actresses Krista Allen in 2015, Christina Ochoa in 2012, and Kate Luyben between 2010 and 2011.

He Has Gotten Engaged Twice

Nathan Fillion is well past the age when most men marry, but his persistently single status is not a lack of trying. He has come close to the altar twice, the first time was with the actress Vanessa Marcil. These two dated for eight months starting from May 1995 before getting engaged in late December/early January 1996. Unfortunately, the engagement did not lead to the wedding many expected, and they parted ways six months later. His second engagement was with another actress, Mikaela Hoover.

Nathan Fillion
Nathan and Mikaela Hoover got close but never made it to the altar: image source

They started dating in April 2013 and got engaged in November of the same year. Sadly, the engagement did not lead anywhere, and they broke up in January 2014. Since that relationship, Nathan’s love life has been pretty lowkey with no known partners save for his relationship with Krista Allen in 2015. However, for fans of the Serenity actor, there is still hope yet for a Mrs. Fillion.

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