Drivers License Renewal in South Africa: The Application Form and How Much it Costs

Being on the right side of the law saves one the stress of facing a penalty from the government or its regulatory agencies. The designed system that regulates the requirements that qualify one to drive on any South African road is the National Departments of Transport. Bodies such as the South African Institute of Driving Instructors, the National Traffic Information System, and many more also hold the conditions that permit one to go on any South African road. In the county, anyone up to 17 years is eligible for a learner’s permit and will be granted a driving license at 18 years. The driving license renewal in South Africa takes place every five years, counting from the issue date.

In a bid to curb the fatality rate on roads in South Africa, the School Drivers Education was introduced to a Cape Town school in 1984. Currently, it is adopted nationally as a primary standard before driving on any of the South African roads. The SDEP offers both behind-the-wheel training and theoretical aspects to help people understand the rules of using the road. A learner must pass a learner’s test before they are issued with the learner’s permit. South Africa took the renewal of the driving license very seriously and attached a default penalty to offenders. Renewal of driving licenses also serves as an internal revenue-generating medium for the government, enabling the government to maintain the roads and provide other social needs of the public.

Drivers License Renewal In South Africa

Driving in South Africa with an expired license is against the law. It is imperative to present the driving license in a situation whereby you find yourself in a motor accident. Furthermore, no insurance company will cover a car driven with an expired driving license in South Africa. An active driving license is required for a vehicle to receive comprehensive insurance cover from any insurance company.

The driving license renewal is to commence four weeks before the expiry date printed on the card. It is advisable to start the renewal process and get the license done before it reaches or exceeds the expiry date. There is always an extension of 21 days to apply for a renewal after it has reached its expiry period. The licensing body provides anyone who applies for renewal after the 21 days extension with a temporary license at an extra cost. The temporary license issued serves as a cover for six weeks until your license is ready for collection. For commercial vehicles, renewal of license comes every six months because the roadworthiness certificate is valid for only six months. The following are the requirements and processes of driving license renewal in South Africa.


The Driving License Test Centers (DLTC) are all over South Africa, making a driving license renewal easier and accessible. It is idle that anyone who wants to apply for renewal should come to the DLTC with the following requirements:

  • Identification Card: This includes a duplicate of your identification card, the expired license card, and a current South African Passport.
  • Identification Passport photograph: This usually comes in black and white, but you must confirm from your DLTC number of passport photographs required.
  • A proof of your residential address is required. A current utility bill receipt not later than three months can serve this purpose. An affidavit to confirm that you reside in that address is required when the utility bill receipt bears another person’s name.
  • When you reside in a rural area where there is no formal address, you are required to get an official letter from the ward councilor with a due date stamp to confirm your address.
  • The final requirement is the application fee of R140.00. An additional charge of R45 comes in if it exceeds 21 days of expiry.

Process Of Renewing Your Drivers Licence

The renewal process can come in two different time intervals. You can renew your license four weeks before or renew it 21 days after it expires. The only difference is the additional charges that come in after the expiry period. The following steps are to be taken to get your driving license renewed:

  • Head to the closest Driving License Testing Centre with the above-listed requirements. Residents of Gauteng can also register through the provided online platform by clicking on the link.
  • Get the DL1 form and fill it up. That is the form for the application for renewal of the driving license.
  • When necessary, take the form of Notification of Change of Particulars (NCP). This form is needed when there is a change in address, change of company name, change in surname, etc.
  • You are finally required to go through an eye examination by an optometrist. You have the right to do it at any optical center of your choice and submit your results to the Driving License Test Center nearest to you.

You will receive an SMS alert on the readiness of the driving license for collection within few weeks, but if you did not receive any notification, visit the DLTC for collection. If it is ready, make sure you carefully cross-check your name and other information to effect corrections immediately.

It is noteworthy that the renewal of a driving license is done directly by the person who needs it. The steps involved make it impossible for someone to go through the process of obtaining a license for another person. It is only permitted for one to go through the various methods of getting the driving license for someone when a company is involved.

Consequences of Late Drivers License Renewal

Before properly engaging on the consequences of getting involved with a late driving license renewal, it is noteworthy that there is a difference between driving license expiry and driving license card expiry. Your driving license doesn’t expire, it is a permanent acquisition right to move on the road, but the Identity card proving you went through the steps is renewable. The explanation is backed by the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) Section 93 of 1996. The following are the consequences of late driving license renewal in South Africa:

  • You can get your car impounded with an attributable fine, awaiting the renewal of your driving license.
  • Your car loses insurance cover when your driving license expires.
  • You get an additional charge by renewing your license plate, and you will be issued a temporal license that expires after six months, taking you through a longer process.

Online Drivers License Renewal

Drivers can also renew their driving licenses in South Africa online. Before going through this, ensure that your cover photo must be up to date. This means that your cover photo must not exceed ten years.

Processes To Follow To Get It Done Online

  • Access the platform by clicking this link.
  • When you gain access, choose the Renew License option and click on the light green button (start now).

Cost Of Drivers License Renewal In South Africa

The cost of renewing a driving license in South Africa differs in some parts of the country. There is always an extra charge to pay when your license expires and crosses the grace time limit. Also, you will not be expecting the original driving license as you will be issued a temporal license.

  • In KwaZulu-Natal, the cost of renewing a driving license is R250 which you will pay in cash. Issuing the temporal driving license costs R90, which you will also pay in cash. There is a limit of 120 driving license renewals per day.
  • In Johannesburg, the cost of renewing a driving license is R280 which is payable either by cash or through a credit card. The temporal license costs R72, which you will pay in cash.
  • Cape Town and Mpumalanga driving license renewal come with a fee of R185, including the temporal license.
  • Other parts of South Africa charges a fee of R140 and R45 for a temporal driving license.


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