How to Transfer Money from Union Bank and the Transfer Code to Use

Union Bank is one of Nigeria’s leading banks and also one of the oldest. The bank has continued to grow with increasing technological advancement, and over the years, its customers have enjoyed its competent banking services. As businesses boom, banks benefit through increasing savings, credit, and debit transactions. This implies that the number of people using the banking hall will also rise.

For these reasons, it is necessary to explore other means of carrying out our daily banking transactions without having to go into a banking hall. The use of alternate banking channels like the USSD codes for making transfers and Bank mobile Apps, has made life a whole lot easier for bankers. It also allows customers to conveniently perform transactions quickly and with guaranteed security from the comfort of their homes.

What To Know About Union Bank Transfer Code 

*826# is the Union bank mobile transfer code. Mobile banking has outgrown the use of only mobile Apps to make transfers; hence banks have leveraged the use of USSD codes to provide fast and secure transaction options for their customers.

With the Union bank mobile transfer code, you can transfer money within your bank accounts, to any other bank, buy airtime for yourself or a third party or pay electricity and cable bills. You can also utilize the USSD code to pay for your internet or TV subscriptions.

The use of USSD codes has become a favorable option in places with poor internet connections. Also, customers who do not have the UnionMobile App can activate and use the USSD code just in a matter of minutes.

How to Register and Use The Union Bank Transfer Code

Activation is free and can be done on a small phone as it does not require any internet connection. To use the Union Bank mobile transfer code you have to activate it on a phone number that is linked to your Union Bank account.

Follow the steps listed below to activate the union bank transfer code:

  • On your mobile phone, dial *826# and follow the prompt instructions
  • Type in your union bank account number and ATM card details as required
  • A four-digit OTP will be generated and sent to your phone number
  • Input the OTP and select a new PIN to complete your registration.

How to Get Your Union Bank Transfer PIN

If by chance you did not create a PIN immediately after registration, do not worry, you can still create your transfer PIN later. To do this, simply dial *826*5# on the phone number you used to register and follow the prompt-up message to set a new PIN.

This PIN is for your personal use as anyone with it can transfer money from your account. Ensure you keep this PIN safe and do not disclose it to anyone who claims to be a Union bank representative, many have been scammed this way.

Requirements Needed to Activate The Union Bank Transfer Code

In order to register for the Union Bank USSD transfer code, you need to keep the following details handy:

  • Union Bank Account Number: Before you begin the process, ensure that your Union bank account number is written out for easy reach.
  • Phone Number: This must be the phone number that is linked to your Union bank account. If you have lost access to the phone number, you can visit your bank change it to your current number.
  • ATM Card: Your ATM card should be close by in case the card number is needed.

Step By Step Guide for Transfering Money From Union Bank to Other Banks Using the Code?

Once your USSD code is registered and ready for use, follow the steps listed below to transfer money within your union bank accounts or from your union bank account to other union bank accounts.

  • Dial *826# and select option 1 – transfer to Union Bank
  • Type in the account number
  • Input the amount you wish to transfer
  • Enter your secret PIN to complete the transaction

Alternatively, you can dial *826*1*amount*account number#. For example *826*1*10000*1234567890#. A message will pop up prompting you to enter your PIN.

The process of making transfers from your Union bank account to other bank accounts slightly differs, but you can follow the steps outlined below to transfer money to other banks.

  • Dial *826# and select option 2 – transfer to other banks
  • Select the bank
  • Input the recipient account number and the amount you wish to send
  • Enter your PIN in order to complete the transaction

Alternatively, you can dial *826*2*amount*account number#. For example *826*2*10000*1234567890#. Choose the bank you are sending to and enter your PIN to the pop-up message to complete the transaction.

It is important to note that using the USSD transfer code will require you to pay a service charge of N6.98, which will be deducted from your bank account if you choose to continue with the transaction. However, you will not be charged if you choose to decline the transaction.

Other Useful Union Bank Mobile Banking USSD Codes

Union Bank in its bid to make banking convenient for its customers, has not only provided USSD codes for making transfers but also has other unique shortcodes you can use to carry out secure transactions on your phone.

Below is a list of Union Bank USSD codes and what they are used for:

  • *826*4# – used for checking your bank account balance
  • *826*amount# – used for buying airtime directly from your bank account
  • *826*amount*phone number# – used for buying airtime for others
  • *826*28*amount*userID# – used for paying bills such as electricity bill
  • *826*7*amount# – used for setting up cardless withdrawal on your account
  • To purchase data on your line, dial *826*7*amount#
  • For mCash, dial *826*22*merchant code*amount#
  • To request a quick loan, dial *826*8#
  • To request a new debit card, block and unblock your ATM card in case of theft, dial *826*21#
  • You can also locate a Union Bank branch or a UnionDirect agent by dialing *826*19#

Note that using USSD code for making transfers comes with a N20,000 limit per transaction and a N200,000 daily transaction limit. However, this can be increased by dialing *826*8# or contacting the customer care unit of the bank.

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