How To Use Airtel Online Recharge, Transfer Airtime or Share Data

Airtel is a telecommunications company that operates in more than 17 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Madagascar, Seychelles, Rwanda. To prove how fast the company strive, Airtel has about 78 million subscribers in the African continent as of March 2017, with Nigeria emerging as its most profitable market, followed by Ghana. The network has been able to achieve this feat by offering innovative and easy to use products and services in the telecommunications market. One of such services is the airtel online recharge option for prepaid customers.

This article provides a greater insight into how you can effectively and easily use Airtel Online Recharge to (Prepaid), subscribe for the latest data plans, using the subscription codes and to access the services of the Airtel customer care.

How You Can Use Airtel Online Recharge

Airtel Online Recharge allows you to recharge your account online especially if you are using a prepaid service. Airtel online recharge offers you the flexibility of being able to recharge your prepaid number from anywhere at anytime. No extra charges will apply to recharge your Airtel number as a prepaid customer. Also, Airtel’s easy recharge options are available online. Because it is an online service, you can access it anytime, any day and make payment via Debit, Credit, Online net banking. Once your Airtel easy online recharge is successful, your prepaid account balance will automatically update.

Africa Airtel online recharge

How To Use Airtel Easy Online Recharge

Visit the official Airtel website at, select your country at the top, you should be able to see the online recharge where you can enter your details and the amount of airtime you would like to buy. If you don’t see this, that means that the service may not be available for your country yet.

Airtel Nigeria Subscription Package And Codes

Subscribing on Airtel network could sometimes be difficult especially when you don’t have access to the subscription codes. The self-acclaimed ‘Smartphone Network’- is one of the telecommunication companies in Nigeria with a broad bandwidth, providing more affordable data plans for their subscribers. However, the subscription codes could changer from time to time as they are often being updated due to the company’s series of system upgrades.

The Airtel data plans include the Pay As You Go Plans, daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, weekend and night plans, social plans, unlimited plans and the Megapack for heavy users. These subscription packages apply to all telecommunication devices.

Pay As You Go Plans: This data plan gives the subscriber an unlimited access to browse for a fixed period of time on each day. This will be more beneficial to Android users who download and updates their apps. Intending subscribers can just dial *439# and follow the guide.

The duration and cost of data include:
5 minutes for ₦15.
10 minutes for ₦30.
30 minutes for ₦90.
60 minutes for ₦180.

Daily Data plan: As its name implies, this data plan is valid for one full day. It offers 30MB for ₦100, 100MB for ₦200 and the ₦100 5 Star Pack for subscribers who wish to have a quick and short-term access to the network each day. The 5-star pack offers 5MB to the subscriber every day for 5days to surf the internet.

To Subscribe for your 30MB plan dial *410# for ₦100, *412# for 100MB at ₦200 and *401# to subscribe to 5-Star Pack, for ₦100.

Airtel Weekly Data Plans: This offers 750MB for ₦500 to surf the internet for a period of 14 days. This is unlike the other telecom networks that offer the same data bundle at the same price but for just 7 days.

You could also access the 7days data plan of 80MB for ₦300 by just dialling *417#.

Airtel Monthly Data Plan: Thi plan is for a longer period of time. Subscribers to this data plan are allowed to surf and stream videos for 30 days. The plan comes in different categories and their prices also differ. This plans also works for all devices. All the offers listed below are valid for 30 days.

  • To subscribe to 1.5GB for ₦1000 dial *496#
  • To subscribe to 3.5GB for ₦2000, dial *437#
  • To subscribe to 5GB for ₦2,500, dial *437*1#
  • To opt for the 7GB for ₦3,500, dial *438#
  • To subscribe to 2GB for ₦5,000, dial *452#
  • To subscribe to 24GB for ₦8,000, dial *460#

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan: Although this plan also lasts for 30 days, the Airtel Unlimited plan is best suitable for cyber Cafés and companies who constantly use their web services. Airtel has the Unlimited10 for ₦10,000, Unlimited15 for ₦15,000 and Unlimited20 for ₦20,000.

  • For the Unlimited 10, dial *462*10#
  • For the unlimited 15, dial *462*15#
  • For the unlimited 20, dial *462*20#

Airtel Weekend and Night Bundle: The weekend bundle grants you access to the internet from 12 am Saturday to 11:59 pm on Sunday.

  • To get 200MB for N200, dial *472#
  • To Get 500MB for N500, dial *473#

The night plan offers 3 hours of unlimited internet access ₦1,000. The plan is useful between 12 am and 5:59 am. Dial *481*2# to subscribe.

Airtel Social Plan: This is strictly for chatting on social media sites including Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. To get the list of offers in this category dial *688#.

Airtel Megapack plan: This is specially made for users who want longer access to the internet. It ranges from 30 days to 365 days (one year.) Look below to get the subscription plans and code for each plan in this category.

MEGA 5 10GB N 5,000 30 days *452#
MEGA 8 16GB N8,000 30 days *460#
MEGA 36 50GB N36,000 180 days *406#
MEGA 70 100GB N70,000 365 days *407#
MEGA 136 200GB N136,000 365 days *408#

Airtel Customer Care Services

Getting access to the customer service desk of most telecommunications companies is very necessary but could be difficult at times. Nevertheless, Airtel customer care is one of the best in term of quick response to customer’s calls and complaints.

The Airtel customer care number is 111 or 121 when calling with an Airtel phone. But when calling with other networks like MTN, Glo and Etisalat, you can dial +234 802 150 0111 or +234 802 150 0121.

How to Transfer Airtel Airtime: Airtel Me2U

Airtel’s “Me2U” is an airtime transfer service that is designed to enable subscribers to share airtime on their Airtel lines with their friends and families irrespective of location and time. This is beneficial to all Airtel active lines. All you need to do is to create your personal PIN by changing the default PIN that is usually 1234.

Simply send a text message including the default PIN and your desired new PIN to 432. For Example: To change Your PIN to 5555, the text sent will read — PIN 1234  [space] 5555.

You will get a notification informing you that your new PIN is 5555. Once this is done, you can now do your Airtel airtime transfer.

To transfer airtime send an SMS command in the following format: 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432. That is – 2u 08021221333 150 5555 to 432, whereby 5555 is your PIN.

You will get an instant SMS to notify you of the transfer at the cost of ₦10Each subscriber can do a transfer of not more than N5000 per day.

How to Share Data on Airtel

Airtel also allows its users to share excess data with friends and relatives using the same Airtel network. The users can transfer data in megabytes free of charge with the lowest amount to be transferred out being 3Mg.

To share your data, kindly dial *141*1*5# and then follow the menu prompt to change your pin and share data. Remember that the default PIN is 1234.

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