Just How Rich Is Mr. P Without His Brother Paul – Net Worth and Best Solo Works So Far

There was a time when Mr. P, who was born Peter, and his brother, Rudeboy (Paul) joined to form what was arguably the biggest music duo in Africa famous as P-Square. The Nigerian famous singer made his exit from the group in 2017, having previously parted ways and returned to continue. Mr. P now has a net worth of $15.2 million.

Although his fortune is still significantly high, he still trails his brother who is believed by many to be the better singer while Peter is thought to be the better entertainer. Both brothers are successful as solo artists, but neither has yet attained the height they did as a duo. Some of the biggest works of Peter include One More Night and Wokie Wokie.

Mr. P Has An Enviable Net Worth

Peter Okoye is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria thanks to his net worth estimated at $15.2 million. The famous entertainer’s wealth was built from his career as a musician right from his days with the defunct P-Square, as well as from his many businesses, endorsement deals, and many more.

While he was a member of P-Square, the group had a net worth that was estimated at a massive $130 million thanks to the revenue generated from their music, as well as endorsement deals and also the many performance gigs they had. Since the group which released some great songs including Alingo, Chop My Money, and Personally among many others parted ways, they are no longer invited for performances as a group, cutting out a good chunk of their income.

Although Mr. P has made it clear that he makes more money as a solo act through his endorsement deals than he ever made when he was with his brother, Rudeboy is said to have a bigger purse with his net worth of over $16 million.

With that said, it won’t be surprising if Mr. P turns around to have a net worth that exceeds that of his brother because apart from being the more marketable of the two, he is also extending his net to other areas beyond just music.

Peter Okoye Is Also A Businessman

Mr. P
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When the name, Mr. P is mentioned, a lot of people get to view him from the narrow perspective of being a singer and a dancer, but the former P-Square member is more of a businessman also. He has put his money into many things including fashion, celebrity management, and lottery.

Mr. P is the brain behind P Classic Group, a celebrity management company that sets out to discover and promote talents across the African continent. Among those signed to this group are Ovikelz and Singah.

He has also made a significant amount of money from the reality TV show industry with his series, Dance With Peter, thanks to which he got some amazing endorsement deals. He is also set to start another reality TV show, The Okoyes which he first announced in 2019.

In 2020, he threw his weight into the fashion industry when he launched the Zip Republic Clothing. Unfortunately, by the start of 2021, the clothing line is still yet to fully take off the ground and make a serious entry into the market even though considering his status, the clothing line may have a good shot to succeed.

What could be his biggest investment outside of music is his lottery, Zoomlifestyle which has already gained followership among fans on social media.

His Solo Career Has Been Defined By Some Great Songs

Neither Mr P nor Rudeboy has attained the status of P-Square, something that took them many years to build, but they both still have some amazing songs. For Peter, he has made waves both in Nigeria and in other parts of the country since their breakup with some fantastic songs.

He was set to release his first album as a solo act titled The Prodigal on November 1 2020, but he later announced that the 15 track album was going to be postponed until 2021.

Peter has not released many songs when compared to Paul, neither have his songs been as much successful as regards streams and views on various online platforms. Some of the best songs of the singer are One More Night, WOKIE WOKIE, and Ebeano.

One More Night

Mr P’s One More night is arguably his biggest track yet. It was released in 2019 featuring yet another energetic entertainer, Niniola. It became a chart-topping song across the African continent and was well received by fans globally.

One of Peter’s most viewed songs on YouTube, it has more than 15 million views a year after it was dropped. More so it led to the One More Night Challenge on Social media. What the song brought to him as revenue is still not known.


Peter featured Jamaican recording artist and member of the music duo Brick & Lace. The dancehall track was released as a single track in 2018, and it ended up being very much accepted on the international stage than it was in Nigeria.

The song also enjoyed great views on YouTube but information about its contribution to the musician’s income.


Everything about Ebeano was a success. It is one of his very few songs in which he did not feature any other artist. Also known as Internationally, everything about the song from the track itself to the video which was done with so much humour was right on point. He featured his son on the video.

Mr. P Is Associated With Many Brands As A Solo Artist

Peter did not just make his massive net worth from his songs, some of which have seen huge successes, but also from some endorsement deals he has with a number of big brands. When he was still with his brother as P-Square, the duo had endorsement deals with brands such as Gloacom Mobile Nigeria. At the time, the Personally crooners topped the list of Nigerian celebrities with juicy endorsement deals.

Peter and Paul Okoye lost out on some of the endorsement deals they had after they parted ways. Their deal with Glo was said to be worth more than 130 million Naira, which at a time, was among the most expensive signed by a Nigerian artiste.

Even before P-Square came to an end as a musical group, Peter who is considered the more marketable of the two was already having solo endorsement deals with some big brands. According to him, the deals started coming to him leaving out his two other brothers Paul and Jude who were part of the team because brands felt signing P-Square or all the three brothers was too expensive.

One of the biggest deals he had was even when he was with P-Square was with Olympic Milk which signed him as their ambassador. Thanks to his Dance with Peter reality show, he was also able to get a deal with Glo apart from that which he had with his brother. Today, Mr. P has many more deals with brands than his brother including with the following brands:

  • Adidas- 2015
  • Kia Motors- 2016
  • MerryBet- 2016
  • Tecno Mobile- 2019
  • Aphro Palm Spirit- 2020
  • Partnership with MTN for his Zoom Lifestyle- 2020

He Enjoys A Good Lifestyle His Money Can Get

With a net worth as generous as what the singer and dancer has, one can only expect that he lives a great life with the best of luxury money can buy. He lives with his wife and 2 kids in a mansion believed to be worth about $3.8 million located in Banana Island, Lagos. The Island is mostly reserved for the big names and money bags of Nigeria. Some of those who have properties there include the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, Linda Ikeji, Mike Adenuga, and Davido.

The property has an outdoor swimming pool with a man-made fountain with water running from the walls. It also has enough space for the musician and his son to play basketball, as well as a large space enough for him to park his luxurious cars.

The interior of the property is well designed. It is kitted with a large living room, an extravagant kitchen, as well as a studio and an in-house cinema. The number of bedrooms, guestrooms, restrooms, and more, has not been revealed, but one can bet the estate is a complete package.

The six-packed dancer also has more than six cars to his name. Probably one of his most cherished cars is his Dodge Challenger which is said to be between 40 to 60 million naira. He has a Range Rover which is valued to be over 50 million Naira, a Benz G-Wagon that is priced between 50 million naira to 80 million naira, and a Jeep Wrangler in the tune of between ₦27 million to ₦36 million. His other cars are a ₦141m Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar and a Porsche 718 Cayman worth over ₦25 million.

Here is a quick rundown of some of his cars and their prices:

Mr. P
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  • Dodge Challenger- ₦40 to ₦60 million
  • Range Rover- ₦50 million
  • Benz G-Wagon- ₦50 to ₦80 million
  • Jeep Wrangler- ₦27 to ₦36 million
  • Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar- ₦141 million
  • Porsche 718 Cayman- ₦25 million
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