Kenyan Schools: International, National and Private Schools [Part II]

Kenya has what could be described as a developed education system with 8-4-4 system, comprising of 8 years of primary education, 4 years of secondary and 4 years of university education. It is still undergoing slow but steady development through the effort of the government. As at the moment, Kenya has five public and four private universities. There are also three national polytechnics and 17 institutes of technology as well as 12 technical training institutions with a good number of international schools that cater for various educational systems. We earlier published an article on the leading schools in Kenya [Part I], In this article which is the part two of the earlier published article, we will be looking at a Comprehensive list of Primary Schools available in Kenya today.

500+ Primary Schools in Kenya – A Comprehensive List Part II


  • Baari Primary School, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Kimaru Primary School, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Nyahururu Elite School
  • Githungucu Primary School
  • Nyahururu Highway Schools, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Ritaya Primary School, Nyahururu Mairo-inya
  • St Michael Academy, Nyahururu Mairo-inya
  • Mwalimu Racheal Academy, Naivasha
  • Ziwani Boys School, Nyahururu
  • Nyandarua Primary School
  • Maara Primary School, Miharati Township
  • Manunga Primary School, Off Miharati Wanjohi road
  • Munyu-ini Primary School, Off Miharati Wanjohi road
  • Mahindu Primary School, Machinery Centre Kipipiri
  • Githioro Primary School
  • Kamahia Primary School
  • Mahinga Primary School
  • Gitwe Primary School
  • Ng’arua Rironi Primary School-off Wanjohi, Ol’kalou road
  • Sky High Primary School
  • Ihiga Primary School
  • Malewa Primary School
  • Ndemi Primary School
  • Wanjohi Primary School
  • Raiyeta Primary School
  • Satima Primary School
  • Marimu Primary School
  • Kabati Primary School
  • Njura Primary School
  • Leleshwa Primary School
  • Turasha Primary School
  • Kanyua Primary School
  • Pioneer Secondary School (Leshau)
  • Muti-ini Primary School
  • Passenga Primary School
  • Riverbank Academy, Nyahururu


  • Bungoma DEB (District Education Board) Primary School
  • Chebukwa DEB Primary School
  • Chemuche Primary School
  • Chemwa R.C. Primary school
  • Chesamisi Primary School
  • Father Walstra Academy
  • Kabula R.C. Primary School
  • Kakamwe RC Primary School
  • Kanduyi DEB Primary School
  • Khaoya Primary School
  • Marell Academy
  • Masuno RC (Roman Catholic) Primary School
  • Misimo Primary FYM
  • Namwacha FYM Primary School
  • Ndengelwa RC Primary School
  • Sang’alo RC Primary School
  • Siangwe RC Primary School
  • St. Erastus Primary School, Naitiri
  • Fountain Gate Preparatory School
  • Matumbufu DEB Primary School
  • Lwanda F.Y.M Primary School
  • Ekitale Friends Primary School
  • Barbra Junior Academy Chwele
  • Mnala Primary School
  • Kibabii Primary School
  • Moi Primary School, Bungoma
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  • Abol Primary School, Kombewa
  • Abwao Primary School, Okanowach
  • Aga Khan Primary School
  • Akonya Primary School, Kombewa
  • Alango Primary School, Kajulu
  • Angira Primary School, Kajulu
  • Arina Primary School, Arina
  • Arombo Primary School, Kapiyo Kadibo
  • Arya Primary School
  • Ayaro Primary School, Kolwa
  • Bolo Primary School, Bolo
  • Bonde Primary School, Kombewa
  • Bukna Primary School, Kajulu
  • Diemo Primary School, Kombewa
  • G.S Junior Academy
  • Guu Primary School, Nyakach Sigoti
  • Highway Primary School
  • Kabondo Primary School
  • Kadiju Primary School, Kolwa
  • Karanda Primary School, Ahero
  • Kibuye Mixed Primary School, Kibuye
  • Kikiini Primary School, Mbooni
  • Kisumu Junior Academy, Kisumu
  • Kit-Mikayi Primary School, Kombewa
  • Kobong’o Primary School, Okanowach
  • Kolal Primary School, Kolal
  • Kore Primary School, Ahero Irrigation Scheme.
  • Korwana Primary School, Kolal, Kadibo
  • Kosawo Primary School, Manyatta
  • Kowire Primary School, Nyakach Agoro
  • Kunya Primary School, Kibos
  • Kyai Primary School, Mbooni
  • Lolgarini Primary School, Kipkabus
  • M.A.Junior Academy, Kenya- Re
  • Manyatta Primary School, Manyatta
  • Mao Primary School, West Kano Irrigation
  • Maraba Primary School, Nyakach
  • Mbeme Primary School, Kisumu
  • Miranga Primary School, Holo
  • M. M. Shah Primary School
  • Naki Primary School
  • Ndiru Primary School, Kombewa
  • Nduru-Kadero Primary School, Komewa
  • Ng’op-Ngeso Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ngutu Primary School, Kombewa
  • Nyang’ande Primary School, Kwakungu Kadibo
  • Nyangoto Primary School, Kasiru Kolal
  • Nyong’ong’a Primary School, Nyakach
  • Obanda Primary School, Kusa
  • Obola Primary School, Kombewa
  • Obwolo Primary School, Kajulu
  • Ochwado Primary School, Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Odeny Odhiambo Primary School, Kolal Kadibo
  • Odienya Kagayi Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ogona Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ojola Kadero Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ong’adi Primary School, Kajulu
  • Onwang’o Primary School, Okanowach
  • Oremo Primary School, Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Oriang Primary School, Bolo
  • Oruga Primary School, Kombewa
  • Otenga Primary School, Kombewa
  • Pap-Othany Primary School, Kombewa
  • Peace Kids Humanist Academy, Sang’oro
  • Ochara Primary School, Seme Reru
  • Pundo Primary School
  • Rae Mixed Primary School, Nyakach Gem nam
  • Shaurimoyo Primary School, Shaurimoyo
  • Siany Kabonyo Primary School, Kapiyo
  • St.Aloys Primary School, Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Thurgem Primary School, Nyakach
  • Victoria Primary School, Kisumu
  • Xaverian Primary School, Kisumu
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  • Thumaita Primary School, Gichugu
  • High Visioned, Girls Primary Boarding School, Kutus
  • Mutitu Primary School, Ndia
  • Kangai Primary School, Mwea
  • Lower Baricho Primary School, Ndia
  • Ridgemount School, Ndia
  • Muchagara DEB School
  • Nyanja Primary School
  • Kiambatha Primary School
  • Kibaro Primary School
  • Kiandai Primary School
  • Thuiya Primary School
  • Karumandi Primary School
  • Kavote Primary School
  • Kianjiru Primary School
  • Kianguenyi Primary School
  • Guama Primary School
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  • Chebwagan Primary School
  • Kamanamsing Primary School
  • Rungut Primary School
  • Ng’esumin Primary School
  • Lalagin Primary School
  • Cheborgei Primary School
  • Itoik Primary School
  • Kapkatet Primary School
  • Arokyet Primary School
  • Kaminjeiwa Primary School
  • Mombwo Primary School
  • Kaptele Primary School
  • Kapsogut Primary School
  • Siongi Primary School
  • Tebesonik Primary School
  • Tulwet Primary School
  • Kabitungu Primary School
  • Kabartegan Primary School
  • Kapchelach Primary School
  • Charera Primary School
  • Soet Primary School
  • Getarwet Primary School
  • Chelilis Primary School
  • Kapminjewet Primary School
  • Roret Primary School
  • Monoru Primary School
  • Reresik Primary School
  • Mabasi Primary School
  • Kipraisi Primary School
  • Chemelet Primary School
  • Kusumek Primary School
  • Kapsir Primary School
  • Tengecha Boys & Girls Secondary School
  • Tengecha Primary School
  • Litein Secondary School
  • Kericho Tea Boys Secondary School
  • Moi Tea Girls Secondary School
  • Kipsigis Girls Secondary School
  • Matunda Grammar School
  • Sally-Ann School


  • Banana Hill Girls High School
  • Benson Njau Primary School
  • Chief-Wandie Primary School
  • Fairlawns Primary School
  • Gîcharani Primary School
  • Gichuru High School
  • Gitare High School
  • Githiga High School
  • Githiga Primary School
  • Gîtîba Primary School
  • Gitwe girls High School
  • Jeverden Highlands Academy
  • Kahuho Uhuru High School
  • Kaibere Primary School
  • Kambaa Girls High School
  • Kangoya Primary School
  • Kanunga High School
  • Kapitungu Primary School
  • Karuri High School
  • Karuri Primary School
  • Kiambaa Primary School
  • Kiambu High School
  • Kiambu Primary School
  • Kibichiku Primary School
  • Kibichiku Secondary School
  • Kibubuti Primary School
  • kikuyu Day Boys Secondary School
  • Kirangari High School
  • Kiu River Primary School
  • Limuru Girls High School
  • Limuru Model Primary school
  • Loreto Limuru High School
  • Loreto Primary School
  • Machiri Primary School
  • Magutu-inî Primary School
  • Mary Leakey Girls High School
  • Mayuyu Primary School
  • Mirithu Girls
  • Muchatha Primary School
  • Mugumo-ini Junior Academy
  • Mungai Chengecha Primary School
  • Muongoiya Primary School
  • Muongoiya Secondary School
  • Ndumberi Primary School
  • Nyathuna Primary School
  • Riabai Primary School
  • Riara Primary School
  • Riara Secondary School
  • Senior Chief Koinange Secondary School
  • St. Annes Lioki Girls High School
  • St. Joseph Secondary School, Gathanga
  • St. Joseph Secondary School, Githunguri
  • St Lilian Kahuho Academy
  • St. Mary Thigio
  • St. Pauls Primary School
  • Thigio Boys
  • Thirime Primary School
  • Thogoto Primary School
  • Tigoni Primary School
  • Ting’ang’a Primary School
  • Ting’ang’a Secondary School
  • Tulwet Primary School
  • Umoja Primary School
  • Waguthu Primary School

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