Victon – Members Profile, Discography and Everything You Need To Know

Victon is a South Korean all-male K-pop group that debuted on November 9, 2016. The group consists of 6 members: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin.

The group’s name is an acronym for “Voice to New World”. They are signed to Play M Entertainment (previously Plan A), along with the all-female K-pop group APink and the soloist Huh Gak.

The fanbase name dubbed Alice was announced on February 16, 2017, and it stands for “Always We Love the Voice”. Victon’s primary colors are blue atoll and blazing yellow. The group also has an official lightstick that can be used by fans at different Victon events. Find out interesting facts you need to know about this K-pop act, including its members’ profile, their discography, and other lesser-known facts below.

Group Profile Summary:

Victon Fandom Name: ALICE (Always We Love the VoICE)
Victon Official Fan Colors: Blue Atoll and Blazing Yellow

Victon Official Accounts:
Official Website:
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
Facebook: Facebook
Youtube: Youtube
Fan Cafe: Daum Café
SoundCloud: VICTON
TikTok: @official_victon1109
Oldest member: Seungwoo (December 24, 1994)
Youngest member: Subin (April 5, 1999)
Leader: Seungsik
Debut date: November 6, 2016
Label: Play M Entertainment
Fandom: ALICE

Member Birthday Age Position
Seungwoo December 24, 1994 29 Years Old lead rapper, lead dancer, lead vocalist
Seungsik April 16, 1995 28 Years Old leader, main vocalist
Sejun May 4, 1996 27 Years Old lead vocalist, visual
Hanse September 25, 1997 26 Years Old main rapper, lead dancer
Byungchan November 12, 1997 26 Years Old vocalist, visual
Subin April 5, 1999 24 Years Old  vocalist, rapper, maknae

Who are The Victon Members?

When the K-pop act first graced the South Korean music scene, they debuted with 7 members. However, one of them left, bringing the number down to 6. Meet the complete Victon members below.


  • Birth Name: Kang Seung Sik
  • Stage Name: Seungsik
  • Chinese Name: 강성식
  • Position: Leader, Main vocalist
  • Birthday: April 16, 1995
  • Age: 28 Years Old
  • Birth Place: Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs.)
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Instagram: s_sikisiki


Seungsik is a South Korean singer under Play M Entertainment. He serves as the lead vocalist on the boy group Victon. Kang does Victon’s “dirty work” and unpleasant jobs. His most attractive feature is his grin. Seungsik has no religious affiliations.


  • Birth Name: Lim Se Jun
  • Stage Name: Sejun
  • Chinese Name: 임세준
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: May 4, 1996
  • Age: 27 Years Old
  • Birth place: Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Instagram: _nujes.0504_

Lim Se Jun or simply Sejun is a South Korean singer under Play M Entertainment. He’s one of Victon’s members and the lead vocalist. Sejun appeared in the Last Night and Only You music videos of South Korean singer Huh Gak. He likes playing League of Legends and PUBG. He’s good friends with Ro Woon and Zu Ho from SF9. Jimin, DEAN, and Seo Kang Jun are his role models.


  • Birth Name: Do Han Se
  • Stage Name: Hanse
  • Chinese Name: 도한세
  • Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Birthday: September 25, 1997
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Birth place: Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: 25th of September, 1997
  • Height: 174.8 cm, 5’7″
  • Weight: 62 kg / 136 lbs.
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Instagram: dxhxnxe

Do Han Se or simply Hanse is a rapper under Play M Entertainment. He is the main rapper and lead dancer of the boy group Victon. Hanse is a fan of hip-hop music and enjoys Drake and Ty Dolla Sign. He has a fear of cats and water and his religion is Christianity.


  • Birth Name: Choi Byung Chan
  • Stage Name: Byungchan
  • Chinese Name: 최병찬
  • Position: Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: November 12, 1997
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Birth place: Jeonju-si, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Instagram: b__yccn

Choi Byung Chan or simply Byungchan is a singer under Play M Entertainment. He is one of Victon’s members and is the vocalist and visual of the group. Choi Byung Chan, who was appearing on Mnet’s Produce X 101 dropped out of the program for health issues. He has been suffering from chronic Achilles tendonitis for a while. He is the tallest in the group and he likes girl-group dances.


  • Birth Name: Jung Su Bin
  • Stage Name: Subin
  • Chinese Name: 정수빈
  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
  • Birthday: April 5, 1999
  • Age: 24 Years Old
  • Birth place: Daejeon, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
  • Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs.)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Instagram: subsubey

Jung Su Bin also known as Subin is a singer, rapper, and actor under Play M Entertainment. He is the vocalist, rapper, and maknae of the boy group Victon. Subin appeared in Psychopath Diary as the character Yook Dong Chan. He is also the main character Jo Ah Sung in the web drama The Guilty Secret. Su Bin loves animals and he is left-handed. Just like Seungisk, he also has no religion.


  • Birth Name: Han Seung Woo
  • Stage Name: Seungwoo
  • Chinese Name:  한승우
  • Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: December 24, 1994
  • Age: 29 Years Old
  • Birth place: Geumgok-dong, Busan, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 63kg (138 lbs)
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Instagram: w_o_o_y_a

Han Seung Woo is a South Korean singer currently under Play M Entertainment. Also called Seungwoo, he is one of Victon’s members and the leader of the project boy group X1. Along with fellow member Choi Byung Chan, he took a hiatus from Victon and was competing as a trainee on Produce X 101. After the show ended, he continued his hiatus to promote as the leader of X1.

Victon’s Discography

Soon after their inception, Victon launched its first mini-album, Voice to New World, on November 9, 2016. Their title track for the mini-album was the song I’m Fine and the music video featured APink’s Son Naeun. They were known as the Plan A Boys prior to their debut announcement. On February 9, 2017, Plan A announced that Victon would be making a comeback as early as the end of February. On midnight of February 21, the group officially announced a comeback with their second EP, Ready.

Ready was released on March 2, 2017, along with the music video for the title track Eyez Eyez. The group had their comeback stage at M! Countdown on the same day. Victon members have gone on to release three more mini-albums; Identity on August 23, 2017, From; VICTON on November 9, 2017, and Nostalgia on November 4, 2019.

Other Facts You Need to Know About Victon

1. On November 4, 2019, Victon released their fifth mini-album Nostalgia featuring the title track Nostalgia Night. The song, which was co-composed by member Chan, became their first-ever track to enter Korea’s largest music chart Melon, as well as many other major charts.

2. This is the group’s first comeback since they released the single Time of Sorrow in May 2018, as well as the first since members Seungwoo and Byungchan appeared on Produce X 101 in early 2019.

3. Seungwoo was one of the winning contestants of the show who debuted with the project group X1 in August and he will promote exclusively with X1 for two and a half years while Victon promotes as six. He will return to Victon once his promotions with X1 are complete.

FAQs About Victon

What does Victon stand for? 

Victon, often stylized as VICTON, is an acronym for Voice to New World

What year did Victon debut?

The group debuted on the 9th of November 2016 with the release of their extended play titled Voice to New World.

How many members are there in Victon?

Victon is currently made up of six members. They were initially seven until Heo Chan left the group on October 11, 2022.

Who are the members of Victon?

Victon is composed of six members and they include Seungwoo, Seungsik, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, Subin.

Who is the Oldest member of Victon?

Han Seung Woo, also known as Seungwoo, is the oldest member of Victon. He was born on December 24, 1994, and is 4 years and 4 months older than Subin who is the youngest member of the group as he was born on April 5, 1999.

Who is the leader of Victon?

Seungsik is the man at at the hem of the affairs of Victon now but at the time they debuted, Seungwoo was the leader.

Why did Heo Chan leave Victon?

Heo Chan was caught drunk driving on September 20, 2022, and afterward, he officially stepped down from his position in the K-Pop group, Victon. On Wednesday, October 11, 2022, IST Entertainment announced that Heo Chan will leave the group.

What Religion do Victon members follow? 

Members of the K-Pop group are not all of the same religion. Seungwoo is a Buddist while Hanse and Sejun are Christians, and Byungchan, Subin, and Seungsik do not follow any religion.

Who is the tallest member of Victon?
Byungchan is the tallest member of the band. He is 6 feet (185 cm) tall. On the other hand, Subin is the shortest member of the group, he measures 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) in height.
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