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Top 10 Best Universities in Africa (Latest Rankings)

Pursuing a higher education is relevant but much more important is the source and quality of the information you receive which shapes your knowledge (all things being equal which is never so anyway). The world university rankings rate most of the major higher institutions across the globe. African Universities just like every other thing that can be ranked is highly subject to change but a few of the African universities have proven to be better than others in the same continent. Below is the list of top ten best universities in Africa.

10 Best Universities in Africa


AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO - 10 Best Universities in Africa

The American University in Cairo was established by Americans who were devoted to education and service in the Middle East in 1919 with a motive to create an English-language based university that will uphold very high standards of learning, conduct and scholarship and to ultimately contribute to the intellectual growth, discipline, and character of the future leaders of Egypt and the region. The founding president, Dr. Charles A. Watson helped shape the institution for the first 27 years.

Initially The American University in Cairo (AUC) was intended to be both a preparatory school and a university. With a population of 142 students in two classes that were equivalent to the last two years of an American high school, the preparatory school was opened in 1920 and awarded Junior college-level certificates to 20 students in 1923 as her first diploma certificate. The American University in Cairo ranks number 10 on our list of Top 10 Best Universities in Africa


University Rhodes - Top 10 Universities in Africa

Established May 31, 1904, Rhodes University is located in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Rhodes is a small university when compared to some other African Universities but the institution enjoys the distinction of having among the best undergraduate pass and graduation rates in South Africa, outstanding postgraduate success rates, and the best research output per academic staff member. Overall, Rhodes University shares among the top 10 universities in Africa.


University of the Western Cape - Best 10 Universities in Africa

The University of the Western Cape is a national university and has a history of creative struggle against oppression, discrimination and disadvantage. The institution was established in 1960 by the South African government as a university for Coloured people only.Among academic institutions it has been in the vanguard of South Africa’s historic change, It is committed to excellence in teaching, learning and research, to nurturing the cultural diversity of South Africa, and to responding in critical and creative ways to the needs of a society. University of the Western Cape’s is mostly concerned with access, equity and quality in higher education.

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University of South Africa - Best African Universities

University of South Africa was established in 1918. Before this time, the University of the Cape of Good Hope was established in Cape Town in 1873 and received a royal charter in 1877 and in 1918, was incorporated into University of South Africa (UNISA). in 2004, Unisa merged with South Africa’s two other major distance education service providers, Technikon Southern Africa and Vista University. Following the merger, Unisa becomes the sole provider of distance education in the country. It is the largest distance institution in Africa and among the largest in the world.


University of pretoria

The University of Pretoria commenced its activities in 1908 with a staff of four professors and three lecturers. Thirty-two students enrolled for courses at the first campus, Kya Rosa, a house in the centre of the Pretoria. The University of Pretoria became a fully fledged university in 1930. The name Tuks, for the University of Pretoria, derives from the acronym for the College, namely TUC. The institution has proven its worth over the years by maintaining a high standard and world class talents.

Top 10 Universities in Africa Contd…



Located in Giza, Egypt (famous for its majestic pyramids), the Cairo University was founded on the 21st of December, 1908 as a European-inspired civil university, in contrast to the religious university of al-Azhar, and became the prime indigenous model for other state universities. The idea came in an effort to establish a national center for educational thought. Cairo University includes a School of Law and a School of Medicine. The Medical School, also known as Kasr Alaini was one of the first medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. Its first building was donated by Alaini Pasha. The standards maintained by this university put it among the top 10 most respected universities in Africa. 


Kwazulu-Natal University

The two KwaZulu-Natal universities were among the first batch of South African institutions to merge in 2004 in accordance with the government’s higher educational restructuring plans that will eventually see the number of higher educational institutions in South Africa reduced from 36 to 21. The University was established in 2004 through the merger of the University of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal bringing together the rich histories of both the former Universities. The South Africa government rates KwaZulu-Natal as one of five research-intensive universities in South Africa. Nearly 75 per cent of its academics are research-active.


University of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch University is one of the oldest universities in South Africa. Stellenbosch University (or Universiteit Stellenbosch) is one of South Africa’s foremost research universities. Established in 1866, Stellenbosch boasts the privilege of designing and manufacturing Africa’s first microsatellite, SUNSAT, launched in 1999.  A century-long tradition of quality teaching and research has ensured the University a place among the finest academic institutions in Africa.


University of the Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand is one of the top ranking universities in Africa. The institution has a reputation built on research and academic excellence. It is one of only two universities in Africa rated by two separate international rankings as a leading world institution. It has grown from around 1,000 students to more than 28,000 by 2010. It boasts five faculties, comprising 34 schools. Witwatersrand is the recipient of the highest levels of external financial support of all South African universities. It is not only famous for its academic excellence but its National Heritage sites, rock arts museums, amongst others


University of Cape Town

Established 1st October 1829, optimism is the official creed of this university, which has the motto “Spes Bona” (“Good Hope”). The University of Cape Town has consistently ranked at the top of best universities in Africa. The University of Cape Town started off as a College with a small tertiary-education facility that grew substantially after 1880, when the discovery of gold and diamonds in the north – and the resulting demand for skills in mining – gave it the financial boost it needed to grow. The College developed into a fully fledged university during the period 1880 to 1900

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  • http://google Losene

    very fantastic university i wish to attend ok may god bless it

  • Mahla

    I wish to go to university of Cape Town

  • kalanzi jawadu

    what about makerere university in uganda even has more than 30,000 students

  • Given

    I am proud to be a Unisa student. Ranked number 7 thats an achievement on its own.

  • aliyah parks


  • Elias Lutaaya

    You’ve not done justice to Makerere Unversity in Uganda. Please look at your facts. otherwise thankx for the research.

  • Mark Henry

    Am in knust school of business Ghana.I wish to do my Masters in cape town university.I love this university

  • lesego

    i’m a Civil engineering student at UNIVERSITY OF WITWATERSRAND! it’s awesome!

  • Zweli

    What are these rankings based on? Rhodes University is the smallest university in South Africa, does not offer high demand degrees like Engineering, Science (including health sciences) etc. What makes Rhodes better than, say, The University of Johannesburg? I think UJ is even by far better that the Univesity of the Western Cape.
    If UWC gets the est ranking because of its history, why is Fort Hare left out.

  • Monday Versatile

    Am public admin student of Ahmadu Bello University zaria,i wish to do my master in cairo University.

  • Rad

    Where is Makerere University in Uganda? Eight of the best 10 are in SA? Really? Bogus ratings

  • Gary

    Please someone explain why the other article about the best universities in South Africa alone has a different order.

  • Paula Tsotetsi

    Im sad that UJ(University of Johannesburg) is not in the list, but anyway we are #2

  • Bongile Langa

    I wish they can specify on what basis are stats based on. for instance UCT is the best in AFRICA, but STELLEBOSCH is the best in SA and far exceeds UCT on world rankings. i’m just making an example on these two universities not offense meant

  • Dadzie Bassey

    Please, take it easy. You’re too harsh. The best university in my own country which a five star is not in the list.

  • Selma N

    university of kwazulu-natal…….. yeboo! here I come

  • Academic

    I think they are based on the university standards such as laboratory standards, pass rates, admission requirements and etc. However, the results of rankings vary. According to my experience Stellenbosch cnat be better than UKZN. UKZN is ranked number 3 in Africa and in South Africa with UCT and Wits in their respective positions. check ARWU 2013 Press release

  • [email protected]

    I’m surprise that not even in the list hmmmmmmm

  • Simmy

    Universities like UNISA cannot be better than even the Univdersity of Free State. Those ranking are otherswise classified for puposes of dishonest9ng efforts and true academic standards.

  • Dismas

    Where is the University of Dar es Salaam?

  • Siyazi

    I am a South African but I honestly have serious problems with the rankings. First and foremost, I am a graduate (also PhD candidate) in IPE, economics and management from the ‘best 10′ ranked universities in my country and the United States. I find these ranking distasteful in that they promote and encourage stereotyping and do not encourage cooperation amongst Africans. What makes matters worse is that most of these former white only institutions do not help black South Africans to overcome problems created by apartheid. They exorbitantly expensive, and continuously exclude black children for not being able to pay tuition fees.

  • Best by what standards , White ? Really so South Africa has the best you mean rest of Africa doesn’t ? Do your research right .

    No way

  • petrus

    i think the ranks it based with good outlook building

  • Adebare

    I am a Nigerian and I wanna study in any university in south africa but cape town university to b precise but I don’t know much about the universities. I want a university ranking 1-19 in south africa also a university that is cheap and which doesn’t need entry test for admission. I wish to study English language

  • JSRJ

    Brightest students in these Universities are Zimbabwean and Nigerian students …l wonder why you ddnt realize their universities considering they offer more challenging examz than these in SA.Aurthors of this are from SA

  • Mirza Mujezinovic

    Thank you for research, but I must say that there are some of Universities on this list that do not deserve their place and definitely should not be in front of Al Azhar University, Makerere University or Jo’burg University.

  • mcjoe

    false ranking.
    is it only unis in sa and egypt day are best,ur ranking is biased.

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