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How To Configure Glo GPRS Browsing Settings

Glo Limited is one of Africa’s fastest growing telecommunications company. Glo can be reckoned as one of the major market leading mobile service provider in Nigeria. The company also has presence in the Republic of Benin and has recently acquired licenses to operate in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Most mobile devices have the ability to pick up Glo browsing settings or Glo GPRS settings automatically at first use. However this does not work in every case.

GLOBACOM - Glo GPRS settings

Glo GPRS/3.5G/Data/ Mobile Internet Browsing Settings

If you would like to manually configure your mobile phone to be able to access GPRS/ 3G/ Data/ Internet browsing functions on a Glo network, there are just a few steps to be taken:

1. You would require someone with internet connection to do this.

Visit this link:, you will see a box to enter your mobile phone number and click submit. You will be directed to a page where you will be prompted to enter a code verification. Enter the code correctly and Click SUBMIT.

A 4 digit code would be sent to your mobile phone for verification and should enter these digits correctly online and Click SUBMIT. Please ensure that your SIM is in a browsing enabled phone.

The next step is to be directed to a page that would display a number of recognizable mobile phones compatible with the Glo SIM card. Choose the one you wish to Configure and you’ll be given the list of the Configuration Settings available for the phone. Choose the configuration Settings you desire and bingo! it is a done deal.

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2. If you have a little more knowledge on where to locate your network and data settings options, you may also like to configure your phone manually. This method is the most manual (if there is anything like that). The settings are found below:

Account name: GLO WAP

APN/Access Point: GLO wap

Port: 9201

IP address:

Use proxy: yes

Home Page:

Username: wap

Password: wap

Security: unsecure (off)

Authentification type: normal

Network type: Ipv4

Bearer: gprs

Login type: automatic

Enable ppp Extensions: yes

Header compression: yes

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