Gabriella Abutbol’s Family Ties and How She Harnessed The Power of Instagram on Her Rise to Fame聽

Gabriella Abutbol is one of the young folks across the globe who took advantage of Instagram to build a modeling career out of sheer popularity on the platform. Gabriella has worked so hard to be where she is today as one of the fastest rising Instagram stars.

Like those who secured their fame via traditional means, Gabriella Abutbol’s digital fame has sparked tremendous interest in her family life. On one hand are those who disapprove of her lifestyle and on the other are others who wish to know more about her life. For either group, the answer is yet to be satisfactory.

Gabriella Abutbol’s Family Raised Her in Agoura Hills

Gabriella Abutbol was born on April 15, 1994, in Agoura Hills, California. Despite years in the spotlight, Gabriella has managed to keep details of her family hidden. Based on her name, we can deduce that Gabriella has a Latino ancestry.

We still cannot determine if she has a sibling. The Instagram star has yet to let any insight into her family life slip, even in holiday posts. However, while identities and details remain elusive, we know her family contributed to the woman the world knows today.

Growing up, Gabriel was exposed to fashion from her childhood. It turned out to be what fueled her passion for modeling and fashion. Her journey into the world of fashion was not straightforward, though. Like most young adults, she had to make ends meet for a while, and she worked at a Pediatric Dental Office on a fulltime basis to pay the bills.

She Has Been in a Relationship with Axell Hodges From 2018, At Least

While we might not know much, or anything at all, about her first family, we know a little more about the one she has chosen. Gabriella has been in a relationship with bike athlete, Axell Hodges, in what appears from her Instagram page, since 2018 at least.

To date, pictures of the young man are regular fixtures on Abutbol’s Instagram page, suggesting the two are going quite strong since they became an item. Axell is an X Games and motocross competitor who has won the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship. He is also an X Games medal winner, with seven medals since he began his career.

Axell placed first in the Moto X Quarterpipe and third in the Moto X Best Whip, winning the bronze medal – in 2018. Aside from his thriving motocross career, Axell, like Gabriella, is also quite the social media star. He has over one million followers on his Instagram page.

For reasons like this and others, it is widely believed that Gabriella Abutbol and Axell Hodges look good together. And having been dating for years, the two of them seem to share that belief too. After years of being a couple, fans wonder if Alex will be a permanent member of her family as her husband. For now, we can only wait and see.

One other chosen family member that gets as much recognition on her IG page is her adorable dog named Nixon. Gabriella Abutbol loves her dog so much and regularly uploads pictures of the canine on her Instagram page.

Bikini and Swimwear Photos Made Gabrielle Famous

Gabriella Abutbol joined Instagram on September 5, 2016, with the username (gabriella.ellyse). She got started on the social media platform by posting sizzling hot bikini pictures. The sexiness of the photos soon became the attracting magnet drawing many to her account. Although most of her pictures are met with mixed feelings, it has not stopped thousands from flocking to them like moths to light.

With more and more pictures uploaded on the handle, she drew a steadily growing number of followers. With a significant number of followers, she quickly distinguished herself as an influencer on the platform. According to her website, she began working as an influencer within a month of joining Instagram in October 2016.

As her platform grew, she attracted sponsorship deals with brands and products. One of such is her contract with Wood Clothing, a clothing line that specializes in jean jackets, shirts, and sweaters. A close peek on her handle, and you will come across pictures of her showcasing designs of the brand.

After four years on Instagram, Gabriella Abutbol, as of August 2020, has over 1.7 million followers. Her sponsorship and influencing portfolio has also grown, with deals with the energy drink company, Bang Energy. She also has deals with the retail clothing giant, Fashion Nova and the watch company, KO-Watches.

Her popularity also got her an appearance on the reality competition series, Beach Slap. She appeared as a contestant in the 2018 episode, Beach Please.

She Has an Exclusive Content Sharing Platform and Sells Merchandise

Gabriella has not only leveraged her Instagram popularity for brand partnerships. She has also set out in pursuit of a few entrepreneurial ventures of her own. She has an OnlyFans account, where she sells pictures and videos of herself. The platform exists alongside her Patreon account, where she offers the same service.

She also has a lifestyle brand, Gabriella Ellyse. Via the brand, she sells merchandise, from phone to fashion accessories. Her collection includes phone cases, socks, t-shirts, mug cups, and hats. Under her lifestyle brand and other than merchandising, Gabriella is also a fitness trainer.

Her fitness brand, Workouts By Gab, has an Instagram presence, with over 23,000 followers. As a trainer, she shares videos of her workout routines, diet, and other activities that help her maintain her body.

Other than merchandise sales, fitness training, and content sales, Gabriella Abutbol is also an author. Following her impressive collection of achievements in a short space of time as an influencer, she wrote an E-book, How To Become A Successful Influencer, on the subject.

These and other unknown sources of income have helped Gabriella to a modest net worth, currently estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million. Her book sells for $9.99, and she has reportedly sold a few hundred copies.

With a slew of sponsorship deals and a growing lifestyle brand, her financial success comes as little surprise and can only grow. Not bad for the Agoura Hills native who has since returned to college to earn a degree and deepen her knowledge as an entrepreneur.

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