6 African Sea Food Dishes To Inspire Your Culinary Lifestyle

Although pescatarian or sea food dishes do not always make our traditional African menus, they are a great addition to spice up our everyday dishes. 

Some coastal African countries offer Seafood dishes that are basically just the infusion of sea animals into traditional dishes. African islands also have a great deal of sea food dishes that are heavily influenced by Europe. Nonetheless, these 6 dishes should inspire you to look more to the sea than the forest when adding animals to your dishes.


mauritian prawn rougaille sea food

This is a classic Mauritian dish made with tomato sauce, spices and herbs. The prawn can be switched up with beef or chicken if you so prefer but Prawns or crabs will give you a delicious feeling.

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shrimp coconut curry sea food africa

Shrimp coconut curry is a sea food recipe common in Tanzania. It is made with shrimps (sometimes substituted with prawns or crabs) and a mix of other spices. This sauce can be eaten with Rice or Chapatti.


mauritian octopus salad sea food

Octopus salad is as its name implies. This salad commonly found in Mauritius, is the right combination of sweet, sour, and salty. It is also very delicious and a good alternative to everyday salad recipes.


fisherman's soup sea food

This is a soup common to Nigeria and western Africa. This delicious soup bursts with flavors of all the sea food added to it. The beauty of this soup is that any kind of sea food can be used from fish to prawn to oysters, in fact they can all be combined in the pot.


sea food okra soup sea food

Okra soup is one of the easiest soups made in Nigeria and easily switched up. Sea food okra soup is a yummy alternative to the usual okra soup and can be eaten with any ‘swallow’ of choice.

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sea food

Named after the Kenyan city, Oysters Mombasa is a different take on sea food. It is a spiced oyster dish that is usually baked and eaten with rice.