Our Pick For The 10 Most Amazing Places In The World

Whether a natural marvel or helped along by human interference, some places round the world are able to literally take your breath away. Possessing a beauty that cannot even be spelled out completely by pictures, these amazing places stir the deepest parts of us and help us to pause and consider the things that really matter; life and enjoying it right now.

Combining different geographical locations, changing climatic conditions and seasons, nature and human architecture offers us an appealing dish of the widest variety of natural wonders some places you can hardly believe actually exist.

They do exist however and even just knowing that fact, just knowing that despite the amount of ugliness that can sometimes persist around us; with wars and thieving politicians and a lot of other negatives, the existence of these amazing places should give you hope. They should insist to your sub conscious that there does exist beauty in this our world and no matter what the ugliness cannot swallow it all up.

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So take a look at some of these pictures captured by amateur and professional photographers alike that enable us to have a view of these places, until we hopefully get to see them ourselves. We won’t even bug you down with details, just enjoy the surreal view from around the world, in places not Africa, because our beautiful continent deserves an entire post of it’s own.

Salar De Uyuni: The largest mirror in the world

salar-de-uyuni amazing places

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE: This mosque is an absolute architectural marvel

Sheikh-Zayed-Grand-Mosque-Abu-Dhabi-UAE-Images amazing places

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine: A fairytale train track like no other

Tunnel of love amazing places

Antelope Canyon, USA

Canyon USA amazing places

Lake Retba, Senegal: An actual pink lake, certainly one of the most amazing places

amazing places