10 Things Every African Must Know About Cleopatra

The African continent has an ancient history of great men and women who once conquered the world by coming up with early inventions and charismatic approach to life as well as heroic battles that were fought and won to protect our motherland. There are many stories that are attached to early civilizations of the Stone Age period of Africa and other great rulers of the biblical times in the land of Egypt. Such is the whole story about Cleopatra which has a divine connection with the world and long-lived tales of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The following are the most important 10 Things Every African Must Know About Cleopatra.


1. Cleopatra Was the Most Famous Female Pharaoh in Egypt

Cleopatra VII is more widely known than other Cleopatra’s of the ancient times. She was a woman of substance who believed that power is not a special treaty that is designed for men alone. She ruled Egypt as a powerful queen and she even attracted Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius. She was vocal and moved her people like a queen who understood her role of power bringing the Egyptian empire to a position of great dominance, power and wealth. She was always willing to face hard challenges and conquer all odds.

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2. Cleopatra Maintained Close Relations With Other Empires

The African leaders of today will hardly see the need of forming unions and closer relationships with other surrounding nations in order to stabilize their economy and protect their boundaries from external attack. What Africa should learn is that Cleopatra the ancient ruler maintained a positive relationship with powerful kingdoms such as the Roman Empire. She had a relationship with Julius Cesar and this helped to empower her people and her empire as well restrain external attacks to them.

3. She Was the Last Queen of Egypt

Cleopatra’s reign was short-lived but it made an impact and a name in history books of Egypt from the ancient of days to today. She ruled as a magical queen and a great ruler and made her name known as the last queen of Egypt. The African continent should learn more about this so that when a woman takes positions of dominance, it should be retold that women began ruling a long time ago in Africa.

4. She Was Extremely Beautiful and Viewed as a Goddess

In the ancient times, beauty was a reason to adore and worship. Cleopatra was so beautiful and tempting and she used her looks as a great advantage to lure such great leaders like Julius Caesar and Antonio. Africans should learn that their beauty has stood out since the medieval times.

5. She Appeared Shortly in the Bible

Her great influence made her briefly mentioned in the Bible. She was mightier and more powerful and used commands and alluring appeal to move her empire. In other religion writings like the Maccabees, she appears as a great leader of the Egyptians who was always devoted and willing to use her power to expand her kingdom.

6. She Was not of Egyptian Ancestry

She became a ruler of the Egyptian empire but the fact is that she was from a Greek ancestry. This shows why it was so easy for her to maintain positive relationships with other outer kingdoms and manage her affairs. The truth is that she was not really a true African but her mother had learned the Egyptian local language and spoke it with clarity.

7. She Sacrificed Two of Her Children For Power

This comes in many versions and there are stories told and retold through different teachings, that she offered her children as a sacrifice to become powerful. She gained power and maintained her reign through sacrificial offerings and the same games are always depicted in African ruling and power where sacrifices are offered as a way of appeasing some supernatural beings in exchange for power.


8. Rumor Has it That She Also Wrote Books

There are many versions of her involvement in the early writings and some people who came up with scientific evidence have come out openly to state that Cleopatra was a great writer. She wrote a book called Cosmetics. The book has some pharmacological medieval terms and it is a medical book that helped early doctors to administer the right form of treatments to patients. There is more information on the book concerning hair loss and how to maintain a healthier hair and avoid dandruff.

9. She Loved the African Regalia and Customs

Though her roots were not of African descent, she loved the African regalia and always wore ceremonial clothes that had more of the African knitting style to depict a powerful and important culture. She truly committed herself to following the African traditions and also blended perfectly with the culture. There are ceremonial activities that were performed by men and women and she always respected the doctrine and their taboos. Cleopatra is a symbol of African leadership and she had a sculpted snake in her empire which was the form of leadership for the early Pharaohs.

10. There are Many Versions of the Story of Her Death

After the death of Cleopatra, news went round across Egypt and Rome, making many want to know what led to her death. There are many different, unbelievable and shocking events concerning her death. There are those who believe that she induced a cobra to bite her, but recent research has shown that she took a poisoned cocktail. Africans should understand the two concepts that surround her death and understand that in the ancient times there were no medicines that could easily heal a snake bite just like the modern anti-venom injections. Also the common use of poisonous herbs in particular food or drink poisoning was not really rampant either.

These are the most important documented facts that Africans should learn about Cleopatra. She really made an impact during her rule and she moved with power and great influence to expand her kingdom. She was a woman of substance and a notable medieval times queen who was always devoted to offer the best form of governance and leadership to move her people forward. Her death is surrounded by many untold and hidden truths, but just like any other leader of her time, she might have decided to commit suicide in order to avoid watching her empire collapse under her rule. Whatever version is true, she will always be remembered as a great queen.

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