10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

Being a landlocked country does not stop Zimbabwe from having a lot of tourist attractions. It is known for its diversified wildlife, the Victoria falls among others.

We have compiled a list of 10 of the most popular Tourist destinations in Zimbabwe.

1. Bulawayo

bulawayo 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

This is the second largest city in Zimbabwe located in the south western region. Anyone taking a trip to Zimbabwe has to visit this city. Bulawayo also has some interesting places including the Matobo national park, Natural history museum of Zimbabwe, the Bulawayo Railway museum among others.

2. Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe/Wikipedia
Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe/Wikipedia


The Gonarezhou national park is located in south eastern Zimbabwe, bordering on Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park and South Africa’s Kruger National Park. ‘Gonarezhou’ which translates into ‘place of elephants’ is fit for a place which is famous for its elephants. The scenic and beautiful park has great wildlife diversity and also has three rivers streaming through it.

3. Victoria Falls

victoria falls 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Zimbabwe and Africa. This waterfall which is located on the Zambezi river, the border river between Zambia and Zimbabwe is the biggest in the world. This beautiful fall which was discovered by David Livingstone, a British missionary even thought it so beautiful that it might be surrounded by angels.

4. Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Great Zimbabwe 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe (Dzimba Dza Mabwe) is an ancient city which served as the capital of ancient Zimbabwe. It has a lot of historical significance. It is said to be 900 years old and although the precise builder of the ancient city is unknown, some speculate that masons from the Shona tribe who were popular for their stone carving prowess must have influenced it.

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5. Lake Kariba

lake kariba 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba is one of the most beautiful lakes bordering on Zambia and Zimbabwe. One can fish or participate in water sports on this lake. It is also the largest man made dam in Africa. Lake Kariba looks quite like something out of a painting and has a breath-taking view of the sunset.

6. Harare

harare 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, the largest city and also the most populous with a population of over 1.4 million. The city has a number of interesting sites including the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Chapungu Sculpture park, Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary, National Heroes Acre and so on.

7. Chinhoyi Caves

chinhoyi caves 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

The Chinhoyi caves is one of the most mysterious tourist destinations in Zimbabwe. It consists of tunnels and caverns and a silent pool which looks like something out of a magical animation.

It’s clear blue water and eerie quietness gives it an aura of mystery. It is a must visit for Zimbabwean tourists especially those who love scuba diving.

8. Mana Pools National Park

The Mana Pools national park is located in northern Zimbabwe. The ‘mana’ means four in Shona language. The four pools are the inland pools that flow in from the Zambezi river. Every nature lover has to visit Mana Pools because it’s quite different from other wildlife parks.

9. Zambezi River

river zambezi 10 Tourist Destinations In Zimbabwe

You can’t talk about tourist destinations in Zimbabwe without mentioning the river Zambezi. The Victoria falls and Zambezi river go hand in hand because the former is basically on this river.

It is the fourth longest river in Africa, flowing through six countries including Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique. It is great for game viewing and water sports like water rafting.

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10. Mutarazi Falls

Mutarazi Waterfall in the Eastern Highlands

Although it is not as popular as the Victoria falls, it is still spectacular. It is the second highest in Africa and located near the Nyanga national park. The Nyanga national park itself is filled with diverse wildlife and is a must-visit.