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Addison Russell is a major league baseball player who plays with the Chicago Cubs and was drafted right from high school. His team broke the Curse of the Billy Goat in 2016 as they won the world series after 108 years of not meeting up the pace as a team. It happened exactly a year after Addison his debut in 2015. He was also regarded as the third best prospect in professional baseball on the Baseball America List in 2015 and was an All-Star in 2016. Here is a full detailed information on Addison Russell.

Addison was born as Geoffrey O’Neal Addison Robert Watts Jr III but changed to Addison Russell as his mother remarried Wayne Russell. He is the first of four siblings. Addison attended Pace High School and he also grew his love for baseball there. We would have never known Russell as death almost took him away when he was still three. He suffered from a respiratory tract infection which was caused by Syncytial virus.

While in high school, Addison Russell played in the Under Armour All America Baseball Game in 2010 and earned the number 18 spot on the Baseball America List. He was also ranked as the number 24 high school prospect by a perfect game.

In his final year, he hit a .368 batting average and recorded a .532 on-base percentage. Addison also played football in high school where he took the running back position, but you could guess he was better off at baseball and has stuck to it as a career.

Addison signed to play baseball with Auburn Tigers Baseball team in Auburn University sometime in November 2011 but couldn’t play with them because he was drafted to go pro and he was selected by the Oakland Athletics who later signed him as the 11th overall pick of the first round in 2012 MLB draft and he also earned a $2.625 million signing bonus. He was among the USA Baseball U-18 National Team who won a gold medal at the Pan American games.

In April 2017, Addison suffered from a hamstring injury and has been placed on a disabled list but he returned on September 16, 2017.

What is Addison Russell’s Ethnicity, Nationality?

Addison Russell is an American who got his Filipina roots from his mother and records say his biological father is an African-American. Having his both parents from a different ethnic group, it is evident that the MLB champion is biracial – Filipina and African-American.


Addison Russell’s mother is Milany Ocampo-Rusell. She was married twice but no one knows the details of her first marriage except for the gift of her child, Addison. She married Wayne Russell who has been by her side since her child was 30 months old.

The MLB champ has since then taken Wayne Russell as his father and has never spoken about his real father. All we could know is that the man never played the role of a father in his life ever since he came to be. He was officially adopted by Wayne when he was 13.

Milany and Wayne live a very private life and have always given their support to their son. Milany is Filipina and she also barely speaks about her first husband, she once told USA Today in 2017 that Allison was named after her favorite actor Bruce Wills’s character David Allison in the Moonlight Series.

Wife, Baby Mama, and Children

Allison has been involved with two women in which each bore him a child in the same year. The first was with his ex-girlfriend, Mallory Engstrom and she had his first daughter who they named Mila Jade Engstrom-Russell in May 2015.

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His second child was with his wife, Melisa Reidy. She bore him a son who they named Aiden Kai Margallo Russell in August 2015. Addison met Melisa Reidy in Pensacola, Florida. They dated for a while before tying the knots in January 2016 at Florida.

Addison Russell
Addison Russell, Melisa Reidy, Mila Jade Engstrom-Russell and Aiden Kai Margallo Russell

After their glamourous celebration, barely a year after their union, Melisa took claims that Addison Russell cheated, lied and disrespected her, stating her claims on Instagram, however, the MLB champ denied all the allegations publicly.

Currently, no one knows if the two had taken a chill pill or have separated as they haven’t recently put up any drama pertaining to their togetherness or divorce.

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