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Do you think you know someone skilled in business? Wait till you meet this intelligent business tycoon named Andrew Frankel. His name wouldn’t be left out on the list of the most intelligent businessmen in the world including the likes of Donald Trump and Mark Cuban to mention a few. The business has not only made him an unusual celebrity but also his union to Bridget Moynahan who is known for her skills on the screen as an actress and model. Before we break the ice, read on and find out amazing facts about the praised business tycoon.

Andrew Frankel’s Age and Biography

Andrew had the foundation of his career all watered and laid as his father, Stuart Frankel is an excellent business tycoon and investor. Stuart had dreams for his unborn children and established the Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc; a brokerage firm founded in the year 1973. His mom, Sharyn Frankel on her part was as a supportive wife to his father and a good mother to him.

Andrew’s birth was a blessing to the couple as he made his first entrance to the world on August 20, 1974. He had the best childhood memories while growing up in Philadelphia and was groomed as a Christian. He is an American and is of a white heritage.

Andrew Frankel looked up to his father as an inspiration and a role model as he watched him grow his business and gave them a better life. Upon graduation from high school, he began working with his dad as the co-president of the firm-Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc in December 1993, there, he also learned the major tactics of running a business.

He nursed interest in being a successful business tycoon and resolved to study Economics at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1994. Prior to his days at his father’s firm, at the age of 16, he partnered with his cousin Robert A. Harris in managing the production of the Alien Space Avenger comic book.

Andrew Frankel also worked with Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency as an assistant. His working days at UTV13 News Digest in 1993 as a newscaster, writer, editor, camera, operator, anchor, and audio operator were recorded to be days of excellence and productivity in the company. He was a contributor to the massive progress of the Kenner Toy Company, as a result of his dedication, he was later promoted to join the Hasbro Toy Group. The business tycoon also has a flair for comics and animation as he was amongst the crew who developed the graphics for the movies Jurassic Park(1993), Star Wars (1997-2019), Dragons: Fire and Ice (2004), GI Joe (2009), and Transformers (2007).

He doesn’t only work as a co-founder at Stuart Frankel & Co, he also manages the global research and executing department of the company. The department is known to handle cooperate access, desk analysis, SWOT analysis, assets management, Bloomberg brokerage, and investments to mention a few.

Apart from the business line Andrew Stuart has also traded the path as an actor, his debut in acting was his role as plant technician in the movie Alien Space Avenger (1989). He furthered appeared in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Godzilla (1998).

What To Know About His Family

Andrew Frankel
Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan

Andrew Frankel is quite secretive about his personal life, however, we know that he has walked down the aisle twice with two different women. His first wife (name still unknown) had three sons for him prior to his union with his second wife, Bridget Moynahan. Bridget is a renowned actress and model who was the former college sweetheart of 5 time Super Bowl winner – Tom Brady whom she has a son for.

Andrew met Bridget through a mutual friend in college before his love thoughts for her crawled up. They played as friends for several years before deciding to take a step further and tie the knot in a very private and secret wedding at Wolfer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack sometime in 2015. Their union is yet to blessed with their own kids and they have also been good parents to their four children. From the look of things they seem happy together neither is there any sign of divorce.

Net Worth

Andrew has worked as an expert in business and has made a lot of fortune with a net worth estimate of $25 million. The business tycoon’s actual net worth is still being reviewed, nevertheless, taking his skills as an actor, business tycoon, and creative analyst into considerations, you wouldn’t doubt he sure worths a fortune!

Other Facts To Know

  • Andrew Frankel may not be an only child as he has sure hidden the details of his immediate family off the spotlight.
  • He is always conscious of his body build, controls his eating habits and works out at the gym on regular plans.
  • Andrew prioritizes the affairs of his father’s company; Stuart and Franklin INc. and has always made his father proud with the way he handles their business affairs.
  • There are no records of his weight but he stands at 6 Feet.


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