What To Know About Austin Carr’s Family and Body Measurements

There are little things in life that makes one stand out from a bunch, especially when you excel in such endeavors and Austin Carr without any doubt has. We wouldn’t want you to mistake Austin Carr, the legendary basketballer for Austin Carr who recently joined the National Football League (NFL) as a professional footballer as this article is in reference to the later.

His career which started with the New England Patriots in 2017 and now the New Orleans Saints franchise is still at its infancy but we hope to see more of his remarkable performances in the future just like he did while at Northwestern University. Here are lesser known facts about him.

Austin Carr’s Bio

Noted as one of a kind, his tremendous charitable acts have overshadowed his fame as a footballer and Carr can easily be passed on as the definition of love. One of his numerous charitable acts that wouldn’t be easily wiped away from history is his donation of one of his stem cells to a total stranger. While every Christian out there was celebrating the birth of their Savior in the year 1993, his mom passed through the pains of labor that day as he came to be. A lot of religious fanatics have aligned his meek and charitable acts to his birth, in their words they believe their Savior would do same.

Austin Carr was born in the beautiful environs of Santa Monica, California and there, he recorded most of his childhood memories. Right from his childhood, he was referred to as a giver and was also an outstanding kid. Benicia High School was his citadel of learning and he wasn’t only referred to as one of the brightest students in his class but was also noted as one of the outstanding athletes the school harbored.

In high school, he performed remarkably well in football and played as one of the pivot stars in the school. By the end of his senior season, he totaled 11 touchdowns, received 844 yards in addition to 1,481 rushing yards for 19 touchdowns. Days rolled by and it was time for the footballer to move past high school, then he decided to attend Northwestern University.

Unlike most athletes who dropped out of school to pursue their football career, Austin Carr finished his studies and graduated with a B.A in Philosophy. That wasn’t all, he later enrolled at the University’s Kellogg School of Management where he acquired a Masters degree in Management Studies.

His collegiate football career records were spellbinding. He started in high spirits with the Wildcats and by the end of his stay with them, his athletic abilities became the talk of the town. Even at that, his accolades were one of the things that kept him on everyone’s lips as he also shattered several records ranging from being the Academic All-Big Ten to being the holder of the Richter-Howard Big Ten Receiver award. Throughout his stay there, he played in all 36 games.

A lot of hearts got broken when Austin Carr didn’t make the cut for the National Football League draft in 2017. However, this didn’t demoralize him, as he decided to play as an undrafted free agent. With this in mind, when the New England Patriots came knocking for him, he signed with the team and did amazingly well during his preseason. Barely, four months he joined the team, he moved over to play for the New Orleans Saints.

Family – Parents and Wife

It is quite awkward that Austin Carr didn’t pursue music as a career as he was born into a home who adored music. His dad, Evan Carr is an expert when it comes to playing the drums while his mom is one of a kind when it comes to harmonizing and playing keys on the piano. With this kind of background, Austin Carr has written a few songs and is no novice when it comes to handling the piano.

Austin Carr has spoken on different occasions about his belief in God and His supremacy. In an interview, he once said that he is a Christian not because he was groomed as one but because he loved the ways of God.

Austin Carr
Erica Carr

So with that in mind, he married someone who believes in God, Erica Carr, and has been faithful to her ever since they met. Erica is an alumnus of Northwestern University, where she graduated with a degree in History and International Studies. Although not known publicly to be a sprinter, she was a good one during her days in college. The couple tied the knots sometime in 2017 and they have also done a few charity works together.

Body Weight and Height

We could refer Austin Carr as a ladies man. He is one of the most handsome footballers in the world. He has a set of cute brown eyes and an amazing smile. Of a truth, he has taken his time to hit the gym in order to be fit at his games. He is quite tall and stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 88.5 kg.

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