Inside Aziz Ansari’s Love Life With ‘Brainy’ Girlfriend Serena Skov Campbell After The Sex Scandal

Ever since he rose to the limelight on the NBC series, Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari has steadily built a reputation as one of the most respected comics in contemporary America. Blessed with unbeatable humor and innate understanding of human behavior, Ansari has debuted various comedy specials as well as a hit Netflix original series known as Master of None.

He is now ranked as one of the most influential persons in the world but that glowing reputation recently came under threat after the comedian, a self-proclaimed feminist, found himself on the wrong side of the MeToo movement. He has since worked on clearing his name. He has also kick-started a promising romance with a lady who perfectly embodies the definition of beauty and brains. Fans have happily lapped up the romance as many wonder whether they can go the long haul.

Gaining a Reputation on the NYC Comedy Circuit

Aziz Ismail Ansari was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on the 23rd of February 1983. He grew up in a Muslim home in Bennettsville, South Carolina, the U.S with his family namely father, Shoukath, and mother, Fatima. His parents are both physicians and he also has a younger brother named Aniz.

Aziz Ansari kick-started his career in New York City in the 2000s as a stand-up comedian. At that time, he was still in college and used his spare time to perform stand-up at various clubs around the city. He eventually garnered some industry rep (from the likes of Rolling Stone and HBO) and in 2007, his comedy show, Human Giant, was picked up by MTV.

His Success with Parks and Recreation to Netflix’s Master of None

The show, Human Giant ran for two years before Aziz landed the iconic role of Tom Haverford, an under-achieving government official with grand ambitions for success, on the hit TV series, Parks and Recreation in 2009. The show aired for six years during which it quickly became one of the most-watched TV shows in America. This helped to entrench Ansari in the spotlight and since then, he has never looked back.

The humor merchant has dropped several comedy specials and toured different countries of the world. He is also the brains and the star of the hit Netflix original series, Master of None. Ansari’s work on Master of None has fetched him the prestigious Peabody award. It also saw him make history in 2018 as the first Asian-American actor to win the Golden Globe award for best TV actor.

Aziz Ansari
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The Scandal That Nearly Crippled His Career

The MeToo movement has swept through every part of American society, most especially the entertainment industry, and the comedy world is not left out. Several comics, including the likes of C.K. Louis, have had their careers go down the drain and Aziz Ansari nearly suffered the same fate in 2018.

It all started back in 2017 when the comic bumped into a photographer, named Grace, at an event in Los Angeles. They talked about their shared interest in photography and old cameras and exchanged numbers. A few weeks later, Ansari invited Grace out on a date, and after the date, they proceeded back to his house.

Back in the comic’s home, Ansari made what Grace termed sexually coercive advances. According to the lady, he made it obvious that he wanted to have sex with her even though she gave signals indicating that this was not what she wanted. This coercive behavior lasted for some minutes before she eventually left his place and took an Uber home.

Grace subsequently reached out to the comic and informed him of how bad he made her feel. He sent her a text message apologizing but she later went public with her story in an article published in January 2018. That article evenly divided opinion. Some felt that she was doing the MeToo Movement a disservice by making a big deal out of a date gone wrong. Others felt that her story was necessary especially given that Ansari was often giving off the vibes of a sensitive, feminist man.

The comic has since apologized during his shows but many feel that this is not enough. They felt that he made the apology about himself and did not direct one specifically at Grace. This school of thought was also of the opinion that he focused on how the allegation impacted him rather than what Grace went through.

Rebuilding his life with his New Lady Love

It is safe to say that Aziz Ansari has been able to survive the blowback from the sexual assault allegations and is moving on with his life. The Golden Globe winner launched a well-received comedy special, Right Now, in 2019. He has also performed at other shows.

Aziz Ansari
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Ansari is also not faring badly on the relationship front as he is now going strong with the super brainy, Serena Skov. Serena is from Denmark and studied maths, chemistry, and physics at a college in her native Denmark. She later sojourned to the UK where she obtained a master’s degree in physics. She also completed her Ph.D. in plasmonics at King’s College London in 2017 and now works in investigative forensics for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

It is not exactly known when or where Ansari and Serena bumped into each other but they were first spotted together in September 2018 and has since grown closer. Serena has traveled to cities such as Tennessee and Nashville to watch her man do what he knows best. The couple has also been spotted on several vacations to places such as Spain, Morocco, and Italy.

There are even rumors that the pair may be heading to the altar. According to newspaper reports, Ansari has taken Serena to see his grandmother in India while she has introduced him to her family. All these point to some seriousness but there is no need to jump to conclusions so soon. Ansari once echoed his reservations about marriage and only time that would tell whether Serena has changed his mind about it or if she even wants to change it at all.

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The Ladies That He Dated Before Meeting Serena

Before dating the physicist, Ansari was in a serious relationship with a professional Chef, Courtney McBroom. McBroom is an established NYV chef who has worked for the likes of celebrity chef, David Chang. She has been featured in magazines, such as Food and Wine, and has founded an all-American food product company known as Large Marge.

Aziz Ansari
Ansari and ex-girlfriend, Courtney McBroom Image Source

Ansari and McBroom commenced their relationship in August 2013. It was widely followed by their fans and they even co-authored a relationship book. The pair sadly called it quits in January 2016 due to Aziz’s unavailability because of his work schedule.

Following his breakup from McBroom, Ansari was linked with superstar actress, Jennifer Lawrence, in February 2016. Nothing, however, came out of it as the attraction was one-sided with the actress reportedly not reciprocating the comic’s feelings.


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