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Having spent over four decades in the entertainment industry, we wouldn’t be totally wrong to refer Ben Kingsley as a legend at his best. Ever since he joined the business, he has given it his best shot in each role he has featured in and has earned several awards and nominations for his efforts. He had his trumpet blown after he featured in the movie, Gandhi (1982). There is more to this amazing actor, read the article below for more details.

Ben Kingsley’s Bio (Ethnicity) 

His success in the world of entertainment can be largely credited to his family’s deep foundation in the movie industry. Ben Kingsley was born into a family that understood the pros and cons involved in the entertainment industry. His mother was the famous drama queen, Anna Lyna Mary, whose days on earth was dedicated to her career as an actress and a model. On his father’s part, Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji worked in the health sector as a doctor. Tracing Ben’s ethnicity has been such a work; his mother was forbidden to speak of her roots because she was born out of wedlock while his father is of a Gujarati descent and is a Kenyan by birth. More so, we discovered that his maternal home is linked to a Russian-Jewish ancestry. Howbeit, we may draw conclusions that the legendary actor is of a mixed ethnicity.

Ben who was born on the 31st of December 1943, spent his early childhood days at Pendlebury. He was a scholar at the Manchester Grammar School and Pendleton College. However, he graduated from the De La Salle College after he transferred from Pendelton. It was at De La Salle College that he began to nurture his acting career as he was active in the school drama team and he also kept his audience in awe despite being a beginner.

Only a few know that Ben Kingsley was originally born as Krishna Bhanji. He adopted the former because he never wanted anything, including his background, to deter his growth in the showbiz. After graduating from college, he poured his passion into being his own boss and he began to organize different plays and stage work and he did this exclusively for fifteen years. He later created his first theater stage named Broadway, launched in 1971. That same year, he played a role in the comedy play, Volpone and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Having starred in a few drama series, Ben Kingsley took up roles in movies. Later in 1982, he made one of the most outstanding performances in the movie, Death Of a Salesman.  He played as the key actor in the film Fear is the Key (1972), meanwhile, he still continued playing perfect roles in drama series. Despite all his works the actor had to wait until he appeared as Mohandas Gandhi in the movie, Gandhi (1982) to gain the global recognition he deserved. The movie won the Academy Award that year and announced him as the Best Actor of the year.

Following his newly found fame, Ben landed so many other roles in movies such as Turtle Diary, Maurice (1987), Pascali’s Island (1988) to mention a few. He also voiced roles in a few other movies. Throughout his career days, he qualified for 66 different awards and claimed over 45 of them. He was honored as the Knight Bachelor by the Queen of England – Elizabeth II and was also the winner of the BAFTA award in 2013.

Net Worth

Having built a successful career for over 4 decades, nothing less is expected of the legendary star. He has proven his relevance in both small and big roles and is estimated to be worth $40 million.

Is He Gay? Spouse and Daughter 

For a man who has been married four times throughout his career, it would be a hell of a surprise to say he is gay. From the little we have gathered, we can assuredly say that the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time actor is not gay.

His first marriage was to Angela Morant. The two dated for about a year before they took their vows in 1966. With her, Ben Kingsley has a daughter; Jasmin Bhanji, and a son, Thomas Alexis Bhanji. However, their union lasted for two years before they decided to call it quits in 1968. After his divorce with his then-wife, he married Alison Sutcliffe on July 1, 1978, a union that lasted for thirteen years and produced two children, Edmund Kingsley, and Ferdinand Kingsley.

Ben Kingsley and Daniel Lavender
Ben Kingsley and Daniel Lavender

Later on, he hooked up with lady Alexandra Christmann, his union with her was the roughest ride in his love life. They separated in a horrible manner after pictures of Alex cheating on him were released online. Currently, Ben Kingsley has found forever with Daniela Lavender. The two started their journey of love in 2005, got married in 2007 and are currently still together till date.

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Ben Kingsley has almost the same looks as the Gandhi pictures seen in most movies. He wears a bald head and has a cute pointed nose just like Pinocchio’s. He gives an innocent look with his cute brown eyes in most of his pictures. Ben stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 74 kg.

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